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Forest Foundling
If I were to carve out my heart
and leave it in the woods,
would the woods want to keep it for me?
Under a leafy canopy, in the shade of an elm,
amidst all this stately grace and silent space,
would a bloody piece of pain still beat
and attract attention?
How would a pounding drum be heard through
the vast and stable forest?
Would songbirds scatter?
Foxes flee?
Would even bears be chased off by such a
keen wailing of spirit and spite?
And me, walking down the mulchy road...
would I stop and listen?
Could I bear to ignore the rhythm of my desires
that were planted like acorns in my soul?
How could a man with such a green thumb
grow such a beautiful flower,
only to smash the glass walls he grew it in?
:iconheadmistressmercedes:HeadmistressMercedes 3 0
Night Watch
Night falls over a village in the west.
It seems like it is asleep,
but do not mistake calm
for catatonic.
You are being watched.
Get up. Get out.
Why are they snuffling and shuffling around
like animals on the prowl?
Oh, that's right...
Cold, cold night.
Wind shears and hidden fears.
Don't stop and stare,
because you can't win a contest
without playing by their rules.
You wouldn't like how they play.
:iconheadmistressmercedes:HeadmistressMercedes 2 0
Shall We?
We could stand in the sidelines
and watch Satan dance.
Or we could join him in his jolly jig,
prance to the beat of cloven hooves.
He must hate my style, though, for when I move
I find the dance floor empty and burning.
:iconheadmistressmercedes:HeadmistressMercedes 3 10
Pale Pendant by HeadmistressMercedes Pale Pendant :iconheadmistressmercedes:HeadmistressMercedes 6 0
Mountain of a Meter
The effort was almost too much to bear.
God, those steps seem endless. After she had looked upon them, she knew she could tell any and all who listened that she had indeed climbed Mt Everest In the end, it was the effort that counted. If it felt like Everest, then it was Everest.
She already felt her boots dragged down with snow and ice as she walked up the path. There might have been lilies blooming on the edges of fresh green grass, but there was nothing but a cold, hard frost to greet her as she plowed through. She squinted through the bleak sunshine, hazy with wind and mist, hazy with a million different reasons to back down now. It wasn't a good day, the mountain would surely win out over her. Determined despite her heart frantically beating to keep warm, she continued that long, harsh trek.
One foot up the first stair, and she felt every muscle scream out in protest. This is not how life should be! they cried. We are not meant to be pushed to breaking. The first step might be the
:iconheadmistressmercedes:HeadmistressMercedes 1 0
Just Shoot Already
Stomach knots.
Bile swells.
Wait for me to take this shot,
I have to make sure I'm ready.
So this is what it's like to fall from a plane,
to jump from great heights.
Hellfire on your neck.
My shoulders ache.
Are you still waiting for me?
Gods, this is taking a while.
Just a shot. One shot, like so many before it.
Line up the cue, look down, you can see how it ends.
But the ball shattered. What now?
A million different ways to die.
It's just a cue.
What do you mean, the ball didn't shatter?
But I...
Oh. I have grit in my eyes.
Grit from a hundred years of disappointment.
Grit from a thousand years of an ache.
Roll my shoulders, I can do this.
Here it it...
Aw hell, who am I kidding?
The ball didn't shatter.
Excuse me while I pick up the pieces.
It didn't? But I saw it all. Lying on the floor.
Right. Grit. Got it.
No biggie.
Breathe. In through the nose, out through the mouth.
Stomach knots.
Tears flow.
So this is what it's like to see it all.
Especially all the s
:iconheadmistressmercedes:HeadmistressMercedes 1 0
To Put Out a Fire by HeadmistressMercedes To Put Out a Fire :iconheadmistressmercedes:HeadmistressMercedes 11 2
Mountains will crumble
to ashes and dust.
Cities will burn,
lovers will rust.
Fires will rage
and the winds will gust,
only then will we learn:
to care is a must.
:iconheadmistressmercedes:HeadmistressMercedes 0 0
True Colours by HeadmistressMercedes True Colours :iconheadmistressmercedes:HeadmistressMercedes 1 0 Flowers of Fall by HeadmistressMercedes Flowers of Fall :iconheadmistressmercedes:HeadmistressMercedes 8 3 Through the Cosmos by HeadmistressMercedes Through the Cosmos :iconheadmistressmercedes:HeadmistressMercedes 27 4 Honour and Glory by HeadmistressMercedes Honour and Glory :iconheadmistressmercedes:HeadmistressMercedes 21 7
Terminal Termina
In search of faithful friend gone by,
he's watched by those who'd wish he'd cry.
Dark woodlands welcome boy and steed
with a mask beset by jealous greed.
Purple face and orange eyes,
beware of imp in demon's guise.
While Hero find his ground once more
the imp finds reason to abhor.
No more steed, but flowers grow
while the imp floats, watching the show
of a boy in green who thinks he can win
without his flute. What a pitiful sin!
Shake of his face, there's a Deku in place
of a Hero whisked through at a terrible pace.
While imp escapes through a maze of his own design,
there's a fairy who seems to have missed the sign.
Unwilling partner, but one none the less,
our Hero starts upon his perilous quest.
Think like a scrub, use flowers to fly,
that tree seems so sad, but I don't know why...
A song meant to heal feels warped and deranged
to the boy who just wants this new world explained.
While he thinks of the imp who seems bent to hate,
he hears "You've met such a horrible fate..."
:iconheadmistressmercedes:HeadmistressMercedes 1 5
Hold Your Hand by HeadmistressMercedes Hold Your Hand :iconheadmistressmercedes:HeadmistressMercedes 6 16
Jealousy Can Roar
I feel a dragon's heartbeat,
a green-feeling thump in my chest.
Stay down, stay back, get out!
Spines pop, my spine cracks.
Where did these scales come from?
Rip them up, off and away,
but like petals of shale, they grow.
I can curl my tail and roll my eyes.
Snort, and I feel my nose catch fire.
Stay down, stay back, get out!
Roll my shoulders, rip my skin,
unfurl my might and stretch my wings.
My mouth is grinning, my teeth are sharp.
Daggers in, daggers out.
Watch your heart.
It's mine, you hear?
Wait, did you argue?
All I can hear is screaming.
:iconheadmistressmercedes:HeadmistressMercedes 3 0
A Pause with Perfume
You bought my perfume,
and called me a star.
Vanilla will always conjure a wink,
a song will always summon a smile.
And vanilla will always cause me to weep,
a song will always make my heart ache.
Firework, soft and sweet.
My eyes don't know what to do,
my ears don't know what to hear,
and I sit in the corner. Thinking.
Always thinking...
And while I want to stop up my nose
and cut off my ears,
a scent is a scent,
a song is a song...
and I am a greedy, greedy girl.
:iconheadmistressmercedes:HeadmistressMercedes 3 0



The Headmistress
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
You have entered the realm of The Headmistress. Be warned...if you are of sound mind and body...then I do not want you within my land's borders. Only the truly and wonderfully insane can grace my gardens. For indeed, I worship the Lord Sheogorath, and He blesses me with multiple personalities, all of which you will obey.

Within my palace walls, you shall find me, engaging myself in numerous artistic endeavours. I sit at my desk and carve out words upon pixelated stone, I use my shutterbox to capture images of the world around me, I take up my pens and ink and attempt to sketch what my brilliantly botched mind comes up with, and I take images from the outside world and attempt to manipulate them into works of art, using only the best software that I have yet to figure out.

If you cannot accept that which I love, here in my beloved land of Fan-Dôm, then you are not welcome. I have many sectors of this land that I live in and take part in. I rule over them and partake in them, for what true ruler does not go out amongst her people to be at one with them? I rule over realms that include the likes of Sherlock, Harry Potter, Wallander, The Hobbit/LOTR, The IT Crowd, The Hunger Games, and many more.

I humbly thank my Vice-Queen, :icongoosie-boosie: for her unending loyalty. She is my skulker in the Tumblr shadows to hunt out new and exciting news and gifs for me. In return, I grant her Maganderings in the form of words so that she may read them and enjoy the little ship we built and sailed together.

I am a fair and generous ruler. I enjoy speaking with my minions, my loyal subjects, as it gives me great pleasure. Do not be daunted by my title. Should you wish to speak to me, your request for an audience will not be refused. If, however, you should cross might very well be the last thing you ever do.

The Headmistress has SPOKEN.

Current Residence: Canada
Favourite genre of music: Alternative, rock, new age, soundtracks...
MP3 player of choice: Green iPod Nano ♥
Wallpaper of choice: A manip of some flowers I took pictures of.
Favourite cartoon character: Duck Dodgers, Mike the TV (Reboot) The Untalkative Bunny, Gir (Invader Zim), Russell (Stickin' Around)
Personal Quote: Do you have any potions, or food?

Journal History

Well now, it HAS been a while, hasn't it?

Greetings once more, my delightful minions. How many of you remain at your Headmistress' side is debatable, but I can see why. After months of inactivity, I am attempting to be at least SOME manner of present on this site again.

This is coming after months of dealing with sometimes crippling anxiety, mostly over being online at all. I grew fearful and worried over every little thing, but I cannot continue like this. Coming back to this site is part of my Fear Ladder therapy, meaning I am slowly working my way back through my fears to regain a hold on my life. I cannot promise I will be a regular here, but I want to try. At least a bit.

In my last journal, I mentioned the thought of getting a new dA account. That is still a possibility, but for now, I will continue as your Headmistress.

Hopefully I find you all in good spirits and good faith. Anxiety has tried-and in some ways, succeeded-to keep me down, but I am working to beat this demon. I cannot let it win. That would indeed be the final nail in the proverbial coffin.

Snow and cold has been our constant companion here, not common for this time of year, but it looks like, just in time for Christmas, the weather will turn warm(er) and rain will visit, making all this light, fluffy, super Christmas-y snow go bye-bye. For shame. White Christmases are so nice, but it's so rare that we get one. Ah well. Such is life.

I love my minions! I hope this will be a fresh start, and that my worries will not get me down.
  • Listening to: Christmas music
  • Watching: "The Rise of Phoenixes"
  • Playing: Fallout 3 (again)



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