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Equestriabound part 9

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 10, 2019, 6:20 PM

New locations, new enemies and a sneak peek at tent glitch and much more in Equestriabound part 9. Hope you guys enjoy! 

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The last day of 2018, bye to a Clusterfuck year

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 31, 2018, 7:32 PM

Hey guys, it's headlongequestria, today is the final day of 2018 and this year has been a huge Clusterfuck. A ton of crazy things have happened during 2018, some good, some bad, some horrible and some amazing. Let's get into what happened for me in 2018

To start of the year, I was put on morning shift out of nowhere which was dreadful since I usually do night shifts because I'm a night person. I was basically getting 3 hours of sleep each day I worked, which was 4 to 5 days a week, usually I get like 8 to 12 hours of sleep, I did try multiple times to change my sleep schedule but it didn't work. I got sick on the first day of the year from partying a lot, which was interesting and hopefully not going to get sick tomorrow. Anyways, for the whole month of January, just tons of work, barely any sleep and getting sick. 

February was almost the same, except there was valentine's day and it was a good one. First good valentine's day in a long time, candy and time with an anonymous person. during mid february, I introduced Twily-Star to NIGHTMARE254 in a call and it was pretty awesome. The rest of February was just more irl work, gaming and trying to deal with personal issues. 

March was a bit more interesting, I posted a youtube video for the first time in 2 years saying that I"m back, going to be making videos and the first playthrough I was going to do was battletanx. Battletanx is a game made by 3DO, which some of you guys might have heard of that gaming company, the game was released 20 years ago on the N64, it is a simple tank game where you basically just shoot other tanks and complete objectives. it is fun, story isn't interesting, which is fine, the gameplay is good tho, Would I recommend the game, I say yes, even tho it is old now, it is still nostalgic to some people and people who enjoyed games made by 3DO. If you wanna see the video of me announcing that I"m back or my playthrough of the game then here are the links…
I did start watching the 8th season of mlp that was airing, even tho I've seen almost all the episode of the first half of the season due to major leaks, but it was nice seeing the episodes in finished form. 

April was eventful, work was slowing down for the season but it was chaotic for some stupid reason. the morning crew at my workplace that I have to deal with are lazy, disrespectful, rude and don't wanna do anything. here is an example, I was working on something to try and pass the time. While I was working on the thing that I was working on, the morning crew started telling me to hurry it up and stop moving slow because they said that we are really busy. We were not busy at all that day so it made no sense. They did this 2 more times until one of them grabbed one of the carts from me that I was putting stuff in, I almost tripped and fell because of it. At that point I did something that I have never done before at my job and hopefully will be the last time. I snapped at the morning crew, I was so pissed off because I was tired of being treated like shit while doing my job. I ran out of the area I was in and went outside. At that point I almost quit my job and went home. I didn't quit, instead I went to lunch and none of the morning crew talked to me for a couple days. I had a talk with my boss when he next worked, we talked about it, I didn't get written up, fired or anything, I was told to apologize to the person who I snapped at. I wanted to apologize to the person for what happened but that hasn't happened yet. Anyways enough ranting for now, the rest of april was just trying to save money incase I went on a seasonal layoff at my job. I did celebrate easter and I got presents like a new razer keyboard. The keyboard is a razer ornata chroma, of course there was lots of jelly beans, chocolate, etc. At the end of April I finished battletanx and started planning my next playthrough which I am currently still working on atm. 

May was decent, I had a talk with my boss again, he decided to move me from morning shift to mid shift, which is an afternoon shift, I immediately smiled when he said that because that meant I would be working a better shift and be able to sleep normally and get sick less. I finally conquered my depression for the 3rd time, which was awesome and I finally was able to move on completely from the shit that happened from 2015 to 2017. One of the reasons why I was pretty much inactive on DA and other sites for so long was because of depression and brony drama. All I use DA for now is pretty much to fav stuff or announce that I made a new video or something. I know many of you who watched me knew me from art streams on livestream and picarto. Right now I do not go on picarto anymore, Instead I hang out on another streaming site that is pretty damn awesome. 

June was horrible, not only was work starting to get busy but in early june, my back went out and I couldn't do anything, every couple minutes I was screaming in pain, I could barely walk as well. I almost went to the hospital, but instead I was brought meds that my parents had from when my dad had back issues. The meds worked, so I could try to do stuff again but it was still very hard to do things. After my back was healed enough for me to be able to leave my apartment to go to my workplace to show that my back was truely out and how much difficulty I had walking. The leads who work in my area believed me after seeing me the way I was, they didn't believe me when I was calling in. The reason why my back went out was because I was using a very bad chair that was almost broken. After my back was healed more, I threw the chair away and got a new one. Near the end of the month, I realized that I had been living on my own for a full year and it felt great. Tbh, I was scared as hell when I first moved in, but now it is no problem. Also I started my 2nd playthrough which is Equestriabound, I didn't think people would want me to play the game, but I guess you guys really wanted me to. Atm, I am still playthrough the game, there is still a ton left of the game to show, but unfortunately due to irl and personal issues. it has taken me longer than I originally wanted to play the game. I am sorry that it takes me a while to make videos, most of the time when I get home from work or I have a day off, I end up sleeping the whole day, hanging out with friends or trying to relax after a clusterfuck day at work. Next year I am going to try everything that I can to make more videos and put them out faster. If you want to watch part 1 of Equestriabound and look at the playlist then here are the links…

July was busy as hell, non stop working, like working 10 days in a row and 12 hours every shift. it was crazy as hell and hard because I was working all by myself with no help. The good new is that I got 40 hours of overtime which allowed me to upgrade some stuff I had on my comp, I upgraded my mic stand, got a shock mount for my mic, upgraded my monitors. When all that came in, I was gaming in 4k and it was awesome as fuck. I love gaming and doing stuff in 4k. I also got into a genre of music that I didn't know that existed before called synthwave, synthwave is 1980's style electronic, retro futuristic, cyberpunk and rock music. I can't stop listening to it, everyday I listen to this genre of music and I always enjoy it. There are 2 youtube channels that have a ton of synthwave music, mixes and full albums on them. if you want to check them out and subscribe to them then here are the links.…… ThePrimeThanatos does do a 24/7 snythwave/retro live stream from time to time, as I am typing the journal right now, the stream is currently up so check it out if you want  

In August, I hit 2 years of being friends with someone, there was a celebration and other stuff. I started getting into anime again during the month, starting watching shows like punchline, food wars and many others. Other than that, August was nothing special.

September was crazy, lots of drama at my workplace that I had to deal with, It was still really warm at my apartment and no sign of cooling down. Season 8 of mlp ended this month due to leaks, I don't really remember most of season 8 tbh, it was decent but idk. Anyways, I started saving money for rent because I knew I would be done with work for the season eventually.

October was a giant fucking clusterfuck, I fucking hated it. early october was fine, mid october was my birthday which was cool. End of October was a ton of brony drama out of nowhere, I will not get into it because who gives a fuck about it, well except people who love living in the past instead of the present. 

November was the time I could finally relax from work and rest. Unfortunately that didn't happen till mid November because of shit that was going on. Mid November I decided to leave the mlp fandom forever, I said that I would never ever return to the mlp fandom again. I was in the fandom from May 2012 to November 2018, it was fun for a few years then it was just witch hunts and drama. I am aware that there are some good stuff in the mlp fandom still but it is rare. some of you might disagree which is fine. Anyways, I slept so much in November and felt great.

December was full of relaxing and fun things. hanging out with friends, gaming, watching anime and shows. I had a really shitty Christmas, I hate celebrating holidays with my parents because it either turns into an argument or fight. I did get presents tho, I got Undertale for the switch, super smash brothers ultimate, super mario party, candy, phone cover, razer naga trinity chroma mouse and a pachimari plushie. 

Now it's time for the shout outs for the people who drew my oc as a commission, request, gifts, etc. Now some of them, the artists wanted to draw for the hell of it or for whatever reason, if any drama or controversy gets started from this journal then there will be no more shout outs in journals, videos or streams, I might only do shout outs to companies instead in the future but we will have to see how this goes. I am not going to give shout outs to people who drew my oc that got blocked or banned, no one needs negative shit right now, it's the fucking new year, go have some fucking fun. 

@ZukiQ314  Headlong Flight by ZukiQ314

NIGHTMARE254  .: Heart Of Warrior :. - || Commission || by NIGHTMARE254  .: The Battle Within You :. - || Commission || by NIGHTMARE254 

SubliminalPeacock  Headlong [COM] by SubliminalPeacock 

I am going to include kizrae in this because I found a ych that was done 2 years ago on their da that I didn't know that they posted so you get a shout out. The pic is NSFW so if you don't like NSFW or you are not 18 yet then don't look at it 

Mature Content

Alexandra - YCH comm by kizrae

That is it for the shout outs, Like I said at the beginning, this year was a clusterfuck, there was so many other things that happened, some I don't remember, some I don't want to remember that don't involve me and some that have to deal with gaming, streams, etc. 

Anyways, that is it for this journal, hope you enjoyed, 2019 I'm hoping is a great year and full of many awesome thing. Also I should mention, since I"m not in the brony fandom aka the mlp fandom anymore, you could still call me a brony if you want or just call me a weeb. I hope everyone out there has a great new year and a great 2019. I'll cya later!

Wait, one las thing, if you guys tag me in any of the journal things that people still do nowadays, I will make a video answering those questions, please keep personal questions to a very small amount.

Here are my social media links, youtube and spotify. Follow them to see what is going on, what I"m listening it, subscribe to my youtube channel, if you do sub, click on the bell next to the subscribe button to be notified when I upload videos or do future livestreams.





Equestriabound part 8

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 27, 2018, 1:17 AM

It's time to save the Mr. Saturns from Grapefruit Falls and attempt to defeat the next Element of Harmony boss. Equestriabound part 8 is now out!  
Also I am going to mention it here in case you want to watch the video later or something, As of november, I have left the mlp fandom forever, I am done with it, I will still watch the show when possible but for doing what I did before in the fandom is over. I know some of you will not like it and might hate it but this was a decision I had to make. Equestriabound is still going to continue and I'm going to work even harder on getting the videos out. I do have 1 question for you guys and I'll make a poll on this as well. Do you want me to show off paralysis on the next element of harmony boss or wait till I'm a higher level and take it on normally?  

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Equestriabound part 7

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 17, 2018, 1:17 AM

New party member, defeating some zombies and much more! Hope you guys enjoy! 

if you want still want to say a happy birthday to :icontwily-star: or me and you haven't done it yet then go ahead. Check out her latest art trade pic and her newest personal art pic as well  the princess...[AT] by Twily-Star  have some tea~ ? [PA] by Twily-Star

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Equestriabound part 6 and Twily Star's birthday

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 12, 2018, 3:17 PM

Dinky and Sweetie Belle are trapped in a pit and we gain the control of Apple Bloom. Hope you guys enjoy! 

Go say Happy Birthday to :icontwily-star: as well since it is October 13th where she lives and it is her birthday over there! If you wanna give her gifts, fan art or whatever you want then go ahead.

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Equestriabound part 5

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 5, 2018, 10:10 PM

It's time to explore Fillydelphia and figure out why this town is so gloomy. Hope you guys enjoy! 

Also check out :icontwily-star: new meme video 

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Equestriabound part 4

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 17, 2018, 11:54 PM

We acquire the next element of harmony, meet Vinyl Scratch, watch her show and make it to the next town! Hope you guys enjoy!

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EquestriaBound Part 3

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 18, 2018, 11:59 PM

Sweetie Belle is in danger and we need to save her. Let the adventure of saving Sweetie Belle begin!

:icontwily-star: info

Twily Star's Channel…

Twily Star's DA

Twily Star's Ko-Fi

Twily Star's Twitter

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Equestriabound part 2

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 7, 2018, 12:31 AM

After 2 month of work plus back injuries. The next Equestriabound video is finally out! Hope you guys enjoy!

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Equestriabound part 1

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 7, 2018, 8:50 AM

hey guys my new playthrough has started on youtube, here is the link to the video and I hope you enjoy!

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RIP Totalbiscuit 7/8/1984 - 5/24/2018

Journal Entry: Thu May 24, 2018, 6:47 PM

ladies and gentlemen, I have some very very bad news, John Peter Bain AKA totalbiscuit has just passed away from cancer at age 33. Totalbiscuit was a huge influence on me through my teenage years all the way to now with various podcasts such as blue plz which was a World of Warcraft podcast that ran from 2005 to 2011 I believe, the game station podcast, co-optional podcasts and other types of podcasts in his life. He was also a shoutcaster for the video game Starcraft II during tournaments around the world and even had his very own starcraft e-sports team. He also did some shoutcasting for hearthstone during blizzcon for one of the years or a couple of them. Totalbiscuit has been to many of the gaming conventions around the world like gamescom, pax conventions, E3, blizzcon and many others. He would either have a panel at them, commentate some stuff, make videos on demos or getting his hands on video game titles that were playable at them. IF you can name a game or a convention or starcraft II tournament he has commentated in then he likely has. Totalbiscuit taught me to watch gameplay first before buying a game, do not pre order games, ignore the hype for a game, if a game is running poorly that was just released or a horrible game that could get better in the future then buy it cheap. I've been watching Totalbiscuit since 2010 when I was 16 years old, this was the first video I watched on his channel  I immediately subscribed after watching that video and I've been subscribed since. His funny jokes, moment, entertainment kept making me come back for more and more. He has saved me hundreds and hundreds of dollars on me not buying certain video games because those video games that he has mentioned in his "WTF is..." series or on the podcasts that were bad or horrible made me feel great for not wasting my money on them. 

We will miss you Totalbiscuit, you were a huge influence on my life and millions of other peoples lives as well. We will always remember you, we will always remember what you have brought to the gaming community, to youtube, to twitch and to gaming companies around the world. To quote what you have always said at the end of your videos for almost 10 years " my name is Totalbiscuit and I'll see you next time" we will see you next time Totalbiscuit, we will see you next time. 

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battletanx finale

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 30, 2018, 3:37 PM

hey guys it's headlong, the final part for my battletanx playhtrough is up on my youtube channel, check it ou and hope you enjoy! 

Should I do the sequal or something different?

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Battletanx part 3

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 24, 2018, 3:04 PM

Hey guys it's headlong, part 3 of battletanx just went up on my channel if you guys wanna check it out, here is the link to it

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Battletanx part 2

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 16, 2018, 10:36 AM

Hey guys it's headlong, part 2 of my playthrough of battletanx is now up on my youtube channel, check it out and I hope you guys enjoy!

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Battletanx part 1

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 10, 2018, 5:35 PM

Hey guys it's headlong, I just uploaded a new vid to my youtube that is the start of my first playthrough, here is the vid for you guys. Hope you guys enjoy! 

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First video in almost 2 years

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 4, 2018, 9:57 PM

Hey guys it's headlong, I just posted my first video on youtube in almost 2 years, here is a link to it, let me know what you guys think. Hope you enjoy! 

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my thoughts on the recent brony drama

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 29, 2018, 3:27 PM

Hey guys it's headlong, I wanna talk about and give my thoughts on the brony drama that has been recently going on for the past few days about ToonkriticY2K, The things I'm about to get into and talk about might make you uncomfortable and or shock you. If you don't want to read what I'm going to say, then you can stop reading the journal and go do something else but if you want to read it then you can stay. 

So about 4 days ago on the horse news website, they posted an article about ToonKriticY2k doing some very very bad things, When I first saw the title I was like "oh great, another brony analyst BS drama thing again" I read the article about a day after it was posted, there is a lot stuff in it talking about him doing things with a minor, such an rping in an NSFW way, asking for certain things and various amounts of other activities. #1 that is fucked up #2 he is an idiot for doing this with a minor #3 he should have stopped doing it like the same day that it started and not do for continuously for 13 months. I honestly don't get why he did it for that long, was it greed? lust? doing it for fun? I don't know, but people in the fandom like vida, dr.wolf, madmunchkin and others have posted vids and tweets about what is going on. Many of them are very upset, angry, disappointed and shocked. I completely understand what they are feeling and what they are going through. Knowing that their friend or someone who has worked with toon did this to a kid. Atm from what I last saw a few hours before making this journal, his youtube, DA, twitter and other social medias are gone. I'm not sure if he turned himself in or his friends and people who he has worked with made a police report or an fbi report on him. In the next few days, we will know and then we can figure out what to do next and continue to heal from it. I honestly think having him turned into the police is a good idea, that way he can be tried in a courtroom and the judge can decide what happens with him. Giving him a second chance atm in the fandom, I don't think would work, but we will see what happens. About a day later after the first post was made, another post about toon was made on horse news about past actions that have happened in the fandom and at cons.
Anyways, that is all I'm going to say on this subject I'll leave links to the two posts at the bottom of this journal if you guys want to read them, I will say this, I am not going to go after him or do what others want to do to him, I'm going to remain neutral and let the police deal with it. Cya later

First post:…

Second post:…

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The last day of 2017, goodbye to an decent year

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 31, 2017, 1:40 PM

Hey Guys, it's HeadlongEquestria. Today is the final day of 2017 and this year has been one heck of a ride. Thankfully it was better than 2016 by an decent amount, I think many can agree to that. I'm ready for 2018 and to see what is next in my life.

The year started out with a big Blizzard Entertainment event for all the Blizzard games, the 20th anniversary of Diablo. World of Warcraft got treasure goblins, the cow level, items that are based around things found in the Diablo series. Starcraft II, Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm got icons for your profile in the game. Diablo 3 got a remake of Diablo 1 made with the Diablo 3 graphics through a portal in old tristram. 20 levels in it, a few bosses and a reward at the end. The 20 levels got harder like 50% or 75% of the way through and I was on my most geared character at the time on torment 10 I think it was. The whole event overall was fun and enjoyable. World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade hit 10 years old, the first expansion for the game. Overwatch announced a brand new map called "Oasis" which is a multi round control map, you can check it out in this vid or in the game 

After all of that, I started to work 4 days instead of 5 unless it was needed in irl because of anxiety, and other personal reasons. At the end of the month, a former friend went after me because of some dumb reason, horsefame was it? I don't remember. It made me create my first vent journal which was an interesting post. The Overwatch lunar new year event started up, which added new custom things for the heroes and capture the flag. all great fun, I got all the skins and everything I really wanted. You can check out the event video for 2017 here 

At the end of the month, Yu-Gi-Oh, The Dark Side of Dimensions was released in US theaters, I didn't see it in theaters sadly, but I did get the DVD. I'll let the trailers explain it. There are full of spoilers so if you have seen the original yugioh series from back in the day or you got the complete series, you will be able to see the movie and the trailers if you want, for those who haven't then you are going to be clueless.   

In February, DragonForce announced a brand new album called "Reaching Into Infinity" that would be released on may 19th 2017, featuring 11 songs, 2 bonus tracks, a live DVD of a couple songs and a 11 minute long song. You can chick out the album cover  here… I joined a server in discord that is really supportive and fun to be in it. The server is run by :iconmyemeraldtears: and her friends. Check it out if you want, the link is in her DA page. Anyways, I returned to WoW legion after a month due to being burned out by the artifact power grind and legendary grind that plagues the game currently. I met someone who is now a former friend, pretty much the biggest hater I've ever had, the person was nice, but I will get into that later. PUBG aka PlayerUnknown BattleGrounds was released on steam early access, I was gifted the game in the summer, but was unable to play it due to where I now live.

In March, I got blocked by someone on patreon who I was supporting for the past 5 months at the time. No reason was given on why I was blocked, it pissed me off that the fact that the person just to block me out of nowhere without talking to me first. I really hate it when people do that. The Nintendo Switch was released on March 3rd 2017, the first game or one of the first game released on it was The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. The Nintendo Switch is only 300 dollars, which is not a bad price. Overwatch announced a brand new hero named Orisa, which is a tank hero, quite a good one, idk if it is good for ranked matches tho. You can check out the vid for her here

A lot of brony drama started happening as I rejoined the rift cafe in discord. If you guys know what that is, try to avoid it, you will be saving yourself if you do, unless you want to be like how the people are in there, up to you. a couple weeks after that, my computer that I had at the time died and I had to use an old laptop my mom had, which was terrible. This was the first time I didn't have a comp of my own in over 15 years. The laptop my mom gave me died not long after since it was like 8 years old. So I was stuck with my phone for like 2 months. During the last part of March 2017, Patch 7.2 The Tomb of Sargeras was released, bringing new content over the course of 16 weeks was it? you can check out the trailer for it here 

Starcraft Remastered was announced around the same time Patch 7.2 was released, updated graphics up to 4k UHD, same multiplayer, same timeless campaign, same units, etc, you can watch the announcement trailer here 

and on March 30th DragonForce released their first single for their current album. The song is called "Judgement day," you can listen to it here if you use spotify… or you can listen to it from youtube through these links, I'm sorry if you can't view them if you are in certain countries I don't have any control over that.

In April I still had no comp and was trying to get some money to build one. Work sucked and brony drama was endless. From the babscon drama that happened there and people just going after each other in general. In mid April DragonForce released their second single for their Current album, the song is called "Curse of Darkness" You can listen to it on spotify if you got it through this link… if you use youtube then you can try these links  

During that release, Overwatch started a new event called OverWatch Uprising, which more of a lore event if you want to called it that if you are interested in the characters or what happened when overwatch was still a group. I got some of the things I wanted from it but still missing a few things after I got a new comp at the end of the event. You can check out the event video here 

MLP season 7 started up as well while all of this was going on, which kinda had a rough start in my opinion, it got a little better in a way, but I won't spoil it. A teaser trailer for the mlp movie was released as well, which tbh is really not good, all because of the glitches in it. You can see it here 

At the end of april, a World of warcraft youtuber by the named of Hayven games posted his final vid on his channel saying that he passed away on march 18th 2017 at 26 years old, he died from epithelioid sarcoma, a very rare and aggressive form of cancer that is very very resistant to a majority of chemo and radiation treatments. Rest in peace Hayven Games 

In May, I started working on my brand new comp, which was finished before Overwatch Uprising ended. Here is the new comp specs at that time. 

Motherboard: MSI Z270-A pro
CPU: Intel core I7 7700k 4.2GHz
CPU Cooler: Hyper evo 212
Ram 16gb DDR4 PNY anarchy
Video card aka GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 660 2gb
Power supply: Corsair 750W 
Hard drives: 1 TB, 3 TB both 64mb cache
OS: Windows 7 64 bit home premium

After the event was over and the comp was built. I started to avoid the friend I mentioned back in the February part of the journal because the person started abusing me and forcing me to do things that made me uncomfortable. I started to hang out with :icontwily-star: instead who is now my BFF and the greatest friend I've ever met in my life. I will talk more about her in another part of the journal. In Mid May, DragonForce released their 3rd single for their current album, The song is called "ashes of the Dawn" you can check out the music video here, I'm sorry if it is not avaliable for you 

A few days after it was released, the current Dragonforce album "Reaching into Infinity" was avaliable for everyone. All the songs I posted so far in this journal I love, but there is one song that I love so much from the album called "Midnight Madness" If you love the album "sonic firestorm" or "Inhuman Rampage", you will love the song. You can listen to it on spotify… or on youtube through these links 

At the end of may, OverWatch hit 1 year old, To celebrate, they did an anniversary event in the game, full of anniversary items and cosmetic things. You can check out the event vid for 2017 here 

Overwatch announced a new assault map during the event, the map is called "Horizon Lunar Colony" Which is in space, I only played it a little, but it is a fun one. You can check it out in this vid or in the game. 

Chris Cornell passed away as well, he was in Soundgarden and Audioslave. He was 52 years old. He committed suicide either at his house or somewhere else. Soundgarden was a band that I listened to a lot back in the day, it's a band I still listen to today because I love the songs they made.

In June, I moved out of my parent's house and started living on my own, a huge step in my life and I wasn't sure if I was ready yet, it took months to feel comfortable, nowadays I'm used to it. The good news is that it is 2 minutes away from where I work, so that is awesome. Plus there is pizza and a bar below my place which is even better. The Birthday Massacre released a brand new album titled "Under your spell" which is good, I enjoyed it. If you guys are fans of the band or like the music, here is a spotify link to the album as well as a youtube link to the album if you want to view it there.…  

They released a music video for the song called "one" as well, you can watch it here 

About mid june I think it was, the biggest brony drama I've ever been in happened. It started out with a former friend going after me on something I saw on the news about a shooting near Washington DC, soon after the person was accusing me of things then blocked me. I decided to chat with another person who I'm not going to name and that person accused me of the same thing and more. the person tried to force me to quit my job, delete discord and said horrible things about my family. The person also told me that if I blocked them, they would call the FBi on me aka make a fake report and have FBI come after me. those 2 people formed a group in discord and recruited a bunch of people to try to take me down online and irl. many of them brought up drama from 2 years ago from someone who I'm also not going to name, but it just got worse and worse. They started making fake screenshots from other servers that I'm not in and trying to find my irl name and other personal info. my bff who joined their group to spy on them saw everything that the group members minus my bff said that they had to do what they were doing because they didn't have a choice and that it was needed. Terrorizing, attacking and seeking personal info from people is needed?! isn't that a felony or something? I know it is a very serious crime tho. They were going to also make youtube vids and get very well known youtubers involved as well. All of this during LGBQT+ month or whatever they call it nowadays. I couldn't go to work during some of it because I wasn't mentally stable. I was having mental breakdowns, high levels of anxiety, suicidal thoughts and severe panic attacks. The offical trailer for the MLP movie was released at the end of the month, here is the trailer for it 
I also got a brand new video card since my other one was almost dead, It is the nvidia geforce gtx 1060 6gb gddr5 SSC. The currents spec as of that day and the end of the year are

Motherboard: MSI z270-A pro
RAM: PNY 16gb DDR4 Anarchy
CPU: Intel core I7 7700k 4.2GHz
CPU Cooler: hyper evo 212
GPU aka video card: nvidia geforce GTX 1060 6gb gddr5 SSC
Power supply: Corsair 750W 
Hard drives: 1 TB, 3 TB both 64mb cache
OS: Windows 10 64 bit home premium

In July The same group was still trying to do what they were planning on doing, it felt endless, but one of them told my BFF that if I apologized to all of them for some unknown reason, they would leave me alone. The strange thing is that I didn't do anything wrong to them, I never hurt them or attacked them at all. Another reason why they were going after me that my BFF found out was I was using a pic that was given to me as a gift by one of them. Does using a pic as your icon for somewhere considered stealing now or what? Let me know in the comments or in private. During this madness, Overwatch announced a new hero to the game named Doomfist, which was very very weird that he would be a hero. I think he should have been like a PVE thing in the game or have him be a pvp event. You can check him out in these vids or in the game  

Work started to pick up like usual in the summer and it started to become the busiest summer I've ever seen so far and the busiest it has been where I work in 10 years. About mid July, I decided to just apologize to those people just to get it over with because I was tired of them. After multiple tries of apologizing to them, a few refused to accept it and wanted to continue their plans. A week or 2 afterwards the group disbanded and the people in the group just gave up on trying to get rid of me. During that time, Chester Bennington who is the lead singer for Linkin Park passed away, he apparently committed suicide as well, he was 41 years old. Very very sad time since many people including me listened to linkin park in like middle school, high school or nowadays and seeing him pass away was heartbreaking. If you are feeling suicidal or you need to get help, call the suicide hotline and talk to them. :iconnightmare254: and I hit 2 years of friendship, which was cool, but shortly after that me and :icontwily-star: hit 1 year of friendship. Twily star is the greatest friend I've ever had in my life, extremely special, important, unique, smart and awesome. She is like a sister to me, if anyone hurts her, I will find you. 

In August, I started having flashes or flashbacks again if you want to call them that because of the stuff that happened with that group and previous drama over the years. I had bad nightmares, mental breakdowns, lashing out at people online out of nowhere, I had no control over myself when this happened. Twily star has been trying for months to try and make them stop. It has worked, but there is still a few left that still haunt me. In mid August Starcraft remastered was released on PC for only 15 dollars, you need to have Starcraft brood war installed, luckily Starcraft brood war is free to play so you can download it on the battle net app. Overwatch summer games event for 2017 went live as well with new skins for some of the heros, the old ones returned as well plus everyone's favorite arcade gamemode lucioball. You can check out the 2017 version of the summer games event here 

While the event was going on. A new escort map was being worked on called Junkertown, Which is in the area Junkrat and Roadhog live or used to live. I haven't gotten a chance to play the map yet, but maybe in the new year I will. You can check out the vids for it here  

A brand new animated short was released as well that focused on Mei, it is a sad one so be ready

At the end of August World of Warcraft patch 7.3 Shadow of Argus was released bringing a new planet to the game and new content as well. You can watch the trailer for it here.  

In september Work got extremely busy to the point where my personal issues were acting up way more because we got so busy out of nowhere. It is good that it got busy but bad that my issues acted up. Sia released a music video for a song that is in the MLP movie called "rainbow" The music video does have major spoilers to the movie, so if you haven't seen the movie yet, don't watch the music video, you can listen to it without the music vid through spotify or on youtube, here are the links to it.   

On september 22nd, Doki Doki Literature Club was released on steam for free, I won't explain anything about the game, you have to play it and find out yourself, good luck. On September 29th, Cuphead was released and holy freaking crap it is an awesome game, the style is pretty much 1930's cartoon animation like popeye or looney tunes. The game is extremely hard tho, it will make you rage, if you play it with a controller, you will have a better experience, you can play it with a friend as well online. The game took 2 years to make and it was worth it Here is the trailers for it  

In October right off the bat, Tom Petty passed away at age 62 from a cardiac arrest that he suffered at his home in California. When I heard that he died, I cried all night in so much pain because he is one of my favorite music artists and I listened to his music so much when I was a kid and still to this day I still listen to his music. The world of rock n roll and music lost someone incredible that day, he will be missed. 4 days after his death, the MLP movie was released in theaters, I saw the movie in an Imax about an hour away from me. I personally enjoyed the movie, but I think there is a lot of stuff that could have been better. I give it a 7 out of 10, you can see the movie through amazon and maybe netflix right now or wait till January 9th 2018 to get the DVD. 4 days after seeing the movie, the Overwatch halloween event went live, a few new skins for the heros, PVE arcade mode Return of Junkenstein went live as well. I got the skins I kinda wanted, but I missed a few because I didn't have money for the lootboxes. here is the trailer for the 2017 version 

4 days after the event went live, it was my 24th birthday and it was a good one even tho I was having a lot of anxiety during it. I got some stuff for my apartment, an overwatch birthday cake, gift art and a SNES classic console. On October 27th, Wolfenstein the new colossus was released and super mario odyssey as well. Wolfenstein the new colossus is one of my least favorite games of this year, which is very disappointing since Wolfenstein the new order did extremely well over 3 years ago. Let me try to explain the new Wolfenstein, it crashes, crashes, crashes, corrupts your save games, drops your framerate, bad level design, glitchy textures in some of the levels, shorter than new order, blue screens your comp, fails to launch half the time, overtuned enemies, boring story, really really long cutscenes, about 3 total hours of cutscenes in the game out of the 12 to 16 hours it takes to beat the game. The only positive things with the game I can think of is quicksaving, dualwielding weapons that are not the same gun, shooting nazis and the soundtrack. Also wolfstone 3D which you can see after a couple levels. Super mario odyssey on the other hand is way better and way more fun. better level design, doesn't crash, although I'm sure it does sometimes like every other game, but it is a lot of fun to play from what I heard and saw at that specific time. Super mario odyssey is worth the 60 bucks, wolfenstein the new colossus is not. I'm going to link the trailers for both games as well as the theme song for the new mario game. Here you go       
In november Right at the start was Blizzcon 2017 and it was a huge one. I'll start out with the world of warcraft news, I'm not sure how to explain this one so I'm just going to say it Vanilla WoW aka Classic world of warcraft is returning Here is the trailer for World of Warcraft Classic 

I honestly freaked out when I saw this because I started playing WoW in 2006 and I loved it so much, I've been waiting for the day Blizzard to bring out legacy servers. Along with the announcement for classic WoW, World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth was announced as well, the next expansion for the game. Here is the overview and the opening cinematic FOR THE HORDE!!!  

as of December 31st, no new info for the new expansion or for classic WoW has been released yet, so we have to wait. For hearthstone, the next expansion for it was announced called "kobolds and catacombs" new cards plus the dungeon run feature. here is the trailer 

Heroes of the storm announced 2 new nexus heros, Hanzo from Overwatch and Alexstrasza from World of Warcraft here is the trailer for them 

For Starcraft II, it is now free to play as well, if you have wings of liberty already, heart of the swarm is free and if you have heart of the swarm you get legacy of the void. There was no new stuff for Diablo this Blizzcon so for those who are still playing it, sorry guys but you are still stuck with rifts. For Overwatch, there was a ton of stuff announced and shown. A new hybrid map is coming early 2018 called Blizzard world which is an amusement park of all blizzard games into one map, World of Warcraft, hearthstone, Starcraft, heroes of the storm and some classic blizzard games as well. Overwatch stuff is already in it because you are playing overwatch. Here is the trailer for it 

A new hero was announced named "Moira" Who is a support hero that does damage to enemies and heals your teammates. you can watch the trailer and her story here  

a new animated short was shown based around Reinhardt and his story, which could or is the saddest one so far that they have released, here you go 

The last and final thing Overwatch announced during Blizzcon 2017 is new skins that are blizzard themed they are coming to the basic lootboxes next year I don't have the vid for it but I will say what they are 

Immortal Orisa, Magni Bronzebeard Torbjorn, Nova Widowmaker, Blackhand Doomfist, Barbarian Zarya, Butcher Roadhog, Crusader Reinhardt and Ecopoint Mei.

On the same day Blizzcon 2017 started, Thor Ragnarok was released in theaters and it is my #1 favorite movie of 2017, I highly recommend it  On november 7th, I went on payed layoff from work till winter started, during that time I was doing no shave november like I usually do, spent my time at the gym, played video games and hunging out with twily star. Thanksgiving was all right and fun. Black friday I did nothing on since I was saving money. ON November 28th, The final raid for World of Warcraft Legion was released on normal and heroic difficulties, the final boss of the raid and the expansion Argus the Unmaker was killed. The Leader of the Burning Legion and the one who started The Burning Crusade so long ago showed himself for the first time in Warcraft history. SARGARUS 

In December, it started getting colder because winter was close, I went to a Christmas dinner my work usually does and it was god awful, atleast they had cider, I continued to go to the gym, play games and hang out with twily star. On December 12th, The winter wonderland for Overwatch started again, new skins, the freeze tag arcade game went live, a new arcade game went live as well called yeti hunter I think that is the name. One of the emotes that came with the event was an Orisa emote that was her opening a present and it was a cute little puppy. The event is still live until January 4th 2018 so there is still time to get the skins and have fun. Here is the 2017 trailer for it  On December 21st, I started back to work and it was dreadful because I switched to morning shift and I'm not a morning person. I can only do night shift, I'm still on morning shift as of now but that is going to change hopefully. The same day, PUBG was fully released and left early access on steam so now everyone can try to play it and get that chicken dinner. On Christmas day, I worked a lot, afterwards I went to my parents house, opened presents and had dinner with them. I got a Nintendo Switch, clothes, stress ball and super mario odyssey. 

That is everything that I can remember for my year of 2017, now for the art shoutouts and features of people who drew my oc as a request, commission or from a ych that are on DA. Just like last year, the people who hurt me, abused me or are on the ban list will not be featured or given a shoutout. Here we go

First one goes to :icontwily-star: for all of this  YCH: Alexandra by Twily-Star  Headlong Flight by Twily-Star <da:thumb id="668192983"/>  YCH: Alexandra by Twily-Star  YCH: Headlong Flight by Twily-Star  Raffle Prize: HeadlongEquestria by Twily-Star  Sketchy ponies and cuteness GIFT by TwitterShy  Very cute sketchy pones gift by TwitterShy  Patreon ! [Check the desc] by Twily-Star  Songbird Serenade [FA] by Twily-Star  Happy birthday Twily and Headlong  [Gift] by Twily-Star  MLP movie style 1 [gift] by Twily-Star plus over 40 or 50 more pics which are not on DA or derpibooru sadly

Next one goes to :iconagamnentzar: for the memes  Stream with Shino #109 by Agamnentzar  Thisiswhyyoudontletchatmakeastory by wedraw4boops-admin anthro alexandra  Stream with Shino and Chira #128 by Agamnentzar and casual, normal or the clothes she wears around the house or when she is home alone  Stream with Shino, Chira and Prism #139 by Agamnentzar

:iconall-the-fish-here: for the gift of human alexandra  Gift by All-The-Fish-Here 

:iconrainflyproduction: for headshots of me, twily star and veteranpegasister  Sketch Requests Pack 1 by RainFlyProduction 

:iconwarm-melody: for a sketch headshot of headlong flight  Request Headshot-Chibi (Facebook) by Warm-Melody 

:iconnightmare254: for headlong flight at the solar eclipse  .: Solar Eclipse :. - || Headlong Flight || by NIGHTMARE254 

:iconmini-feru: for the ych NSFW version of Alexandra 

Mature Content

Don't stare, it's embarrassing by Mini-Feru
 and the pizza print panties version as well If you are not into NSFW or suggestive thing, do not look at them.

:iconvanillaswirl6: for the fluffy ponies  ~Raffle Prize~ Squishy Nuzzles by VanillaSwirl6

:iconriouku: for the chibi hugs of me and twily star  COM: Chibi Headlong Flight And Twily Star by Riouku 

:iconaydieme: for a 3D headshot of Headlong flight  [Commish] Headlong Flight by aydieme 

:iconbreioom: for the ych headshot of headlong flight  Headlong Flight Sparkle Icon by breIoom

:iconskt-sakito: for the chibi EQG or human alexandra  [Commission] Commission 21 by SKT-Sakito 

:iconjetjetj: for the Christmas Headlong flight ych  YCH: Headlong Flight by JetjetJ

That is all the shoutouts and features that I can give on DA, there are some on facebook and other areas so if you see this, I give you a shout out as well, I sadly can't feature it tho. So with all of that, it is the end of the journal, it is the longest one I've done so far, next time I might do a video instead so you guys can just listen to the audio of it instead. If I missed anything at all after all of that stuff let me know. 2017, I called the year of change and in my case, it was, so many things happened that effected me, changed me, hurt me, destroyed me, etc. 2018 I'm going to call it for me "the year of rebuilding" I have a lot of healing I still need to do and a lot of new things to try out and figure out. I hope you all had a good 2017 and I will see you all in 2018. Happy new year!

not really using DA anymore

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 20, 2017, 8:09 PM

Hey guys it's headlong, I might as well says this since I thought it would be nice for you guys to know. I don't really use my DA much anymore since there has been so many bad memories, stalkers, harassment, abuse and many many other violent things that have happened. Nowadays I just use it to fav art of my oc whenever that happens and chat with friends in private. I don't have any plans to delete my current DA, change my oc or whatever the brony fandom think nowadays. Anyways, if you guys want to find me or contact me, send a note, message on twitter or my discord. I want to someday become more active on DA again, but maybe when all the stalkers and people after me go away. That's all I got for now, I'll be working on my end of the year journal soon. Cya later


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where have I been?

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 30, 2017, 12:45 AM

hey guys it's headlong, it's been a while since I made a journal or post on DA, The reasons why are that I've been extremely busy in real life due to work and having very little free time, but that will change in 2 months likely. Another reason is that I moved out of my parent's house and now I have an apartment so I've been busy with that. The last reason is that I've been afraid of posting on DA and social media because of something extremely serious that happened almost 3 months ago that made me go back into depression and high anxiety. I won't say what happened in this journal, maybe the next one. Anyways, I am still planning on making youtube vids like I mentioned forever ago, atm I am waiting to see how I am doing financially before getting an editing program. As for art of my oc or whatever people call it nowadays, pretty much all of the latest ones or atleast majority of them are in private now or behind closed doors so that way there is no drama, arguments, etc. Now I do still love getting fan art and stuff. But it is really hard nowadays for me personally to request or commission people. I really hope it changes really soon because I wanna get back to where I was a couple years ago but we will see what happens. Anyways, that is it for now, hope you enjoyed reading this, if you guys have any questions or comments you want to give, go right ahead and I'll cya later. 

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