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A full stained glass portrait of the final boss in The Minish Cap-- well, one of them. This is Minish Cap Link and Ezlo [His ever so wonderful, angry cap] taking on Vaati!Reborn.
Vaati's reborn form is my favorite with every other form of him [Vaati is a wonderful villain] 
And Minish Cap is the Zelda that I've gotten the farthest in [I'm in the Temple of Droplets thus far] and I love it dearly, it is very close to my heart. This took a couple days to do and the piece is so big I had to scan it in 2 parts and then edit it together.
All done in Markers of varying brands [Prismacolors, sharpies, staedtlers, etc.]
Expect more of these potentially
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Wow, this is incredible! It actually looks like it would be in a church, castle or a temple in the game! I'm very impressed by it! :)
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Crap! This is AMAZING!! I love this piece so much!! :D
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I wish we could see this design return in future games...
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This is awesome! It is depicted perfectly! It looks identical to one of the stained glass designs portrayed in the game and manga! :D
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I'd put this up on my wall :)
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This looks very good. The colors you chose are beautiful and suit the overall picture well, and the lines are neat and precise. All in all this is a truly lovely piece.
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Simply beautiful! Everything from the lines to the colors are spectacularly displayed!
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Thank you, I worked rather hard on this so it's nice to get some feedback
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I can see that! It's a shame you're not as popular.
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nah it's okay
it would be stressful
so I am glad to get the exposure I can
but thank you for your kind words
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