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Pikachu Shimeji


No plans to make updates to this. Probably not gonna answer your questions anymore.

If you click the download button, IT IS A RAR FILE.
If you aren't able to extract RAR's, then click HERE for ZIP


What is a Shimeji?
It's a Desktop Buddy. It just sits on your screen. You can edit the images, and that is exactly what I've done. It's not going to harm your computer.
How do I open it?
Once you've extracted it, click the folder and then the file called Shimeji. A little icon in your taskbar should appear and it'll just run on its own. Wait a bit, and it'll fall from the top.
Double check that the folder called conf has the proper filenames.
動作 for the 42.4kb one, and 行動 for the 9.88kb one
If it still doesnt open, idk what to tell you.
Does this work on a Mac?
Not normally as far as I know, try: [link]
What are the five options that appear when you right click the icon in the taskbar?
1) Add one more Pikachu
2) Gather in one spot, sit, and follows your cursor
3) Deletes all Pikachu except for one
4) If Pikachu throws a window away, brings it back
5) Exit

Pikachu belongs to Pokemon
Shimeji (the original unedited one) belongs to Group-Finity [link]
© 2010 - 2021 headbutt-of-love
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PIKACHU! I love Pikachu!
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i have that one as my pfp Pikachu Loves It Plz

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Oohh is there an eevee one?
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Isn’t he cute? :)
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 Pink Flower    Pikachu wavesHello! The pikachutrainers group would love to have this deviation featured!Pikachu Loves It Plz  You can feature this deviation anytime by sending a note to :icontannywolfy: or :iconkkittykatt:!     Pikachu Piff Plz   You can say no if you choose, Pikachu not sure but we are just telling you!Pikachu want it  We love this deviation! Thank you!Pikachu waves  Pink Flower 
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cute so much i love it
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make a boy with brown hair blue glasses and a high and tight hair cut into a shimeji
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...yeah, i pretty much doubt theyre gonna make that, even more so than the one below.
seriously, the guy who made this moved accounts in 2012 and they don't seem to be using DA anymore.
also, unrelated but it looks like you've only joined DA just to say that.
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Can you do a Mimikyu or Eeveelution one? 
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tbh i kinda doubt theyre gonna do it... hell, in the description, it says "Probably not gonna answer your questions anymore" and they've also moved accounts, and even then, they don't seem to use DA anymore
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if you need help tryin to get the shimeji if you dont no download the file (for me i do zip) once its done go to the zip file right click then click extract all make sure to have java updated to latest one and click on your shimeji file go to the icon that has a coffee and then a pop up will appear with the shimeji pic an press use all or if you want just want a specific set of shimeji go click use selected and then go open up the shimeji application then bam! your shimeji is there your welcome :) (Smile)
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trust me i had the same problem when i couldnt get my shimeji to work :)
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Oh my god, I need this in my life. XD
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Hey it keeps telling me to download a Java thing, and I already have click "yes" and downloaded whatever it was that it wanted, but it still asks me. WHADOIDO??
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