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July 25, 2012
Martini Brut - King by *he1z
Featured by princepal
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Martini Brut - King

Press ad for XRS/Bacardi - Martini Poland. I was responsible for copy, direction and illustration. Rejected version.

The Hejz
Ars Thanea
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SimonChin's avatar
this is awesome!!!
chana080310's avatar
It reminds me of the "Be Our Guest" scene from Beauty and the Beast.
RhamaDaragaaz's avatar
The font on "King of the table" feels out of place... personally would have matched one of the two fonts on the bottle :P
Overall I like the design, clean and well executed, best of all, original.
Missy7's avatar
They rejected it?! Idiots.
Annegal's avatar
Game of Martinis. I've played that game -- you win or you get a terrible hangover!
HOTARTS's avatar
Wow amazing. Check out HotArtorNot. com to rate it ! =)
Who was the idiot who rejected this awesome design? D8<
Aeromars's avatar
Awesome idea, who ever rejected is very idiot.
moonra-zk's avatar
Reminds me the Iron Throne, from Game of Thrones. Even more because the author's name is George R. R. ~Martin~.
tonare's avatar
Congratz man. Looks great. :D
hunorkerekes's avatar
ECCB's avatar
I really like it.

It would be very useful if you could tell us why it was rejected, thank you very much.
FedericaCatta's avatar
If i can be honest the only think I don't like is "the king of the table". It sounds like... like a good idea that could have been expressed (it's correct in english? I'm a disaster...) in a more gripping way.
Anyway.... this in AMAZING!!!!! I like is very much... both the idea, the way you realized it, the freshness you gave!!!!! All my compliments!!!!!
EranFowler's avatar
I see what you did there.
ledain's avatar
they REJECTED this??!!
this actually caught my eye. really well done.
NutaNeurotic's avatar
Much congrats on your DD!~
Gigi800's avatar
Rejected!? Why?
NinjaManRed896's avatar
professional looking i like this
joeltonongkh's avatar
brilliant blending of element and detail treatment...
Ecstatic-ectsy's avatar
Always nice to see Mr. Jaworowski in the DD section :) Great!
TreboRGnilwoC's avatar
Love it. The layered forks and stuff reminds me of expendibles. very flash. Touch of class :P
SuperAimster's avatar
Congrats on the DD! :heart:
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