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Bacardi - Water Bat

Bacardi - Water Bat (2008) for XRS/Bacardi Poland

The Hejz
Ars Thanea
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PERFECTION! I want a mojito right now! That's what it's all about...convincing the subconscious.
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this is a great piece of work
nice work dude
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Simply Refreshing!

Another Great Piece of Work you have here.
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Just wonderring how was this done?? 3D or sampling water splashes from photos? I'd really like to know cos this looks interesting :)
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thats amazing work

does everyone see the couple in the middle of the circle and at the top of the glass, splashin the water in the air
wooow ! thats awwwwesome !

how you've made it?!!

tutorial please? :p
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woow is very nice job!!

what you use to make watter effect?? is a brushe of Photoshop??
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Wow thats sick, I wish I knew how to get that water effect :(
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woooooooooooooooooooooooow very nice
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I really wish someone would create a water brush for us less awesome folk.
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Awesome. Personally, I think this deserves a DD. :+fav:
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genialne.. bez dwóch zdań :)
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Really nice work.
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how on this earth did u achieve the water effect?
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really when it comes to anything bottled
ur a damn magician!
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That looks great, exellent idea and execution!
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