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Bacardi - Shoot and Fly

I found this image lying on my hard drive. I've created this some time ago as a Key Visual for Bacardi contest - 'Advertise Bacardi, fly to Hong Kong'. This one was a rejected version created for XRS/Bacardi-Martini Poland.

Produced at Ars Thanea
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Great work! 
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How the heck was this rejected??? That liquid dragon adds so much to the piece! I'm so curious to know what piece won now...
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They would never know what they are missing.
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Wait, this got rejected? It's so amazing though ... I'd buy this stuff just because of the poster ...
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I would love to create something like this!!
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beautiful layout and effects
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any chance of a full tut?? I love every little thing about it. the light source, beams, fades everything!
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if this was rejected then i would love to see which one was selected becoz i think this is the best
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You have been featured in my journal
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I love this! I want to learn how to do this style, but I don't know what it is called. (creating a figure out of liquid) Is there a name for this type of style?

Your work is an inspiration. Thanks for sharing it. :tighthug:
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rejected ?? i've seen this before but can't remember where... did it get published in some magazines ? or maybe it was just here... it looks awesome !
how did this get rejected? it literally doesnt get any nicer then this
Good picturaization , nice effects and thanks for sharing this
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one of my favorite works off all time. great work man
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Did you know you're such an AWESME designer?!
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An obvious favorite with your fans, for obvious reasons.
It's beautiful image, and the dragon is far more incredible than anything Bacardi can do.
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Anyone knows how to do that awesome Spotlight?
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how did you make the dragon.
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