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Mahakala, The Great Black One (vectorized)

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Mahakala is a deiyi that has its origin in the buddhist mythology.
Also known as "The Great Black One", Mahakala is one of eight so called wrathful deities or "Dharmapalas".
Dharmapala can be translated from Sanskrit: "Dharma" = Religion; "Pala" = Protector
Although in this particular context "Dharma" is to be unterstood as an umbrella term for the buddhist teachings.
So like tha name already indicates it is the Dharmapala's task to protect the Dharma by any means necessary from demons and evil spirits.

The 8 Dharmapalas:
Yama, the God of Death
Mahakala, the Great Black One
Yamantaka, the Conqueror of Death
Kubera or Vaisravana, the God of Wealth
Hayagriva, the Horse-necked One
Palden Lhamo, The Goddess
Tshangs Pa or ‘White Brahma’
Begtse, the God of War

btw: this was the 1st time I was "really" working with vecotrs.....now I am beginning to understand how they work ;-)
(pm me if you want the .ai)
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