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The Moral Segment by GavinMichelli
He-Man Panel Art by RichBernatovech
Teela   Con style commission by aethibert
He-Man PowerCon 2016 by Tonywashingtonart
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Act 2021  - Trio by KaJu-MANIA
Hordak by HotMagma
Act 2021  - Trio by KaJu-MANIA
Camping-out v.1 sfw crop by carternova
Masters Of The Universe - He-Man by lucianodamiano
Revelation He-Man by shaneoid77
Par le pouvoir du crane ancestral by latard
Skeletor Santa by EmberWolfsArt
Revelation SkeleGod by shaneoid77
Skeletor by latard
Beast Man (MOTU) by HotMagma
Heroic Warriors
Fathers-Day - Evergreen Forest Version by nikisview
Sorceress back by Deltara
Sorceress front by Deltara
Teela -Its a trap by artist2point5
Evil Warriors
Science is fun! by Insaneydo
Karg by shaneoid77
Evil-Lyn Mistress of Snake Mountain by artist2point5
Evil Lyn and the Gang by artist2point5
Contest Entries
Paper dragons become alive by calysium
Samayoa MOTU contest entry by samayoa
MotU Concept -Orko by NathanRosario
Contest  Entry - Sac Back FIN by happymonkeyshoes
Fan Characters
War Master by Luis Karnov by LuisKarnov
Evil Fist Motu fan character Bio by rbl3d
Beast girl by nunchaku
S/he-wo/man by nunchaku
Flirty Frosta by shaneoid77
Princess of Power Group by Ed Silva by Deltara

Mature Content

She-Ra headscissors_cropped (FULL view on Fanbox) by bodyscissorfan
Double Trouble by shaneoid77
Darth Vader vs. She-Ra by shaneoid77
He-man vs Skeletor by Granamir30
He-Man v Skeletor by shaneoid77
Teela by mayorto
New Adventures
Intergalactic Skeletor by shaneoid77
Sculpts and Customs
He-man Laser Power Solid Sword by rbl3d
Princess Frosta's crush by Tyrannuss555
Fan Fiction
Chaos Eternal Chapter 1He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: Chaos EternalBy bigfootRULES & Hordak's PupilChapter I: One Creature's TrashTri-Klops“Why are we picking up this junk again,” Trap-Jaw complained as we collected the remains of a squad of robot knights. I tell him it's his fault that Skeletor's latest scheme to invade Grayskull from below failed. Skeletor ordered we clean up the junk around Snake Mountain as punishment.“We're just lucky that he's in a good mood or else...,” I begin to say as I see something streak across the sky. “By the Elders!” I gasped as Trap-Jaw said it was just a meteor falling again. I activate my telescopic vision and see it's no ordinary meteor. “Trap-Jaw, alert Skeletor to this and prepare the Land Shark.” He asks me what for. “Something tells me there is something special about the rock.”This was my chance to show Skeletor I am better than these fools. I switched to my enhanced vision to see if I could find out anything more about. It has a unique signature to it. “The power level was off the charts,” I said as I made my way to site before the others could arrive and take credit for it.Sonic“Impressive .03 nanoseconds,” Tails said looking at the stop watch. “That's a new record,” he said clapping and cheering. I bow and smile at my friend. I tell him that we're going every ounce of speed if we are take out Robotnik. “You still feel guilty about Sally being captured?” he asks as I sigh. If was faster I could have stopped his goons from taking her. “It wasn't your fault. No one could have stopped that many robots at once."“I should have,” I take a breath and change the subject. “How are the updates to the Tornado coming along,” The fox smiles and says he and Rotor installed a new gyroscope on it. It will allow the plane to do all kind of neat tricks. “Can it do this,” I said racing through the forest and doing several loops.“Nothing can top...,” he begins to say when Antoine walks over and says there is something we should see. “What is it?” Tails asks as we arrive back at the base.“Nicole has detected the presence of another Chaos Emerald,” he walked over the computer. “The trace is faint but it is definitely an emerald. Tails remarks that he has never seen this planet before. “It is not in the same solar system as us. It is, how do you say, a miracle that she picked it up.”“No doubt Robotnik will have his eye on it,” I tell him looking at the screen when Bunnie comes racing in. “Whoa there,” I said as she slowed down. She tells she got back from Robotropolis where she stopped a squad of Robotnik's goons.“These weren't like the normal swat bots. They could reassemble themselves and were smarter than usual.” Sounds like we need to pay the good doctor a visit.Prince Adam“Any bites yet?” Cringer asked looking at the lake. “I'm starving,” I told him he had a large meal before we left the palace. “Yes, but I'm....,” he begins to say until he sees Teela coming toward us.“What are you doing here?” she asks glaring at me. I tell her I was trying to catch some fish. “Father is waiting for you at the palace.” I tell her he just wants to show me an update to the wind raider. “Which is why you should be there. The controls are different in this model.” I close my eyes again only this time I am greeting by an image of the Sorceress.“He-Man you must come to Grayskull at once,” she tells me as I get up and excuse myself.“Now where are you going?” I tell her I had agreed to meet a friend and am late. “You're always late,” she says as signal Cringer to follow me.Dr. Robotnik“Blast the miserable hedgehog,” I shouted pounding my fist on the throne. “My best robots reduced to scrap.” The more I watch the footage the more it enrages me. My pet Cluck turns off the screen. “Thank you, my precious. Not to worry this time no one will...,” one of my swat bots walks in the room. “What happened? Were you able to take the city?”“Not quite oh obese one,” he says as I get up. “Those freedom fighters stopped us.” I ask him about the new models. “That rabbit was hac....,” I blast the worthless unit to scrap metal.“Another failure uncle,” Snively asks walking in the room. I ask him what happened to the advanced AI he created. “The thing about AI is that it's complicated, especially when it is based on one such yourself. Don't worry uncle these new robots are....,” before my nephew could continue and alarm went off.“It seems my luck has changed,” I brought up a screen showing the faint signature of a chaos emerald. “Come Snively we have work to do.” My nephew pointed out that the signal came from far away and not sure where the gem is at. “That will change soon,” I tell him as we prepare to take off.Man-At-Arms“Our radar detected a strange object entering the atmosphere,” I told King Randor showing the footage we captured of it. “At first we thought it a meteor then this happened.” The meters go off the chart. Randor asks if it could be a Horde invasion. “I don't think so. It had no marking saying it came from Hordak”“I want you to lead a contingent of troops to the site. Whatever it is, we must stop Skeletor from finding it at all costs.” I assure him that I have alerted He-Man to this discovery and that he is on the way to check it out. “Alert me when you find anything out.”“Father!” Teela says racing up into the room. “I just received word that a couple Land Sharks were spotted leaving Snake Mountain.” No doubt Skeletor has been alerted to the object's existence. “I can have the Wind Raiders up and running in...” I tell that won't be necessary I received word from He-Man that he was on his way to stop them. “So soon?” she asks baffled that He-Man already knew of it.Bunnie Rabbot“These look like normal swat bots to me,” Sonic says examining the remains of the troops. I tell him I was able to hack into their systems and disable their regeneration circuits. I point out the the strangest thing was there programming.“What do you mean?” Tails asks confused. I tell them the AI was unlike anything I've ever seen. Even when severely damaged they still fought back. “That sounds like Robotnik,” he says examining the scraps. “We can get these back to Knothole where Rotor and I can take a look at them.”“Hey Ant, any info on that chaos emerald,” Sonic asks as we arrive back at base. The coyote says Rotor is trying to triangulate where it landed now. Tails says he can help and leaves. “Anything else?” Sonic asks him he says that Robotnik had been spotted leaving the city. “No doubt to the find that emerald. Anyone up for field trip,” Sonic asks as I tell I am in. “Then let's get moving!”
Photos and Cosplay
prowling by TMNTFAN85
Defenders of Grayskull 3 by Deltara

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skeletor by curseone skeletor :iconcurseone:curseone 86 6 MOTU, Vol 1, Issue 3, Evil-Lyn by valstaples MOTU, Vol 1, Issue 3, Evil-Lyn :iconvalstaples:valstaples 192 19 MOTU, Vol 1, Issue 1, Evil-Lyn by valstaples MOTU, Vol 1, Issue 1, Evil-Lyn :iconvalstaples:valstaples 413 40 MOTU, 2003 Dream Halloween by valstaples MOTU, 2003 Dream Halloween :iconvalstaples:valstaples 34 3 MOTU, Vol 1, Issue 4, He-Man by valstaples MOTU, Vol 1, Issue 4, He-Man :iconvalstaples:valstaples 76 12 cereal:geek PREVIEWS promo 06 by BustaToons cereal:geek PREVIEWS promo 06 :iconbustatoons:BustaToons 103 5 cereal:geek PREVIEWS promo 12 by BustaToons cereal:geek PREVIEWS promo 12 :iconbustatoons:BustaToons 23 0 cereal:geek PREVIEWS promo 39 by BustaToons cereal:geek PREVIEWS promo 39 :iconbustatoons:BustaToons 17 0 cereal:geek PREVIEWS promo 14 by BustaToons cereal:geek PREVIEWS promo 14 :iconbustatoons:BustaToons 33 9 By the Power of Grayskull by BigChrisGallery By the Power of Grayskull :iconbigchrisgallery:BigChrisGallery 285 28 AWOOOOOOOOOOOGA by cheeks-74 AWOOOOOOOOOOOGA :iconcheeks-74:cheeks-74 447 84 MOTU: Mer-man by Artsammich MOTU: Mer-man :iconartsammich:Artsammich 580 68 MOTU P. Sketches: Sorceress by Vandrell MOTU P. Sketches: Sorceress :iconvandrell:Vandrell 415 19 Commission: Theambushbug by splendidriver Commission: Theambushbug :iconsplendidriver:splendidriver 42 16 Heman and Battlecat by RubusTheBarbarian Heman and Battlecat :iconrubusthebarbarian:RubusTheBarbarian 173 25 MotU - New Adventures of He-Man Vol.3 by Killersha MotU - New Adventures of He-Man Vol.3 :iconkillersha:Killersha 112 21


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