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Piazza Navona by bubus666
Luis I Bridge by roman-gp
Placa ulica by roman-gp
Silence by zoomzoom
Abandonment and Decay
Omega X 114 by Marexx
Omega X 107 Home sweet home by Marexx
Omega X 102 Hospital by Marexx
Omega X 101 Power by Marexx
Animals Insects
Flight by lightpro77
Lucy By Canon277t by Canon277t
Colorado Doberman by Canon277t
Merle noir by organicvision
IMG 0124cb by Canon277t
Sunnin by Canon277t
Omega X 42 Station in nowhere by Marexx
Omega X 26 Transmitter by Marexx
Door to the Truth by lightpro77
Ubac - dark fairytale by baroquedoll
Cathedral Cafe HDR by nat1874
Worcester Cathedral HDR by nat1874
Scapes and Nature
e l'arcangelo Michele disceso nella Terra di Mezzo by baroquedoll
The relief of the Icelandic Highlands by LinsenSchuss
... il segreto di tutte le cose by baroquedoll
Miserere Mei by dspiridonov
Infrared Anointing by lightpro77
Brightcolpic 600  by Brightcol
Progress by Canon277t
Xmas by Spiritofdarkness
Sunny Funny by Canon277t
Jenny dream by Canon277t
My Rouge by lightpro77
Fab40 by Canon277t
Brightcolpic 604  by Brightcol
Dead Ends by cine-M-ania
Now  by cine-M-ania
York train museum by Canon277t
Urban and Exteriors
Omega X 109 by Marexx
Omega X 108 by Marexx
Omega X 88 by Marexx
Omega X 87 by Marexx
Work Shops
Sunset by Joetamad
Work Shop Files
HDR workshop, on golden pond by woody1981
Photo Challenge Snow


Group Info

Our club accepts High Dynamic Range photography. Basically we accept any picture so long as it has been processed as HDR, without heavy photomanipulation.

The purpose of our club is to encourage members to think out-of-the-box and try the technique in different environments, with different subjects.
We also promote networking to help newcomers learn and make sense of the technique.


No mature content.
One (1) submission per member, per week please.
Founded 16 Years ago
Apr 6, 2007


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4,892 Members
5,853 Watchers
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HDR Tutorials

HDR Tutorials

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:bulletblue: HDRi at Wikipedia…
:bulletblue: Photomatix software overview and examples
:bulletblue: HDR Tutorial using Photomatix…
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:bulletblue: Podcasts on HDR from Pro Photography Show
Part 1…
Part 2…
:bulletblue: HDR Tutorial by JackMcIntyre…
:bulletblue: The HDR Handbook…
:bulletblue: Digital Photography Tutorials from Cambridge in Colour…
:bulletblue: Online Depth of Field Calculator
:bulletblue: Golden Hour for Dawn and Dusk Shots
:bulletblue: Guide to HDR Photography sent in from BiOzZ…


Yes, some of these tutorials are a bit dated, but they can be helpful to understand the technique. Also you can search here on DA for newer ones ;) Again, comments on updated tutorials are welcomed and appreciated.



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SirIvyPink Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2017  Professional Artist
Thank you for letting me join your group.
Tjeb Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2015
This group cannot be taken seriously!

How do you expect me to become a member in this group?
Recently, I send you a note telling that there are pictures in the gallery that has nothing to do with HDR photography.
You not only do not respond to that, today it happened again. There is a pic in one of the galleries that should not belong in this group.
AnnaShteyman Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Thank You! :)
RMS-OLYMPIC Featured By Owner May 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Would I be allowed to submit?

I don't have Photoshop, but I try to replicate HDR in GIMP. I am still learning, so I am not a pro, but would anything I do still be accepted?

Tjeb Featured By Owner Edited Dec 23, 2015
I have very good experience with easyHDR pro. It's also much cheaper than Photomatix.
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