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Lou Scannon banner

By hde2009
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A wee little bit of promotion for Kris Carter and Dan Harris' QUITE amusing 'Lou Scannon' comic.

Issue #2 is not far away, I believe...
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Where is info about Mr. Lou Scannon?
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Plenty of info on there!
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Ask Mistah Kris Carter!
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It please me that you like this, sir.

Now go download it and use it! Use the CRAP out of it!
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Haha! I dont do the forum/web stuff! Thats all Kris
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Ah well... download and T-shirt transfer it?
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Do you know i've NEVER done that. Not even once although I've always wanted to with past artwork
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Dude - this banner has 'T Shirt backprint' written all over it! ;)
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Why thank you! Issue 2 - Nov 19th, or thereabouts. Eeee!

People can grab that from [link]

Nice take on Lou!
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I aimed to do that low-down, no-good space-scalliwag justice!

If only I'd had an immeasurable span of hours... the banner would have featured him sitting triumphant atop a huge pile of defeated Transformers, Alien facehuggers and assorted Marvel and DC bad guys, drinking wine distilled by virgins from the hollowed out and highly polished skull of a Predator elder.

But, you know... deadlines 'n' shit. :shrug:
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