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Tokota pups for sale!

:new: All genos can now be exchanged for one rite image each! Ex: 1 AoA prompt, 1 RoD prompt, etc. Looking for a new furball to add to the pack? Check these pups out! - USD payments are to be paid via invoice right away. - Maximum hold of 1 month for art payments, if payment is not completed in that time the geno will be put back up for sale. And all progress will be kept. - There MUST be progress within the first 2 weeks for art payments or the hold will be removed. - I can refuse a sale for any reason. Accepted payments: - USD, Points - HP, Rolls, Rites - Rarekis, Dires, raremanes - Stones of Appiaq, forged gold medals Trait tokens, H

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UFO: Black 50% barbs

Meely decided to give my barbs instead of Yetis this time, so these kiddos are UFO! I'll leave this open for 2 weeks, don't need to tag me in add-ons to your offers, I'll have a look at all comments before deciding. https://www.deviantart.com/comments/1/866116112/4896052599 4) Female, Barbary Mane Average - Healthy 50% DIRE Ee/aa/tt/MM/CC/AA/PngPng/BlBl/nRm/nBr/nFl/nSm Marked collared black with accents, pangare, rainmarks, bearmarks, flecking, starmarks and blanket --Physical Traits:-- Tall Ears --Hereditary Traits:-- Nanook's Shadow Superstar LF: between 150 ~ $200 in value. https://www.deviantart.com/comments/1/866116112/4896052531 3) Female, Barbary Mane Average - Healthy 50% DIRE Ee/aa/tt/MM/CC/AA/PngPng/nSd/nBl/nRm/BrBr/nMrl+l/BB Marked collared black merle with liver points, accents, pangare, rainmarks, bearmarks, saddle, blanket and barring --Physical Traits:-- Fangs --Hereditary Traits:-- Superstar LF: between 150 ~ $200 in value. Interested in from most to least: -

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WanderLust 36161

Freaking GORGEOUS Tokotas

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Holland Lop 1

Bunnies that look like Finn

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FREE digital horse drawings

Hello! I recently managed to get my hands on a super fancy drawing tablet, and so I am experimenting and practising drawing a few different things. To help me, I have decided to offer a few free drawings for people. Please read the rules below and then fill out the form in a comment on this journal. Rules I may choose not to draw your character. Since these are free I will be picking and choosing what I do and don't draw. Please don't beg, but do use your manners. At the moment I am only looking to draw equine characters. Any breeds are allowed (including made-up DA breeds), I'm not too keen to be drawing wings at the moment though. Basically, as long as it mainly looks like a horse, pony or donkey, it should be fine Simple and complex characters are allowed, but again, I will pick and choose what I think I'm capable of. For the pose section of the form, you can leave it blank, describe a pose or post a reference image, however, I may change the pose. You can add if

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