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BLAHHHH!! 6/6/13

i am not really active on DA anymore. it's kinda sad. the only reason i do is to let any of you non FB/Twitter/Tumblr usin' ppl know I've updated... 

but I am thinking I might end up phasing DA out eventually so those other places are:


if you happen to have one of those, pls follow me there. tumblr has all my arts and photos, facebook has comic stuff, and twitter has comic news and personal ramblings. 

In other news, it's supposed to be 112 here on Saturday. 
/pancakes onto the floor

tumblr ll NSFW tumblr ll youtube
d*s club -- facebook -- vote!
HIME comic [discontinued]


status - CLOSED

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gallery ll junk art ll my youtube videos [music/art]
comics - dream*scar [fridays] ll HIME [discontinued]
commissions - open

Vote incentive last updated: 12/24/10

Quick xmas incentive before I go out for some last minute
shopping!! Sorry it's sloppy XD

Sorry for late page guys. Busy few days! Damn
you Xmas!! have a good holiday!!

Offering sketches and full colours; full bodies, halves
and portraits; chibis. Prices vary, 10 - 75~ish [so far],
depending on type of order and detail level.

+I am best with females; couples and groups are alright,
but prefer no more than 4; Hentai is fine; prefer not to
do hardcore yaoi [i don't like drawing dicks much lol]
-Won't do really hardcore furries, sorry, they creep me
out a bit [anthros are alright]; no robots, unless you
have a shitload of refs from like a million angles lol...

If you want to inquire about it, just PM me with details
about what you want and some ref pics, and we can work
something out =)

^i'll flesh this out a bit more as i think of things.

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245 votes
Of course!
Sure, if it has extras! [i was planning on doing some side stories -- but comment if you have suggestions:)]
No, probably not!
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186 votes
:icononionwoeplz: Ugh, there was this one time ... [comment]
:icondignitylaughplz: I'm not a clumsy ditz like you, H.
:iconexcitedblushplz: WHAT'S DUMB ABOUT CUTTING I LOVE THIS SHIT OK /wrists
:iconpunch1plz::iconpunch2plz:TEH LIIIDDDSSS fjkdfsdl [obviously h's answer, but if there are other lid victims...]
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