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vote for me on TWC [12/24] fdfjksdfj late page

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 24, 2010, 2:36 PM
gallery ll junk art ll my youtube videos [music/art]
comics - dream*scar [fridays] ll HIME [discontinued]
commissions - open

Vote incentive last updated: 12/24/10

Quick xmas incentive before I go out for some last minute
shopping!! Sorry it's sloppy XD

Sorry for late page guys. Busy few days! Damn
you Xmas!! have a good holiday!!

Offering sketches and full colours; full bodies, halves
and portraits; chibis. Prices vary, 10 - 75~ish [so far],
depending on type of order and detail level.

+I am best with females; couples and groups are alright,
but prefer no more than 4; Hentai is fine; prefer not to
do hardcore yaoi [i don't like drawing dicks much lol]
-Won't do really hardcore furries, sorry, they creep me
out a bit [anthros are alright]; no robots, unless you
have a shitload of refs from like a million angles lol...

If you want to inquire about it, just PM me with details
about what you want and some ref pics, and we can work
something out =)

^i'll flesh this out a bit more as i think of things.

CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck
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  • Playing: no aches, no pain, glitches and bugs
  • Eating: can take the pressure, can take the blame
  • Drinking: take the blame

Sucks I can't post pictures in my journal...

Anyway, I am trying out TopWebcomics. Not that I
have a big reader base yet, but if you like the
comic, why not vote 8D? It'll help me get more
readers, eventually, and I made a lazy wallpaper
of Vix as a vote reward xD [one size for wide
screen and one for normal monitors].… click to vote for meee...

Thanks to everyone who has been reading it,
it makes me ridiculously happy to finally
share this story with everyone and have
people enjoy it =)

Ps, bug me to scan some art, I have a few things
in my sketchbook that need to see the light of day
[or the light of my scanner *ba dum tsk!* 8D!]
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  • Reading: ^ "glitches n bugs" by shortwave set
  • Watching: na na na na na no nervous twitches,
  • Playing: no aches, no pain, glitches and bugs
  • Eating: can take the pressure, can take the blame
  • Drinking: take the blame
Webcomic:  [up… tuesday and friday :D]

Does anyone use it? Just put up some adspace for it to
replace to google ads on d*s, and it's retarded cheap
right now, so have a go at it I suppose!!

But if you are using Adblock Plus, please unblock Project
Wonderful. Often times, you will find links to other comics
through there, so it's pretty useful to have opened up 8D;
There are a few webcomics I read now that I wouldn't have
found otherwise so it's pretty much the coolest thing ever.

Not much else to say, I guess. I have some art I need to
post, but I keep putting it off lol. It's stuff I need to
scan and all haha. So..maybe later...
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Webcomic:  [up… tuesday and friday :D]

Has anyone else noticed that when you draw a lot, instead of
making your hands more dexterous, they get lazier?

Lately, I find my drawing hand not working as well as it ought
to. Like I drop things all the time if I favour my right hand too
much. The other day I was taking some plates into the kitchen
and my hand totally decided not to work, and  I dropped them,
getting spaghetti sauce all over our wood floor and the wall @_@

Another instance, I was just holding a box of cereal and went to
put it on the counter and just dropped it on the floor instead
lol.. Or the other day, when Josh handed me his fork, I had my
hands on it and it just fell out.

Most of the time, tho, it's fine. But I've just noticed that
recently it's started happening over stupid things like that.

Just wondering if anyone else has found this happening to them
if they were drawing more/longer than they normally do. It's
entirely possible that I am just becoming clumsier of my own
accord. Which would be a very very VERY logical explanation. XD
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  • Reading: ^ "learn to fly" by carbon leaf
  • Watching: even if you want
  • Playing: you can't touch me now
  • Eating: leave me if you want
  • Drinking: you can't hurt me now

Just a heads up to anyone actually reading my comic, I am
updating it twice a week for the next couple of weeks to
get chapter 1 finished, on Tuesdays now as well as the
usual Friday.

Uhm...there is really not much else to say. Lol. I will
probably start promoting the comic once I get to chapter
2. If anyone has any idea how the hell I should do that,
lemme know. I am pretty bad at promoting my art haha.
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  • Drinking: and loving you ...
Webcomic: click to spy on me lol.

i am just doing a style meme atm. gonna be colouring it.
prolly won't be too interesting since I am gonna try to
mimic the style of colouring the prompted styles have.
i have my own style on there too, tho so if people get
bored I can do those first lol.

Died on an impulse over you
Caught like a corpse crawling round a dream and loving you
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  • Reading: ^ "learn to fly" by carbon leaf
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  • Playing: i can feel your heart and i can hear your cry
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  • Drinking: a dirty bird like me can learn to fly

I've only just recently been noticing I have some crazy ones on my hand.
Anyone else XD?? Take a look. I notice mine more when I stretch my fingers
straight out.

Mine are on the outside of my pinky and ring finger, just above the last
joint. It juts out there like there's a bone sticking out O_o I have another
like those on the inside of my middle finger [where my pen rests when i do
downward curving strokes -- the rest of the time the pen rests on my finger
pads. i hold my pen much like a left handed person LOL]

Anyway, not much to this post, I just have been marveling over it for a bit
now, cos I'd always heard people get callouses but had never though I got
them...and blamo, there they are 8D; My right hand looks like an old lady
hand cos of them!!
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  • Playing: is it flesh and blood?
  • Eating: when i reach my hands in
  • Drinking: i don't know where i end...
edit edit!!:
Done streaming for the day!! Thanks everyone who came =] I'll finish
up the rest of the sketches and try to post them tonight. If I can't
finish them tonight, I will pick at them again next week [or after I
finish the next comic page -- trying to do at least two a week atm].

If you don't wanna wait, bug me on AIM for the pic! [my AIM  is
vixvenack for those who did not get it =D]

Anyway, thanks again! It was awesome talking with you all xD


okay I am really doing it now LOL. I had to do something.


original post:
if anyone wants to come hang out lol. I am just finishing up
a fanart and am about to work on some gift sketches for jadedice,
probably ghostbruises and ludimie at sheezy. I think I have
to draw for other people but I forget atm LOL. So if anyone wants
to watch or wants to suggest some things once I am done with the
fanart, I am up for it :>

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  • Reading: ^ "it will all make sense in the morning&quot
  • Watching: is this dirt and mud or
  • Playing: is it flesh and blood?
  • Eating: when i reach my hands in
  • Drinking: i don't know where i end...

I am for sure going =D
check out this post… on my forums for how to spot me [and instructions on
approaching me cos I am too shy to approach anyone else for the
most part]

//end update

I am not 100% on this, cos we are waiting to see if my friend
will be able to drive us back up, but I might be heading to AX
this year. The plans have kidna jsut been thrown together, and
I wondered who all would be there :'D I won't have a table or
anything, but it would be neat to meet some fellow artists =)

I also wonder if anyone knows some artists that will be in
the artist alley. I wanna go and drool on their art and be
generally creepy and fangirlish... possibly I would even
create a shirt for each person I would loom over [like for
jadedice, it would have a big old "~jadedice" across
the front lawl]

Not really but I'd like to know. >>

Anyway...fingers crossed!!
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  • Reading: ^ "it will all make sense in the morning&quot
  • Watching: is this dirt and mud or
  • Playing: is it flesh and blood?
  • Eating: when i reach my hands in
  • Drinking: i don't know where i end...

I've already posted about this in my art but I figured I'd update my journal since it's already running, lol.

If you check the youtube link in my 'listening to' section above, you'll hear a song I am making a d*s trailer to, so people can get a bit more of an idea what it's about, since it's slow updates atm. :] I want to do it in all colour and such, but with the comic in the works, I will prolly just do it sketchy and then have my boyfriend put it together for me in photostory. I already have the direction and motions all planned out in a text doc so hopefully I can get that out soon enough.

I wonder tho, can I post WMV's here on DA? lol. If not I can just take screenshots and link to YT.

Anyway, please check out the comic if you haven't =] There are only four pages up atm, but gotta start somewhere xD And thanks to everyone so far who has joined and commented, I feel ridiculously touched when new people tell me they like it so far xD

Oi, I gotta go see Land of the Lost now. It looked pretty bad but...who knows :'D I didn't see Christa [the cool jungle chick] in the imdb so I guess they are doing the 70's version instead of the 90's? She was so bad ass [to my memory] so I was looking forward to seeing her :'(((…

there she is LOL. 8D aww..memories...
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  • Drinking: will you remember me
cross posting from SA, only way less awesome since DA makes
you pay to show pictures in your posts... dunno how many people
read my journal on DA, but it's worth a try I guess lol.

I thought I'd make a journal post for a heads up on it... to let you know that, yes, it is still on the way, and it is still the reason I haven't been posting...

I'm gonna copy and paste my old info page from my site and alter some of it for the comic version XD…
dream*scar [or d*s, as labled on some of my art] is my main project. It's been in the work for years, since the late 90's. It started out as a comic, based on an RP I was in at the time, and I wrote off about 700 pages of comic before I scrapped it completely. dream*scar isn't very much connected to it's predecessor. The only connection is the main characters -- their personalities and pasts, however, were completely rewritten, and so the story and setting of it changed completely as well. New characters were made, and many old were tossed... I do use some dialogue from the old comic, but it's mostly just to make those who know the old story giggle furiously.

basic info
genre: occult/drama/action [with a nice dose of angst and romance 8D]
medium: originally a novel, going onto webcomic form. huzzah!
status: novel: 33 chapters [total chapter count is MAYBE 40 -- i haven't written down the last ones] // webcomic: 7 pages finished [haven't posted them anywhere yet... wanted a decent stock before starting.]…
storyline: Set in a post-modern, alternate reality, d*s shows a world where unhumans, creatures of myth and lore [vampires, werewolves, unicorns, etc], live openly amongst humans and are therefore known for a fact to exist. It's not something that has been known for many years -- it's new to both humans and unhumans, and so times are slightly chaotic [racism and the like abound 8D;]. Admist all this is a girl named Vix. She knows she is an unhuman, and she knows how they are treated. She is lucky -- she is something of an empath, so her powers are very unnoticeable. She is able to hide it. But when something goes wrong, and people end up dead, she realizes there's more to her than even she can comprehend.

:< so would any of you read it? Lol. Pls say yes 8D If the comic gets enough love, I might not have to get a real job haHAAAAAAAAAAaayeahright. But yeah...

Here, have a couple horribly recaptioned pictures from the in progress shots:………

Oh, I bet you're hyped up after those! Yeah! I'm pumped! 8D

yeah way less cool with links instead of pictures. >>
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  • Playing: have mercy
  • Eating: please god
  • Drinking: erase us… (youtube ftw)
only half of it is video..the rest is just art lol... enjoy it tho.

i have a few other vids posted as well, you can spy upon them. 8D nothing amazing tho...just the video for the vix pic from a bit ago and some wow vids. with a bad recording prog. xD
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  • Drinking: i can't get thru this at all ...
i have a lot of art to post... >>; no kidding. no tv/net all week and nowhere to go for fear of getting lost in a new town got me real bored, so i have about 9 new pics to post [and about 15 things to scan -- not posting them all here tho]. lol...

eventually. *lazy* >_>

but yeah, back, and awesomely in my own place [with josh].

woot for adultism!

okay eff it going to sleep >>
  • Listening to:
  • Reading: ^ &quot;moan&quot; - trentemoller ft ane trolle
  • Watching: i been thinkin' too much about you
  • Playing: seen the sun set with no sleep at all
  • Eating: constantly thinking about you
  • Drinking: i can't get thru this at all ...
A long time ago I put like 90% of my art on DA in storage.
I decided to pull it all back out again, so my gallery now
has about 250+ more pics in it again lol. Some of it is in
my main gallery, but most of it is scrapped, so don't forget
to peek there if you are bored lol. You can then realize that
I used to stuck at drawing =P

edit: Why is it that the stuff I took out of storage only
shows up if you use the *browse* option?

Uhmm... I mentioned a few months ago me and Josh were house
hunting. Well we found one pretty quick and after MONTHS of
waiting for the process, it is finally ours. We're moving
this weekend =D I feel so grown up 8DDD Only not really,
since J did most of the work :'D But yeah. Exciting~

I started finally working on my comic as well, dream*scar.
It's the one that has the purple haired girl I have been
posting pics of since I started here lol [and have been
drawing since late 1997 :P] ... I will post more about
it once the site is up and I have some pages posted :P
But jsut wanted poeple to know I was finally doing
something with my story ._.;;;

I feel like it's hard to do a comic all by myself tho.
I am disciplining myself to have patience and draw all
the backgrounds myself rather than totally trace them
or something...or getting someone else to do them like
I have always wanted LOL XD They take forever to do,
which sucks..but then I also have to COLOUR THEM. 8D
Which takes even longer because of the fact I can't
freaking just let things go. I spend hours and hours
trying to make sure one thing looks perfect >>;;

How the hell does anyone doing webcomics maintain a
balance :P? Any advice would rock my socks off,

I have to go pack more so yeah :P...
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  • Reading: ^ &quot;keep hope alive&quot; - the crystal method…

Kept meaning to link this. Just so people know that even though some people are total trash, it is still possible for them to make money with art. LOL.

Another to illustrate the point.…

I effing died at the naked one. So tiny..ahaha...

Thanks to Matt for these links [even tho he sent them like a month ago]... they gave me many laughs.
  • Listening to:;fmt
  • Reading: ^^ good song. been listening to a lot of DnB
  • Watching: these days LOL.
reasons i haven't been posting:
- i don't like DA.
- been eaten by WoW [have 2 new twinks, one 39 priest, one 49 rogue]
- house hunting with josh [found one that we are putting an offer on]
- art block
- anything i have drawn lately are mostly sketches on work receipts… or wips… [enjoy or something]
- i forgot i was making this list for about 20 minutes there so ending it.

in other news, i have been taking some commissions lately. doing one at a time tho, and i have one possibly lined up, but if you are interested let me know [tr: note me]. have no real set prices, mostly just depending on the difficulty, but i hate when people give me money, so it won't be too expensive [20 - 30-ish for stuff mostly].
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  • Reading: ^^ i'd be afraid too, if trent reznor was chasing
  • Watching: me like this -- kyrie ..something like that lmao
am i the only one who can't look at people's galleries/browse DA for more than 2 pages before shit stops loading?

honestly, wtf.
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why do i read this series?

no, seriously, why.


that's probably it.
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  • Reading: ^ this song is retardedly catchy. ^ get it stuck
  • Watching: in your head too lawls.
I updated this journal a while ago.

...but apparently it didn't save.

No time now tho, have to go to work... but my scanner is fixed so...hopefully I can post some stuff within the week, if any of it is worth posting. I can't even remember the last picture I scanned xD;
1. Are you scared of people hearing you pee?
[lolwhut]  And sure. I hate hearing MYSELF pee.

2. If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?
Crab Rangoon. *mouthfap*

3. Spell your name how it sounds.
hethur meed [hah...]

4. List one word to describe your personality.
Uhm. Hermitdork. [that works right...]

5. What are your top 3 Turn Ons on the opposite sex?
Hands, hands and hands xD? [and spam and spam?]

6. Describe your Boyfriend/Girlfriend in 2 words:
Too smart. >:O

7. Where do you see yourself in 6 years?
Um. 30. *nod*  ...that's all.

8. What is your favorite piece of jewelery?
I guess it'd have to be my rings since I never really take them off?

9. What type of service is your cellphone?
>> I...don't...remember. *neverusesit*

10. What do you hate most about N.Y State?
That I've never been there? 8D

11. What kind of car is your dream car?
Screw cars, I want to travel in TUBES. 8DDD

12. Can you leave the house without makeup?
I don't really wear much makeup to begin with?

13. What are your top 3 favorite stores to shop at:
Art Store

14. Do you consider yourself to be good-looking?
Sometimes... >> you know how it is.

15. What do you miss about being a kid?
Boundless imagination. =[ Goodtimes.

16. What is your favorite animal?
Wolves/lions/orca whales... in that order XD

17. Do you think your going to have a good Valentines Day?
G-...GOING to? *glance back to months ago* 8D;

18. Apple, Orange, Cranberry juice?
Appleberry. Or White Grape Peach pls.

19. Do you get enough sleep at night?
No. I am awake a lot at night :[

20. Favorite Channel on T.V ?
On Demand XDDD [or the house channel. *wierdlaff*]

21. Are you dating the person you text most?
No? [i don't text :P]

22. What's your favorite color[s]?
Purple, green and sepia~ in no real order XD

23. What do you want?
A job 8D [tho i think i might finally have one >:O]

24. Who was the last person you shared a bed with?
Joshu~ <3<3<3

25. Do you talk to yourself?
Y...yeah D: But like not outloud? Haw >>;;;;;;

26. Do you drink milk straight from the carton?
>< yes. As long as I know someone else aside from me or J won't be using it, I do xD;

27. Who knows a dark secret or two about you? I have dark secrets? If so, prolly just J.

29. Do you like Batman?
I like a lot of superheroes XD Would Wonder Boy and Young Nasty Man count, tho?

30. Who did you last hug?
Joshu~ again xD

31. Do you swear at your parent(s)?
Not angry-like. But casually. XD [she does too tho.]

32. Do you like anyone now?

33. When was the last time you lied?
Hmm... I dunno. I don't think I've lied recently, at least not about anything really important? I don't like to lie xD; [note: i am bad at lying :P]

34. Obama, Hillary, McCain, or Huckabee?

35. Is your birthday on a holiday?
Sort of... it's the first day of spring :P

36. What instant messaging service do you use?
Pidgin. <3

37. Last thing you cooked today?
Uhm..nothing yet today. *bum about making breakfast*

38. Did you have a nap today?
If you consider the fact I didn't sleep much last night, then yes, I guess I 'napped' from 6am - 9am. *meow*

39. Who's house did you go to last?

40. What are you currently listening to?
*peek* this song:…
but that video is scary. XD;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

41. Why is the sky blue?
Something about the atmosphere reflecting light some way or other off whatever or other. *nod sagaciously*

42. Do you like green beans?
They have to be french style string beans >>

43. Do you swear a lot?
Oh my golly gosh, yes I do.

44. Where did you get the shirt you're wearing?
Kyrie bought it for me. [it's the shirt with the hideous fish on it XDXD]

45. Have any regrets?
Who doesn't D:

46. Do you use an alarm clock?
No. J does tho, maybe that counts. XD

47. Where are you?
Home =P [where else >_>?]

48. Do you ever snort when you laugh?
Lmao yes XD Sometimes. Like when it's really funny 8D

49. Whats the first thing you notice on the opposite sex?
WHAT'S*. ASSHOLE >:O And usually clothes/style/eyes.

50. Do you wear underwear?
..........yes. >_>

51. Who/What would you like to see right now?
My mama! =D *missher* XD

52. Are you social?
I can be if I need to XD But for the most part I'd rather just sit back and observe :P

53. Are you afraid of the dark?…
lol yespls.

54. Do you miss someone today?
All the time D:

56. Are you happy with your life?
Eh. I could use a job. XD [again, i think i have one tho] Otherwise, yes :>

57. Last person who you told your problems to?
Prolly J XD

58. What are you doing tonight?
Cooking dinner? Lol.

59. Who's your best friend?
J, since he is my BF. But otherwise, totally Kyrie~

60. Do you think he/she will always be there for you?
Yeah XD

61. What is your myspace song right now?
I have 100 songs on my myspace 8D But the default one thru myspace is 'None Shall Pass' by Aesop Rock. XD Fun song.

62. Do you prefer to text or IM?
IM's~ I never text...

63. Who'd you get this from?
Art buddy on xD;

64. Do you believe the number 6 is the number of death?
6 is afraid of 7, so probably not.

65. What are your favorite magazines?
XD? I read Maxim a lot since we get those XD

66. Are you into someone?
How many times and different ways does this have to be asked? =P