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oc meme -- dammit XD

x-posting from sa:

God dammit this wasted a whole day. Halfway through I got really tired of it lmao.

Anyway, I wanted to take a break from working on my comic but...this ended up being a whole day worth of doodling anyway. Siiigh...a lot of this won't make sense and some of it might actually be spoilers for the comic I am going to be showing you all soon but...since none of you will get the spoilers yet, that's okay 8D

Uhhhhhhhhhhh have fun with it e_e

Should I label this as mature, btw? There is some suggestive shit in here xD
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What kou has a SON!!!!!
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Nicely done! Although, a HELL of a spoiler here! O.o We'll just have to figure out what it means in the grand scheme of things when you get the rest of the comic out online, though! =D
>w< <3
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lmaooo i put that warnin' up on my d*s
folder for a reason :'D i can't remember
what i had in there tho.
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The LOL license plate kills me. Actually, this entire bloody thing does.
Especially the hentai juices. You are just amazing. That's all there is to it.
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LMAO thank you xDDD I slipped in a stupid license
plate in my comic was something like 'XD 1234'
or something lol. I think only one person noticed it tho...
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That is rather upsetting that such "lulzy" genius went unappreciated.
I must go check this out.
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Kou in a wedding dress. Kou in a wedding dress. Kou in a wedding dress. Kou in a wedding dress. Kou in a wedding dress. Kou in a wedding dress.
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Mature this shit, and give me the source. I want to do this meme.
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Hahahaha effing hilarious. XD
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XDD that was like my fave panel, aside from the hentai juices one XD
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ah hah hah I love this and I love all of your characters :heart::heart:

You've convinced me to finish the one I started of this with my characters >_>
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effffffffffffffffffffffff please do. i have to see.
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I do think this should have a mature content warning ^^
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Lol alright, if even one says so, it should be up :] I added it.
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thank you ^^ I like your style btw!
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I looooooove OC memes!
And you actually put DETAIL into a meme?
Damn, you are 1000x more dedicated than meeee ;-;
And no, you probably don't need a mature tag. It's not SO graphic, you're fine. c:

... I think.
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Lmao this one is so lazy D: I did another one ages ago that was a journal based one so all the questions were text..but I answered with arts XD 24 freaking questions too. That one was great but I couldn't post it here =(

LOL I ended up putting a tag on it anyway...someone said they thought I guess it is prolly for the best :'D
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Wow. 24 with ART?! You have PATIENCE!
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