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monster anthology previews

[edit: finished the 3rd pic]

Figured I ought to post about this here! I'm going to be in the Monster Anthology: Demon Edition book. There are two versions, a SFW version and a NSFW version -- each have separate artwork from the other, so there is no overlap! If you missed the kickstarter, you can still preorder the books in PDF & Print form at storenvy!

My work will be in the SFW book, but I think both copies [if you are old enough] are worth looking into! You can find a list of the artists  in each book on the kickstarter page!

Characters pictured:
1 - Rylie & Kou from dream*scar
2 - Penelope [an OC]
3 - Ink&Tar demon [new for this picture, not named]
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I wonder what kind those demons are.
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haha...the first one is a succubus. other 2 are just made up nonsense demons cos WHYNOT
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I love the last one !
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I hard core love the vix and kou pairing.... BUT THAT PICTURE!!! I can't even see the whole thing but you have converted me to Ry and Kou I think. ohgodwhy. Also that tar demon thing is amazing and i want the book just for that picture. wow!
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Love the ink an tar demon
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haha thank youuu...she actually ended up being my favourite @_@ i might have to keep her around~
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Gorgeous! :D

~~I envy your skills :P
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These are all so freaking beautiful. :wow:
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inkysagittarius's avatar
God this looks so awesome.
S3rb4n's avatar
I must say that Penelope (the middle one, right?) is absolutely gorgeous.
hchan's avatar
yep, that is penne :D! thank youuu. i wish i could share the whole pic, her outfit was harder to render than anything in the preview haha
S3rb4n's avatar
You're welcome! It's a pity, but it would undermine all the point of selling it, would it not? =D
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