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i hate my life



A 'gift' for my friend ~Jenichan and her husband Justin...
Jeni hates/fears clowns and Justin has arachnophobia...

So, being the great friends that me and Matt are, we
decided to collab on this little terror. He drew the thing
and I am colouring. There is still a lot of detail work to
be done, not to mention A BACKGROUND... *eyes matt...*

So yeah...uhmm...this picture makes me want to die. I hate
clowns. Idk why I agreed to colour it :< I'd been putting it
off for like a month now lol... sigh.

Anyway, I don't think I will get the BG done before Halloween,
so I want to post this now... in case I never get the bg
done... everyone go bug Matt to finish drawing the BG.
I can't do a lot of detail work til I get to that part.


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WHAT THE HELL.... *cleaning out old inbox....aaaaand this.*