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i hate my life

By hchan
A 'gift' for my friend ~Jenichan and her husband Justin...
Jeni hates/fears clowns and Justin has arachnophobia...

So, being the great friends that me and Matt are, we
decided to collab on this little terror. He drew the thing
and I am colouring. There is still a lot of detail work to
be done, not to mention A BACKGROUND... *eyes matt...*

So yeah...uhmm...this picture makes me want to die. I hate
clowns. Idk why I agreed to colour it :< I'd been putting it
off for like a month now lol... sigh.

Anyway, I don't think I will get the BG done before Halloween,
so I want to post this now... in case I never get the bg
done... everyone go bug Matt to finish drawing the BG.
I can't do a lot of detail work til I get to that part.


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WHAT THE HELL.... *cleaning out old inbox....aaaaand this.*
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ROTFLLLLLL ikrrr... i am sad it exists too.
i think its quite awsome, very creepy but since thats what its kinda sposed to it works well =) though i may only like it coz i dont really fear spiders or clowns. =) i kind of want to show it to some friends but most all my friends frear spiders and/or clowns, and i dont want to give them nightmares!
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do it. for the sake of me and my fear of
clowns. and for the fact it was made for
people like them and me LOL
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wow... um... eee yeah, talk about creep tastic!

I love the look on the face, and the fact that a creepy ass spider is now even more creepy because clowns are creepy.

did I mention CREEPY?! It's such an awesome monster! You should do more of these mixes. :D :D :D
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LOL yeah we were thinking about it XDD Like
we tried to think of other phobias people might
have that we could put together but it's hard
to come up with any that could be monsters...
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... Probably a bad time to mention I'm terrified of both clowns and spiders...

Looks awesome, but it reminds me to go to bed with my wooden sword and can of spider-killer spray at the side of my bed.
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Rotfl...I am so sorry xD

I hate clowns too. I can't even tell you how many times
I was working on some detail on his face, zoomed out, and
was like HJSFHSJHJFS seeing his whole face fill up my
screen lol...

Actually, after the first session of working on this, I
didn't touch it again for weeks cos every time I'd open
it, the fucking clown face would totally daunt me.
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Holy crap...
Scary xD
Hate spiders and clowns too :<
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:< hold me! LOL
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And you said you couldn't draw non-pretty things ;P
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Well I didn't draw it, that's why XD! I just coloured it :]
you can see the lineart on ~FattimusSlime's page xD Tho
honestly the sketch was more terrifying than the line art cos
it had line weight and the lineart doesn't :<
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You didn't AGREE to color it.


I just want to point that out.
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I DID HALF HEARTEDLY. Cos I was like "this
would look horrible in colour!" ...

Anyway, I didn't expect you to actually finish
it...and then you fucking did. You fucker.
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I'm a little insulted that you only offered to color it because you thought I'd never finish it.

Not surprised mind you, just insulted.
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Next time I will offer but not actually mean it.
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