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ds chara faq 3

list of faqs:
chara faq #1 - [link]
chara faq #2 - [link]
chara faq #3 - [you are here~]
chara faq #4 - [link]

Currently the final chara faq, which was a vote incentive
in nov 09. The first one, I always imagined Vix is secretly
addicted to lifetime movies...and I am sure she's spread
that addiction to her two best friends... but none of them
would admit to it if asked.

Second one is a true story. We said we'd never speak of
it, but the comedic value of the revelation at the end of the
movie was really too much to pass up xD

If you have something you want to ask one of my d*s
charas, PM me! I'll use it for a vote incentive :] ... but
try to keep it with the times of the comic [as to what
characters are currently introduced in my comic] so I
don't confuse people.

Btw I recommend other people do this with your watchers
or friends. It is very useful for chara development xD
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What movie did you take the Lifetime clip from? Sooooooo curious...
...that and I'm not really familiar with Uwe Boll. Just that he sucks the big one. What're some others that you know of that were as bad as ITNOTK?
NinetyNineNo's avatar
And then Seanbaby kicked his ass.
Starrymite's avatar
I dread the sequel...~• ._.
geschmack's avatar
Uwe Boll should have remained a Boxer.
hchan's avatar
SakuraMoonflower's avatar
LMAO! As soon as I saw "Uwe Boll" I literally had the same reaction myself. XD
That's hilarious! XD
hchan's avatar
why were we so blind xDD we should never
again see a gaming movie without first
checking the director, amirite xDDD
Almarane's avatar
Hey, I saw "In the name of King". It's not as bad as you say =/ There is worse =/
hchan's avatar
Maybe if it was riff trax'd >>;;?
Almarane's avatar
"Riff trax'd" ? *isn't English ^^"*
hchan's avatar
Oh sorry. They are a group who make jokes
about a movie they are watching. It's a voice
track you can play while you watch the movie.
It's very funny XD You can find a lot of
samples on youtube but they do whole movies...
if you've ever heard of Mystery Science
Theatre 3000, then that would give you
a good idea. It's the same guys...but
it might be before your time xD I used
to watch it when I was a kid XD
Almarane's avatar
Huuuuuuuh, okayyyyyy x) Thanks for the info ^^
RadiusZero's avatar
OMG. I *saw* that movie. And it was the most hideous thing I ever saw! O__O And now I understand WHY it was horrible. BOLL! :crying:
hchan's avatar
O LAWDDDDdd we went in with absolutely
NO IDEA. It was the one and only time we
didn't check it out online first. We saw
JASON STATHAM and were like YEAHHH with
our fangirl/fanboy shrieks filling the
air -- which only died about 5 - 10
minutes into the film lmao...

We only stayed cos my Fiance was like "no,
it's jason, he won't let us down, right D:?..
right guys..?" so we toughed it out hoping
it would get better lmao... v.v;;; and...
well you saw it so...LOL
RadiusZero's avatar
I was just...horrified. (WHY MUST BOLL CONTINUE TO RAPE MY EYES WITH HORRIBLE CRAP? :crying: ) If I had known he directed this movie I would've steered cleared of it. T_T And it's so funny, I just never bothered looking into who directed it, only that I never wanted to think of this movie EVER AGAIN. Then I saw this funny pic and finally learned who directed this monstrosity. :faint:

And yes! I kept thinking the same damn thing! >.< Jason Statham. Tt must be BAD ASS. Right???? O_O And yet, I should've known better. =__= The inclusion of Matthew Lillard starring opposite of Jason in this movie should've signaled an IMMEDIATE RED FLAG! >.<

I am willing to tempt fate again by seeing Jason in The Expendables coming out. Lord knows, I'm still traumatized and hope he's redeemed himself in a movie that features a shitload of badass characters I also love (Jet Li, Bruce Willis, etc). Keep your fingers crossed. T_T
ayanamicat's avatar
HAH THIS IS AWESOME. I went to In the Name of the King, hoping it would be so bad it was good, but it actually was just.. so bad.
hchan's avatar
LMAO. We went into only knowing that it had Jason
Statham in it. Had we read that it was a Uwe Boll
movie, we would have avoided the thing like a plague.
TonomuraBix's avatar
LOL all of these are so awesome and funny. XD
AthenaFerguson's avatar
><! The bottom one totally made my day! You need to PM me with the link I'm assuming you have to these comics. I'm assuming at least since you talk about stories and chapters and whatnot?
nakomiKF's avatar
I loved this vote incentive, by they way. :3
Jeffk38uk's avatar
Guhhh, reminded me when I watched Alone in the Dark directed by the same dude, and I was like "this can't be so bad"

oohhhhhhh boy....
hchan's avatar
I'm not even sure what this means!
Barbariank's avatar
let me exlpain then

in the name of the king is based on a game named dungeon siege, where the first monsters are the krugs and they yell there name like a pokemon would do : D

KRUUUG (that's all)
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