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ds chara faq 2

list of faqs:
chara faq #1 - [link]
chara faq #2 - [you are here]
chara faq #3 - [link]
chara faq #4 - [link]

Another chara faq that was a vote incentive in nov 09.
I had way too much fun editing that picture of the old

If you have something you want to ask one of my d*s
charas, PM me! I'll use it for a vote incentive :] ... but
try to keep it with the times of the comic [as to what
characters are currently introduced in my comic] so I
don't confuse people.

Btw I recommend other people do this with your watchers
or friends. It is very useful for chara development xD
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AI-LOCKETT's avatar
this made my husband fall over laughing... i love you
maxinejunior1997's avatar
This is so amazing. That face makes me laugh.
hchan's avatar
Lmao which one, the old man or the Vix one xD??
Cos honestly they both get me xDD
Jeffk38uk's avatar
When you think about it, the guy who did rescue her is a vampire, so he's prob older than those 2 50 year olds combined. D:
Seena-Cha's avatar
creppy old man D:
hchan's avatar
that is what i searched on google that led me to the
picture lmaooo
Seena-Cha's avatar
Ha ha ha . rofl rofl.
Awww nice. =w=
FaranoraVelosia's avatar
Oh. My God. I want to find that old man and take him home. And take disturbing pictures of his expressions.
hchan's avatar
OH GOD I KNOW. I wish I knew who he was... I
just put in 'creepy old man' into google images
and he was the first one that came up LOL
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