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ds chara faq 1

list of faqs:
chara faq #1 - [you are here!]
chara faq #2 - [link]
chara faq #3 - [link]
chara faq #4 - [link]

old vote incentive for dream*scar... this was posted back
in nov 09.

it's the first three questions for my character faq series.
If you have something you want to ask one of my d*s
charas, PM me! I'll use it for a vote incentive :] ... But
try to keep it with the times of the comic [as to what
characters are currently introduced in my comic] so I
don't confuse people.

Btw I recommend other people do this with your watchers
or friends. It is very useful for chara development xD
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sa0ri-chan's avatar
... Technically? Hahaha, I'm still wondering what that means! xD
Anim3N3rd's avatar
Poor Seth! XD BTW, I just discovered d*s TODAY as a matter of fact, and have already read what you have up so far! I love it, and can't wait for an update!!! :)
WinterCat18's avatar
poor Seth, Vix really is a homewrecker
xxlilmissredjacketxx's avatar
lol it's SOOO funny how vix reminds me of my friend n jo and seth like me n my bf xDD
and these comics are too funny :)
hchan's avatar
XD lol yeah same. i find the most amusing humour
is stuff that's close to home xD
xxlilmissredjacketxx's avatar
lol that's wat i base my comics on xD
blix-it's avatar
I want Kou to answer the virgin question. >_> ANYA WANTS TO KNOW. XD
hchan's avatar
LMAOOOOO omggg Kou has been such a whore in
his time sort of. That would be a fun question
to have him answer :'D

Kou> Like I'd tell you. :\


Kou> :\

angelicdeath's avatar
Rofl, that poor guy is SO confused. XD
angelicdeath's avatar
Did anyone order whiplash? 8D
Wind-blade's avatar
Lmfao. xD This made me crack up. Love it. ^^
hchan's avatar
Lmao yay, that was the goal xD
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