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commish: seena and joodan

Oh this was fun! These are ~Seena-Cha's characters, Joodan
and Seena :) I don't know a lot about their storyline, just
that he is some kind of angel and she is some kind of demon,
tho I get the impression neither one is the traditional type
of angel/demon.

Anyway, they were really fun to draw. And I got to try out
some new brushes on the trees too xD

I might be updating this later, there are a few details
[jewelry and the like lol] that I forgot, so I might be adding
those later if she wants me to...

If you are interested in getting a commission, note me :)

characters[c]:iconseena-cha: | art by :iconhchan:

edit - here's the sketch if anyone is interested xD [link]
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I like the tones and their positions, it is romantic and sweet!
Foxi-Loxy's avatar

this is so...fucking....beautiful TT^TT:heart:
hchan's avatar
aw ty xDD i hate looking at these commissions
again tho, i just see things i coulda done more
to. *rage @ lazy self*
Foxi-Loxy's avatar
LOL X3 welcome~
korndoll's avatar
The colours are beautiful, they compliment the image so nicely :D
hchan's avatar
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Your Welcome <3
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It's so cuuuuuuuute. :iconawwwplz:
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xDD aww thanks.
XxMissMidnightxX's avatar
Gosh, it's gorgeous. You never cease to blow away my mind with your work.
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=0000 aw thank you.
Seena-Cha's avatar
Yeeaaaa~ ^^;
there not your traditional angle and demon.
there pretty much forbidden to use there powers so most of the time, they look humanish ^^;
hchan's avatar
It makes them more interesting :]
Seena-Cha's avatar
really =D
thats good ^^=
and im glad you had fun drawing them =3 <3
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gawsh, your art is just so damn gorgeous.
hchan's avatar
Thank you :<
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this is lovermly~! *w* The lighting is gorgeous, and both characters look so sweet~
hchan's avatar
tyyy xD I think I had more fun
doing the trees and grass than
the actual charas... *feel bad
admitting it LMAO*
TonomuraBix's avatar
hahaha awwww~ XD
Jenichan's avatar
Awwww this is really cute, I love both of their faces and the sunsetty bg is really nice!
hchan's avatar
Lol yeah it was fun to do the BG.
I like doing the sun reflecting off
things now xD
Jenichan's avatar
Yah I was thinking about doing that back-lit lighting kind of thing sometime, but I have enough light source problems as it is... >.> The lighting here looks great tho! =D
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