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So I somehow managed to paint this at such a res that it was uhmmm... at least she could make this a poster???? LMAO.

Anyway this for *LaurekaKitsune, her chara Namen, who is a sexeh blind lady. She p much let me do what I wanted with her outfit, so in natural H fashion, that meant something very tiny. Lol. :c

It didn't really come out how I had it in mind, but it is close enough xDD I wanted to do more lily pads, but after the three, I wanted to die D: So I just left it at that... [same with the flowers lol]

If you are interested in commissioning me, send me a note :>
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Still in love with this 4 years later ;_____;
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aaaahh! i'm glad!! i still consider this one of my better commissions XD i wish i could go back and touch it up, add more lily pads and flowers that i'd meant to have in it in the first place hahah. day. @_@
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Amg I found your DA, I LOVE your webcomic! Good to see you're making yourself succesful.
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Stunning coloring!~
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Omg this is amazing. I mean everything about it, so beautiful. I hope someday I can be as good as you.
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I really like the outfit that Namen's wearing and the style of her white hair! It looks gorgeous. The outfit that she's wearing looks incredible! :love:
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Haha thanks, I really had fun with designing her outfit~

Btw it's always nice to see you around. =) You been around since the AHR days, iirc! Miss that place.
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You're welcome!

I do agree. I've been around since the AHR days...for probably a decade now. The oekaki associated with it lasted until mid-2005 when GameSquadNetwork shut down. :(

My oekaki has been around far longer than that...however, I don't know if people will even go to oekakies anymore.
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The murky setting with the light shiny in really make me smile, it's very fairy like and quiet. Lovely relaxed pose, love the water and light reflections in the ripples.
Down-a-Rabbit-Hole's avatar
Gosh i love the way you use light in your artworks
its simply beautiful
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Beautiful! I really love the saturation and colors and the serene mood of this scene!
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Aw, should've done more lily pads. XO

Awesome work though! :D
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very cool !! :)
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very nice lighting!
Blue6's avatar
this turned out amazing! love the detail right down the the leaves :D
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i hated those damn leaves so much lmao... i need to practice them more.
Blue6's avatar
they look really good, dont worry! :D
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I'm going to gush over your work now.
O_O It's so amazing! I love just the way that you manage to paint everything and the detail of it all. It's all just fantiasticly-amazing! I would so commission you to do something for me if I had the money or the gall to ask.
Okay I'm done now. :heart:
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LMAO awww :c thank you. i know you've been watching my stuff for agessss. you shouldn't feel like it would be weird to ask XDDD But i def understand the money thing :c money sucks..i hate needing it for everything. LOL
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