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LOL. I just thought my account got hacked, but then I saw all avatars going gay.

Awesome, dA.
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OS X modding

1 min read
Got a MacBook, so I'll try modding OS X now.

Figured out CandyBar for changing icons/dock and ThemePark for editing resource files, but I don't know which image indexes are what. There's any list/guide for this?

Coming from the Linux world, I would say modding OS X is fun, but hacky.
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Don't worry...

1 min read
... I'm still active on theming, and soon uploading some new stuff ;)

Btw, Ubuntu is shining on the desktop. Made me come back from Arch for the Jaunty release. Stable, fast, sexy. No regrets.

Are you a happy Ubuntu user too? Wanna share thoughts? Leave a comment.

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1 min read
New year's coming. My best wishes to all, happy holidays (whatever will you be celebrating), and take this time to remember or spend together with the people you value - it's a great way to recharge batteries for the upcoming year.

And don't forget my christmas gift for you: hcalves.deviantart.com/art/Neo… :)
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I wanna thank everybody who viewed, commented, and of course downloaded Fresh (hcalves.deviantart.com/art/Fre…), now there's about 3,5k. You rock. That's what encourages me to put more and more GUI customization stuff here. :headbang:

The main reason I do themes is because... I think Linux GUI customization is - with some exceptions - far below the bar in terms of quality. We need to raise this. There's literally a pile of crappy themes. And then a thousand of piles based on those crappy themes. Instead of starting new crappy themes, I prefer to get the ones I find good, mashup and improve it even more. That's what I did with Fresh (which was based on ideas from K03, Permutation, and my past themes).

So, if those themes are GPL'd... make sure you are reusing stuff! Traditionally, themes from Windows and Mac world were proprietary, or you had to get *permission* to port them. That sucks. With GPL'd themes you have a great opportunity on your hands, so go for it.

And icons... oh, icons. At gnome-look.org there's about a dozen iconset sets started from zero, and that never get finished. Don't do this! The purpose of an iconset is having a consistent, complete set of icons that make sense when put together. It doesn't work if you only design folders and mimetypes icons in your own style, and then mix with Tango, Oxygen or (ugh!) Mac icons. It doesn't work. Instead, follow a common style and guideline like Tango or Oxygen, and build upon it. That's what Windows and Mac designers have done for ages... people don't get the same aplies for Linux.

Ok, that's enough about my rant :P

Keep rocking. More stuff coming soon.

UPDATE: Now a light version of Fresh, for your entire delight. hcalves.deviantart.com/art/Fre… :highfive:
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