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... I'm still active on theming, and soon uploading some new stuff ;)

Btw, Ubuntu is shining on the desktop. Made me come back from Arch for the Jaunty release. Stable, fast, sexy. No regrets.

Are you a happy Ubuntu user too? Wanna share thoughts? Leave a comment.

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... be happy! :D
Nice themes, however ;)
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Why would you switch from Arch to Ubuntu? That's awful. Did you enable testing and then cry when your system got borked?

At least you plan on theming more.
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No, actually, I had no problems running Arch even with testing packages. I'm an old time Linux user, started back in 2001 with Slackware 7, so I know my way around.

But Ubuntu just works. As I use my desktop to work, it's a no-brainer.
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Ah, whatevs then :)
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For sure, i am! Glad to read that you come up with some new stuff.