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Mustang Vim Colorscheme

By hcalves
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(Another) small gift for Vim coders out there.

To install, just move to ~/.vim/colors/

Supports GUI and terminal modes!

* gVim font is Monaco 9pt
* Theme is Fresh Dark [link] with custom colours
© 2008 - 2021 hcalves
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Awesome work!
If I can make a suggestion, the intense red used for the 'colorcolumn' is the only thing that annoys me, to the point that I'm looking for a way to change it.. :P

Also, as someone suggested, a small option to disable italics for those fonts that don't do so good in that mode would be great.

Thanks for the theme!
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Love it, especially great for my not-so-young glossy 2nd laptop screen
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I figured it out, add the following to the line in mustang.vim that starts with "hi Cursorline"

term=none cterm=none
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Wow, this is quite the theme.
I have a little problem though: in Gvim, I have the current line highlighted via "set cul" in .vimrc. However, in terminal vim, this highlights the current line and underlines the whole line. How would I only get it to highlight the current line?
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best colorscheme there is :D :D
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Nice color scheme! Using it!

May I ask the name of the GTK theme/engine you're using? I used this theme a lot a few years ago. I haven't used gnome for quite a long time and forgot the name of this theme. I liked it so much...

Thank you very much!
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Nice theme!!!Nothing else I can say!
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Really nice. I would only disable "italic" in code highlighting, it doesn't always display correctly (at least on Windows).
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oh my god! i've falled in love!
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Nice color scheme! Too early to tell if it will be my default but it's a welcome change from my previous scheme.
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one of my favorite dark colorschemes. you should upload it to vim.org so more people can enjoy it.
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I just stumbled upon this, and I'm always looking for something to try and break my Zenburn addiction. Thanks!
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Just found this baby, very tempting. :) Makes using Vim a joy. Thank you!
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You should really add this to vim.org/scripts
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It is, someone kind enough uploaded (with minor changes):

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Adding this to my vim profile at work on Monday. Great stuff, thanks.
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Stunning! Lovely theme!
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hcalves: What do you mean with lowercase? I tried to lowercase my the name "Mustang" to "mustang" but I still get that error.

This is my .vimrc:

set t_Co=256
colorscheme Mustang
syntax enable
filetype indent on
set number
set foldmethod=syntax
set foldlevelstart=99

Any ideas?
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Nevermind, I renamed "Mustang.vim" to "mustang.vim" and I don't get that error anymore.
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This colorscheme is awesome, but I had to change one line otherwise I would be getting an error in VIM 7.3.

This was the line I had to change:

let colors_name = "Mustang" (line 13)

I had to capitalize "mustang" to "Mustang".

Otherwise I would get this error:

[diego@myhost ~]$ vim
Error detected while processing /usr/share/vim/vim73/syntax/synload.vim:
line 19:
E185: Cannot find color scheme mustang
Press ENTER or type command to continue
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Or you use lowercase in your .vimrc ;)
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