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Coal KDE 3.x Theme

This theme is for KDE 3.5.x, and depends on the following components:

- KWin Crystal Theme
- [link]

- Domino Style
- [link]

- Crystal Project icons (optional)
- [link]

After you have those installed, run the script from the
terminal and follow the instructions.

BONUS: There is included a nice Superkaramba widget (45 controls) that
displays the album art from Amarok and let you control playback/volume.
The script is from, but this version features a CD disc
and jewel case art by me.

Have fun ;)
© 2008 - 2021 hcalves
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Muito bonito!
Até me deu vontade de colocar ambiente KDE no meu Linux! [:D]
Garfilth's avatar
very nice theme.

where did you get the wallpaper, as it would set it off just right.

hcalves's avatar
It's from user "kol" (here on dA), but I dunno the name.
Garfilth's avatar
I couldnt find it on deviant art, but i found it on pixelgirls.

are you porting to KDE4 by any chance?

KDE4 needs a good theme and this on plasma and the colours and window borders would be great.
Garfilth's avatar
cheers dude.

kol here i come.

keep up the good work
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what's that in the middle of the screen in the 1st screenshot?

and is it possible to hide/show the widgets/superkaramba themes using a key?

I'm new to kde and in gnome I use screenlets with compiz. There you can use a widget layer plugin.

hcalves's avatar
1) Katapult, a launcher like Quiksilver for Mac

2) I don't know ;)
abh83's avatar
thx dude and btw very nice work! ;)
palmeiraant's avatar
muito bonito, simples e sóbrio
Xander890's avatar
Nice desk! Hey bro, how can i display what I'm currently listening on the desktop?
hcalves's avatar
That one is a SuperKaramba widget. It's included on the theme, just install SuperKaramba and drag it to the desktop.
conqueringx's avatar
looks very good!
Whats the name of the font you use for the clock?
hcalves's avatar
Humanst512 BT

It's a free TTF font
bluebyt's avatar
For the first time I wish I have KDE!
I used gnome.

Very nice!
matthiasmuth's avatar
very nice theme!
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