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Alun Dark Gnome Theme

Released. Icons are 'gnome-colors'.

Have fun!
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Pretty minimal. Using it right now on Ubuntu Mate. Looks nice XD thank you. +fav
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this is really quite something, wonderful theme :D
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I'm finally on Ubuntu (10.04) and it looks delicious!
Thanks to DownrightAwful for the "rename to .tar.gz" suggestion - that did the trick :D
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Have some problem with install in Ubuntu 10.04. I'm drag archieve to themes window, but i got a message that this archive is not incuding theme... :(
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Rename the archive extension to .tar.gz. DeviantArt messes up the extensions, from what I've seen.
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Superb work man, thank you very much for sharing :)
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wow. this should become the standard theme for gnome!
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whats the font your using in terminal.

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Its Apple's Monaco, without aliasing.
Really nice! I've only found two problems: First, many dropdown listboxes use a white background and light grey text color (the text becomes black if i hover the mouse over it, but then I can only read one item at a time). I don't really know why, but the problem seems mainly to crop up in VirtualBox... And the other problem is that in firefox, in the "Create a new bookmark" dialog, the background is a dark grey and the text black. Kind of makes it hard to, for instance, mark tags to use etc.

Not sure it it's any fault of hcalves, though. Might just be some mess-up from the Firefox and VirtualBox teams...
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Firefox is not a proper Gtk app. It emulates some widgets and things go broken.

VirtualBox is Qt. Same thing.
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fantastic! i have been using this theme for a few months now and it is by far my faforite! i have posted alot of screenshots of my linux system on my deviant page...
Absolutely wonderful theme! Just what I have wanted!
Thank you! :D
AMAZING i love it :) this is staying on my desktop for quite a while...
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awesome! that's just what i'm looking for :D
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Beautiful theme! :D
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Is that image on the bottom called 02morning.jpg a wall?

If so where did you get it from? Thanks

Awesome by the way
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adoro esse tema :), funcionará bem no Ubuntu 8.10 ? tenho notado alguns (muitos) problemas com essa última release..

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Pra esse tema funcionar você só precisa da engine Murrine instalada.
great job:) but I've little problem. I've just downloaded file, gunzip it and I've got one single file. I've placed it into ~./.themes but it doesn't work for me. //using xfce4.4
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You need to gunzip and untar. DeviantArt messes the file extensions, it should be a .tar.gz
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HOT! Gnome is sexy once again!
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It's amazing, dude ;-)
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