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I find myself with some free time on hand and open to take  a couple commisisons.  You can look through my gallery and see the type of work I do.  I can do anything from pencils up to full acrylics on a large variety of subjects and sizes. drop me a note if you're interested and we can talk about it.
I'm pleased to announce the lovely folks at Off World designs are printing and selling my very popular Anubis t shirt.  You can check it out there….  If it does well they might offer colour versions of my Baast and Sekhmet shirts.

check it out!…

Recently I've had a couple requests here to offer my prints through the Deviantart printing service. Virtually all of my art is available as prints in various sizes.  However i prefer to offer them myself. I like to have control of the process as to paper, printings and such.  I have an excellent printer and use high quality paper for all my printing If you're interested in anything just drop me a line. Hope that doesn't annoy anyone but it's the way I like to do business.
It's your last chance to get this amazing calendar for a discounted price! Take a look at the project and the artist contributions here:… It's a really fabulous year for the project, the best yet!

Calendars are full color, 8.5 x 11 inches, 100 lb gloss cover,
80 lb matte text inside pages. 12-month calendar features
13 anthropomorhised creatures from various myths and
legends, including unique cover art and full page centerfold
done by 13 amazing artists. It is rated G for general audiences.

$27.50 for Australia
$33.00 for international
Eek  a sudden large bil!
Need to raise some cash fast. Any one intersted in one of my hand painted garden dragons. I've so far painted these up in bird patterns but they can be done an any colour and pattern you wish. They're a fair sized cast resin, painte in acrylic and then sealed. Hoping some one is intersted! I've offering up two of these. The cost is $300. Paymjent is via paypal shipping is $25 for North America, I'd havet to check for off continent.   YOu can check out samples on my Lj  at

thanks for looking!
It's that time of year again folks. the 2011 Were wolf calendars are ready for preorders. 12 lovely images (14 counting the cover) by a talented mess of artists. You can preorder here as well as check all the lovely art!
kraft paper commissions
just aobut finished up my FC art so I've actually got some free time to do commissions. Since I so thoroughly enjoyed the two I did, I thought I'd offer up a few so I can practise more. There are six slots. Price is $100 each or $150 for two characters. Shipping is an extra $10You can ahve them matted for an additional $10. Subject matter is pretty open, anthros, people, animals, pet portraits. I reserve the right to reject subjects that I don't find appealing. I also reserve the right to makes prints if I wish. To claim a space just drop a liner here or right to me at I prefer paypal if possible but I can accept money orders in US funds. If you have any questions just write:) The pics will be pencil and coloured pencil on 11x17 kraaft paper. IN some cases I might drop in some colour but the pics will be mostly monochrome.


You can see a sample here…
I have give the company my extra orders in the next couple days. This is especially important if you want ladies cut or long sleeved shirts or small/very large shirts. You can check out the design here…. to preorder for pick up at Midwest Furfest you can send $20 per shirt ( add $5 for ladies cut or long sleeved shirts) to my payapal account YOu can send a cheque or money order to me at
Heather Bruton
28 Woolwich St
N2k 1R9

please drop me a line if you're using this method so I can add you to the order. With all orders do not forget to tell me the size and type of shirt you are ordering! Preorders can be picke dup at my table at the con. All others will be mailed out the week after the con.
Well, it's offically the end of the summe show season for me. the 2009 Fan Expo has come and gone. And what a great way to end it too. Sales were slow on Friday and I was a little worried but Saturday and Sunday were great! Sold out of number of prints (so hard to figure out how many to bring!). Talked to lots of folks, ate really badly, bought some new art books (including one on Waterhouse!), had a great time with Dina Stein,drooled over Leonard NimiY (he's still yummy:) bitched about the long show hours and generally had a great time. Already bought our tables for next year. Thanks to those who stopped by the table to purchase a sketch/print/book or just to say hello! Got the Steins out the door last night and spent soem quality time cuddling the cats. There were not pleased to have strangers in the house! I've actually got some free time till I hit a clump of shows in October ?November. Time to catch up oon stuff and get some painting done! I thinking a nice relaxing bath today as I'm planning on doing anything but paperwork clean up from the show.
Diana Stein and I will be sharing our usual booth at gencon in Indianapolis this weekend. We'll have lots of art for sale and will be doing con sketches. Feel free to drop by and say hi if you're going to be there:)
I've got four slots open for paint to order dragon bird commissions.

You can check out the info at my LJ…
Well, that hurt. I got my income taxes done this morning and got hit with a mutliple thousand dollar bill. Ugh. And of course it's the time of year when my income is lowest. Double ugh.

Sooooo that means I'm going to offer a tax sale on all prints and bookmarks from today till the end of April. That means whatever you buy you do not pay shipping on and if you're Canadian you don't pay sales tax. There are a number of place you can check out what wares I have for sale. This is my main fantasy page. While it needs updating and finishing you can check out many of the images I have for sale. Prints on this page (minus the furry ones) are all printed on high quailty photopaper and come either matted or unmatted. Prices range from $10- %45 and vary wildly in size. Please inquire if you see anything you like. This page is mostly fantasy and wildlife and is more up to date than my .com page. 99% of the images here are available as prints. Again if you see something you like please inquire.… My main furry page. Not all but most of the images are available for prints either in regular size or jumbo. Regular prints are on a good quality matt stock and the jumbos are on the high quailty luster paper. And of course there are bookmarks too! Again inquire about anything you like. Regular size prints are $10 each (and a free print with every ten you order).  Jumbo prints are 11x14-11x17 and are $30.

And of course there is my live journal If you've seen something you like here just inquire if it's available.

Paypal payments are preferred but I can take cheques and money orders too. Paypal is If you're making a paypal payment PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE remember to put the name you ordered stuff under in the message section. It is very hard to fill orders when you guys use two different names :) All prices are in USD.

So what it boils down to is just about anything I have available as prints is shipping free for the month of April. And you get a big thanks for helping me pay off Mr Tax Man!
With the wonderful help of a friend, I have put together a 2009 calendar featuring a selection of my anthro art.  It's being printed by Lulu and it looks pretty snazzy if I do say so myself. You'll find below the featured artwork. There is also a third pic on the cover. You can see it by hitting the Lulu sale site here And gee if you're there, it would be really sweet if you would order a copy:)  I'll have limited numbers of  copies at my tables at Furfright, MidWest and Further Confusion. I have no idea how many to have as I have no clue as to how well this will sell.  If you want to be sure to get one, you should order it through the site.  This was a lot of fun to put together and if sells well I'll be doing another one next year.  

It's full colour and printed on nice heavy paper, and of course it's functional as well as pretty.

If the link to Lulu does not work go to my LJ page here and click on the link there. Not sure why it's not working from here...
Phew, my printer is steaming and my matt cutting arm is feeling the burn.  Tomorrow, Diana Stein will pick me up and we'll be headed in to Toronto.  This weekend is the Fan Expo, Canada's answer to the Sand Diego comic con. No where near as big but with an attendance around 50,000 it's a respectable sized con.  It's billed as five cons in one, anime, SF, horror, gaming and comics.  Diana and I will be in the artist alley at tables 91 and 92. We'll be selling the usual fun stuff: furry and fantasy prints of various sizes, bookmarks, magnets, wild cat deck, and of course we'll be doing sketches in books or on bristol. If you're going to be at the con stop by and say hi!
Got home from Gencon late last night and slept like the dead.  I earned that long sleep! Gencon was tiring as always but most excellent!  Last year, my sales were down and with the economy and the price of gas I was sure this year would be rough too. But not so!  I'm not sure if numbers were up but there sure were a lot of people there and they were quite happy to spent. Warms the cockles of my dealer heart:)  Thanks go out to everyone who stopped by the table to say hi. Plenty of  regulars and a growing number of furries dropped by to pick up sketches, prints or other products. Sold three originals and made some interesting contacts for upcoming projects and products. More on those as they firm up, don't want to jinx myself!

A special thanks to Thomas for commissioning me for sketches and to Art for hanging out and having all the latest gossip.  And special thanks to Karen and Joseph for being so super cool and helping us out with set up, tear down and fetching all kinds of cool stuff (like sushi for lunch!). We spent our evenings after dinner up in our room, chatting, sketching and yelling at the Olympics.  Dinners out were tremendous fun and it's always good to eat with old friends and talk art shop. Always a hightlight of the con.

Diana Stein, April Lee and I shared a room  and had our usual fun talking about everything from art, dollfies, recent novel reads, movies, Olympics,  and many, many other topics. Gencon is great for touching base with old friends and getting inspired to do new paintings. I've got a long list of new painting ideas. Lord knows if I'll ever get a fraction done but I always come away from the con all revved up to work.

But no time to work on art this week.  I sold a ton of work and what was left was snagged up by some folks who sell my work at Renn faires. So, that means my printer has been printing for over 12 hours now and I'm not done yet. Tomorrow I'm off to pick up matt board and other supplies and then spend the next couple days matting, bagging and getting stock ready. That's cause this weekend is the Fan Expo in Toronto. I love this show. It's sort of like Canada's answer to San Deigo Comic con, though no where near as large.  Still it's much fun and Diana is going to be attending for the first time every. So, I'm actually going to be able to do some shopping!  

Now I'm going to shut down the printer and give it a break.  Off to bed to read for a bit:)
Heading off to Detroit today to meet up with Diana Stein. Day after that we're off to Indy to man our booth at Gecon. For those of you who don't know, it's the biggest gaming con in the US but it's not just gaming! It's art, books, anime, big crowds, cool costumes and lots o'costumes and cool outfits. But mostly games of all sorts! Larps, mmorgs, ccgs,computer games, console games, board games, historicals, table tops, minis, and more kinds of games than you can imagine. It's also much fun.

Diana and I will have our usual table on the main floor. We'll be selling fantasty and furry prints of all sizes, Wild Cat decks, bookmarks, magnets and of course sketches in books or on bristol. It's a great place to hit us both up for sketches cause we're not a slammed as we are at the furry cons. And of course you can get a sketch of your D&D characters or whatever you want:) Drop by and say hi!
I've just finished up a new set of bookmarks. They're a Carousel theme and you can see them as recent uploads to my gallery.  The set of four is $10 plus $3 for shipping. Or $3 each if you don't want a full set. Drop me a line if you're interested:)

Hmm might not be the right time of year to do this but I've been meaning to do it for a while, so what the hell:) I'm posting a number of originals on here that are reduced from the orginal price or are little things that are cluttering up the stuido and I want to get them out the door.

It's first come first serve, so if you want something drop me a line here. I am accepting paypal (preferred), money orders or cheques. Pieces that are over $200 can be paid for in time installments. I hold the peice till it is paid off then ship it to you. Prices do not include shipping, though most of the pieces will cost under $10 to ship. There's a number of pics so I'm going to break them down in posts. There are three sections. Large paintings. Adult art.  Two sets of small paintings.

Very little anthro stuff but some cool dragons. animals and such.  Feel free to check it out:
Urr nothing to say really. Just want to move off the Africa note since it's very old now. Nothing to see here, move along.....