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Coffee Time

Here's the other half of "Tea Time". Not as elaborate as the first one but hey, it's got biscotti! Also 10x10 acrylic on scrapbooking paper. I'm going to be offering the prints seperate for $30 (matted) or as a set for $50 (matted). If you really want to go whole hog I can also matt them together in a single matt that would look real spiffy for $60. Shipping would depend on what size you choose. If you're interested you can drop me a line at Original available.
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Love this one.  Two of my favorite things together.  :)
pdevinney's avatar
Nice! I love the sugar cubes and percolating coffee maker, cute.
009-1's avatar
Es increible =D
Yishana8's avatar
CAFFEINE! They look how I feel in the morning before my first cup, only much cuter :)
Dreaming-Mushroom's avatar
flyingfish98's avatar
Dragons after my own heart.......
ShockWaveX2's avatar
I bet they're going to be acting all goofy due to the caffine in the coffee. :D
Faeolan-Equus's avatar
Awe, they are so cute,
moxitoxis's avatar
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Solyarise's avatar
Прелесть! :)
allison712's avatar
I've featured you here! [link] :iconexcitednessplz:
Figuer's avatar
I like biscotti and dragons and coffee and I like well done paintings =)
artistic-dream's avatar
You've got a gift for painting dragons!

These are just adorable! I love the intricate details ~ from the little split tongue right down to the scales. The colours look great as well.
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Rebecca-Armstrong's avatar
It's just wonderful!!!
Eraili's avatar
wow, how cute ^^
Ambarden's avatar
Its so pretty and nicely) But if i know proportions of Dragons, what about proportions of pot...) Its probably big one coffee pot and cup)
MagicalFingers's avatar
Congratulations! This piece has been FEATURED in my latest news article, "Powered By Caffeine"! [link]
Don't forget to give it a fave! :coffeecup:
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It's cute..... It's cool...and it's so creative!!! :heart:

:clap: :clap: :clap:
FennecWolf's avatar
These guys and the tea dragons are so adorable - They have so much character in them! The textures are fantastic too :)
UnikaKittyMuffins's avatar
awww so cute! Must comment your others and if i see the Wind Wolf i will hug it!
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