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Brown Paper Polar Bear Sketch

More fun with the refound sketch book. This one is based off a couple different pics. I like the flecks of snow.

9x 6 pencil and white coloured pencil on brown paper.
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Tinapay4U's avatar
Such WOW amazing
Shundayah's avatar
Hi! I absolutely love this sketch. It's stunning! I made a wallpaper for my website using your bear. I was wondering if it would be okay for me to put it up. If it is, I will (of course) credit you on my website for the sketch, and include a link here for you. The wallpaper relates to a story I am writing about Scandinavian folklore.
As long as you don not cut off my signature or claim you did it, no problem.
Taowap0914's avatar
Beautiful! There was a polar bear on our college campus today...guess where I live?!
hobojoe2013's avatar
great work and style! can you tell me what brand of paper you used? finding off white sketchbooks are hard.
The brand says Utrecht and they come in a number sizes, spiral bound. I've seen them in a number of art supplies stores so they shouldn't be too hard to find. I hope.
KaytanaPhoenix's avatar
Beautiful! What brand colored pencil are you using? If you don't mind me asking :) I've been thinking about gettin into similar styled sketching, I've just been lost as to what kind of pencil to get that would transfer white the best :)
I mostly use prismacolours though I think this one was done with a derwent I picked up somewhere. Harder than a prisma but it worked out well for this paper.
KaytanaPhoenix's avatar
Oh ok, Thanks! I may go pick me up a white prisma and see if I can find my tablet with this kind of paper.. I moved 2 years ago and it hasn't come out of a box yet :XD:
CrystalHubbard's avatar
Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you again for introducing me to the brown paper. [link] I actually did this on my birthday but then remembered that you did a polar bear as well. *smacking forehead
GrizzlyCoon's avatar
It's very nice, I like the brown paper medium, and good coloring,

...but if you don't mind me noticing I subtly see some of the features, such as the eyes, parts of the muzzle and brow look a bit more wolflike than bearlike. That's probably because you draw alot more wolves than bears. I draw mostly bears, and I notice when I try to draw a wolf, his features end up looking more bearlike than wolf-like. It's funny, isn't it?
slayingallhumans's avatar
another amazing sketch :D
tamiveldura's avatar
Awesome detail w/ so few lines! I really like this one.
JessiLoo's avatar
Love the softness of this one, especially the fur. Great choice of subject matter, its a good contrast to the warm coloured paper.
Melawen26's avatar
Nice, I like the textures.
CrystalHubbard's avatar
Hey there! Is this it or something similar? [link] I think I'll give it a try. Have a wonderful weekend!
That is the exact sketchbook! Try it, try it!
Eraili's avatar
wow, really wonderful ^^
Runewitch's avatar
Ooo, that's lovely.
I love the minimalism in the lines that hint of the underlying form.
Great work:clap:
Inuyuke's avatar
I like it! A lot!
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