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Glow for PotPlayer

Started as a concept, I thought I needed to apply it in PotPlayer, and this is what I came up with.

In the bottom, there is the Play/Pause button, along with Next and Previous buttons in sides. You can fire Stop by right-clicking the Play/Pause button, seeking right and left by 5 seconds by right-clicking the Next and Previous buttons respectively.
The skin-top has the title, with Close and Minimize buttons. Right-clicking the Close button toggles while playing On-top.

The skin supports PotPlayer color themes for changing the skin color (Right click › Skins › Color Themes). The skin also uses Windows default borders, which supports color themeing.

  1. This skin is made to be used with Direct3D 9 mode (Right click › Skins › On Screen Control › Use Direct3D 9).
  2. This skin includes logo images for Idle and Loading states. To use those logos, make sure that Right click › Skins › Logo (while playback is off) and Logo (while starting playback) are set to [Default logo defined in skin].

(Preview background: Blueprint Neue, by Louie Mantia).

Have a nice day!
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谢谢!very good!
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You're welcome! :)
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Simply beatiful.
Thank you!
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wow, great theme, THX
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this looks awesome! thanks so much!
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Thanks! And you're welcome :).
great,that's what I want,can't wait for using it.
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beautiful skin,thanks for your work
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