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WinaeroColorSync 2.0

By hb860
Let me reintroduce my Winaero ColorSync.
I made version 2, which is very improved over the previous one.
Now it will allow you:
- to use the Start screen background color as a color for the window border
- to use the window border as a color for the Start screen background.
This can be done automatically or manually!

See on Youtube:…
Options are:
  • Run at startup - will run the application every time Windows starts.
  • Hide tray icon - will hide the tray icon of application. The application will remember this setting and will not show the tray icon even you restart it. To make it shown again, run Winaero ColorSync twice.
  • Start Screen -> Aero - makes the color sync use the Start Screen background as color source for window borders.
  • Aero -> Start Screen - makes the color sync use the window border color as the color for the Start Screen background.

Note: the Start Screen background color is strictly limited to a hardcoded list of colors. This means, for example, if you set your window color to white, you will not be able to achieve white Start screen background. The application will calculate the nearest color in such case. Please keep this in mind before you will report a bug.

Also I've added the follwing command line arguments:
ColorSync.exe /aerotostartscreen - apply the window border color to the Start screen background and exit.
ColorSync.exe /startscreentoaero - apply the Start Screen background color to the window border and exit.

From now, when the Start Screen background color is used as the color source for Aero, the new color values of window borders will be saved in registry.

Now the Winaero ColorSync application is really amazing!

Download it here!

© 2013 - 2021 hb860
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is there any way to download this that isn't on winaero? I don't know if it's a problem for me and no one else, but I click the "Download Winaero ColorSync" link on the download.php (… ) page and it reloads the page.
so awesome thanx
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Great update. Thanx for sharing.:handshake:
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Thank you! Now it does exactly what I want! Amazing app ^^
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I feel like this app, if running constantly, would be a nice combo with AeroRainbow. What do you think, hb860?
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hehehe, you just read my mind :D
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Wow finally it makes the Start screen the same color as your wallpaper/taskbar color. Great app. :D
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