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StartIsGone: disable Start button in Windows 8.1

Remove the Start button in Windows 8.1 with StartIsGone.
StartIsGone is my latest application which allows you to remove the Start Button in Windows 8.1 and get the extra space on the taskbar. It is fully native (no .NET required) lightweight zero-privileges portable program. The user interface of this program is just an icon in the system tray and the contextual menu.
Run the app, and the Start button will gone. Tick "Run at startup" and your Start button will be removed every time your Desktop shows.

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Dont use this when you got startisback or other start menu mods
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I found the start button on Windows 8.1 very useless -_- And I am saying that this tool is recommended for you guys that has the same problem like me ^^ Nice work hb860 ^^

By the way, I featured your app here ->…

Thank you and stay creative ;)
hocico316, uninstall start8. I use the classic shell and it made my taskbar do the same thing.
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thanks for the app but my task bar locks and crashes. I was running start8 on window 8 and when I disabled it on 8.1 and tried your task bar locked. Is there a fix and or a way around the issue. Is it because of my start8 by stardock that is causing the issue? 
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Thanks for this. I've never liked the start button and don't see the point in having it back. Thanks a bunch! Really useful.
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The start button adds nothing, rather than something to stare at for those too stupid to realize you can click there anyway. So personally, I don't need it. This is a nice little addon, nice work.
Thank you for this app!

However, if the taskbar is placed left, right or at the top in W8.1 you'll end up with two buttons. While your app hides one button, the second pop up button in the lower left corner won't go away.

That pop up button is annoying because it covers whatever you're trying to do in that area, like changing track in Spotify, or if you put the taskbar to the left, it covers the clock and clear desktop button.
I would be grateful if you would consider adding a hide option for that.

A pic:
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can the button be removed permanently?
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Thank you!

I was looking for a way to remove this useless button. And the multi-monitor support is a good thing. Thanks again :)
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Always nice to have options :)
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works fine, sergey. :)
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hehe. Right now I coding multimonitor support.
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So when you remove the start button does it go back to acting like in 8.0?
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Great. That's what i was waiting for.:) No more two orbs with Vistart.:clap:
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Thanks :)
I think that Vistart developer can add an option to hide the system button. Someone have to give him this idea.
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Awesome little app, nice work! :D
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