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Sign In Screen Color Changer

By hb860
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This simple app allows you

  • to change color of sign in screen in Windows 8

  • to set the same color for sign in screen and Start screen with one click

  • to get ready-to-use registry tweak with your settings

Download Sign In Screen Color Changer
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and for 8.1????
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Will you update this program with a color wheel so we can pick our own like I had mentioned before?
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This does not change the color of the Login Screen, at least not the way everyone thinks. This only does the same that you could do at the Change PC Settings menu. Would be great to actually change to any color of your desire. This program (with the changes requested) and Decor8 = would be GREAT!
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why am I not surprised it doesn't work properly.
All it does is "flash" the color that you choose when you sign in it just flashes the color you chose for a split second then goes to startscreen.
My default welcome screen color is stuck on this purple color. I have no idea how to change it.
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so this changes the color of the welcome screen/sign in screen? Very nice. Does it work in Win8 Pro?
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Thank you so much. I always have this Gray Background and wanted a Black one. Now I can because of you. If only I could kiss your brain. LOL
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I spoke too soon. I thought you can Color it any way you want? Will there be an update to do so? I'd really like a Black Background screen.
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I really like it ^^. Thanks!
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I glad to know it :)
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Very good and useful.:clap:
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