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Old Task Manager

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Some users (including myself) are extremely pissed off with new “modern” task manager in Windows 8. Although some of its functions are not bad, like the “command line” column in the task list or performance graph, I don’t really need them. The old Task Manager provides more a consistent way of task management for me, it is familiar and the new one does not even remember the last active tab.
Click here to learn how to restore the good old Task Manager in Windows 8 with a few simple steps
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I'm on cp still, and I found actually there are two applications in system32
taskmgr is the classic one
tm.exe is the new one.
I just pinned taskmgr to my taskbar for easy access.
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I was annoyed that the new task manager doesn't remember which tab you last had opened. Thanks for the tip.
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The new task manager is one of the few thing I actually like in Windows 8
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Awesome, works perfect and I even managed to import my fully hexed and modified one from Windows 7 as well so now it fully matches my theme :)
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Well I am happy to have the old one back, there is nothing better about it for me, just useless information and lots of pretty graphs and colours, thanks mate :)
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Sorry pal, options are nice to have but the NEW task manager is AGES ahead of the old one. I don't wanna go back either. ;)
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A LOT of people just don't like the new one.
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This is kinda a slap in the face Sergey to invite us to go back to the old task manager. I enjoy the new one as alot of others.
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You're taking a great Windows 8 upgrade and gutting it. We finally got a new and improved task manager and you want to downgrade?
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A LOT of people don't like this and want the REAL one back.
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Who would want that old shitty task manager.... oh... sorry....
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Did you had to say it?
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