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Explorer Toolbar Editor

Explorer Toolbar Editor is powerful and easy-to-use software that helps you add or remove buttons from the Windows Explorer toolbar in Windows 7.
Unlike other existing programs, Explorer Toolbar Editor supports multiple folder types and displays the current set of buttons for each one. Also, you can use it to reorder the toolbar buttons.

Explorer Toolbar Editor allows you to:
- view current button sets for each folder type
- add/remove buttons to individual or all folder types
- change the order of buttons on the toolbar
- restore the default set of buttons

English home page [link]

Russian home page [link]
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Hi! I'm getting this error "Application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)".
I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate x86. I've reinstalled .net framework. I've done repair of Windows 7 as well but same error keeps popping. :(
Nice. It needs a "New Shortcut" button. Would be nice, too, to have option to put anything in the context menu (all the different "new" options and so forth) into the toolbar.
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This is very, very, very useful.


Thank you. :clap:
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portable verson ?
xp version please...
xp version pleasre...
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Is there a version for XP?
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interesting I like it Thank you
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A really userfull application.
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it doesnt work in my win7 home premium 64bit..
i tried to remove Burn, Play All & Share with but isn't remove, tried restarting explorer, none works.
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from generic folders and library folders..
I want to remove Share with and Burn, because i didn't use it.

the tool will run but when i click Do It! button nothing happens, i tried restarted explorer.exe and even restarted my laptop still there's Share with and Burn from the command bar
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Hey, "Do IT" button is from Nirsoft CustomExplorerToobar.
I think you have trouble with my my Explorer Toolbar Editor.
Try to contact with Nir Sofer, not with me :)
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hey, sorry! i got confused with ur app and nirsoft. Dont be rude mate...
i also asked VG from his blog about your app, and his answer was, he dont know yet what would be the caused why it doesnt work...
Ok wait i'll give u screenshot in my windows 7 home premium 64bit.
Here are the preview, i think you will now know:
Burn and Share with cannot be removed whatever I do.
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This is shitty behavoir of Windows Explorer
That buttons are hardcoded in toolbar
You can always add new buttons, e.g. Copy, Delete but you can not disable hardcoded buttons, e.g. New Folder
There is no solution to change it.
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thats a response from a developer id like to hear :D
thanks for your time bro.. Keep up the good work.
do u have an app that can change icons in superbar?
I saw an app like that but got some bugs with the backup command.
I hope you will create something similar.
again, thanks and great work.
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Thanks looks interesting! :D
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Great tool, thanks...
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Спасибо Happy Bulldozer и Вадим Стеркин! Зачетная утиль.
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nice work :) a very useful app
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