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Boot UI Tuner

By hb860
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With help of Boot UI Tuner you will be able:

  • to enable advanced options of boot menu - such options as safe mode, debugging and so on will be available before every boot of your Windows 8;

  • to enable editing of boot options - this allows you to specify an addition options for kernel. They are similar to good old boot.ini features;

  • to disable blue Windows Logo during boot;

  • to disable spinning circle during boot;

  • to disable text messages during boot;

  • to disable whole modern boot UI and turn it into legacy mode.

Download Boot UI Tuner

Freeware, portable, compatible with Windows 8 x86 and x64
© 2013 - 2021 hb860
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This is by Winaero.com not by you! :(
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Now, I can get rid of that ugly Logo. Thanks.
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Also...like I said on the video does this speed up the boot process? Because if not then there is no reason to have this
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it does not speed up anything for me. Boot messages are "please wait" and so on
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what does it mean by text messages....wtf messages is it talking about? There is no messages during the boot.
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Awesome! This was what I was looking for.
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GLad to help you
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Me and my friend who is new to Windows 8 have been talking about the Startup options like safemode and this program will make him so happy.

By the way I made a audio/visual overview of it: [link]

You work is never ignored and is always praised.
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Nice made!
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Great job. Thanx for sharing.:)
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thank you Peter
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Awesome, very useful :D
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I glad to know that you like it
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That's an excellent piece of software created by you. It'll become very useful for Windows 8 users. :)
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Thank you, Vishal
And thanks for featuring at AskVG :)
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You are welcome. And now it has also been featured at Lifehacker. Congrats. :)
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