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Hacker's Hideout

This was fun. The perspective is very messy and the palette is all over the place but it was good practice and I think it gets the idea across clearly enough. Learned a lot!
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This is basically how i wanna live.
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If I could have one, that would totally be my "hacker cave".
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Very nice! I think we all need one of these
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Love it but have one question - where's the shower?
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I love this pic! Heart 
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do you hace the other face of the draw?
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miss the shower
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Love it ! Been my wall-paper for 2 years!
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Not bad, though the bathroom could be slightly larger and maybe include a sink and a shower.
I like this!

Maybe use a sofa bed and suppose you could install a drain in the floor of the bathroom and use the whole area as a shower.  You'd have to protect the toilet paper somehow though.
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i want a place like that!
Dang! I'd live there in a new york minute.
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Very, very nicely done!  :D
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Are you preparing for Nuketown 2025? :3
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pretty work
i think there must be second entrance in case of raid
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What, no shower? That sounds about right :)
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It's awesome how did u do that. Which software did u use :D
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