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Future Bay Final

Future bay
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Really great, thanks!

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just love the look and feel of this...  great job!!
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I see the Singapore skyline! :D
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Very atmospheric!
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And I thought this had the feel of Singapore to it. Then I looked at the far right side.
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Absolutely Amazing!
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What year would this be, 2050?
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The McDonalds in the background...... XD This is so awesome. 
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gorgeous, you have a great understanding of light and shadow. 
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This embodies why I like deviantart more and more. Great work
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Reminds of what the SDCC could look like in the Future.
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Being that this is supposed to be in the future where did they get that antique yacht?
TheStatelyGentleman's avatar
I'll assume you know nothing of boats. They're like vintage cars, in that they don't go out of style quickly, especially not if you find a model you really like. You try to keep it in running order for as long as you possibly can.

Even then, judging by the scale, this "antique yacht" is four stories tall at waterline. Most luxury yachts of today have only two or so levels to them above waterline. This is a Floating Mansion.

What I do like, however, is the fact that you question the existence of a supposedly antique yacht, but haven't questioned the persistence of McDonald's or Pepsi ads.

Very curious.
MyWorldCreations's avatar
Wile I agree with you that vintage designs don't go out of style quickly I can not agree that this yacht could be new. This reasoning is based of the fact that styles always change for example todays yachts look nothing like yachts used to look and in the future yachts wont resemble anything we have today (four stories above the waterline or not). If you need more examples of how things change just look at the world around you. Also I'm not getting into a discussion about the existence of modern companies in the future, my comment wasn't hatful and doesn't need this kind of scrutiny.
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lol, suit yourself then.
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This is fantastic!
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Still macdonalds in the future
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Actually Gryphart's style is what inspired this piece. :)
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Wow, amazing, reminds me alot of Deus Ex, probably what you had in mind. You are nearly spot with Grypharts style, if not beyond that ;D
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