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Two amazing mice

By HazuraSinner
Quick doodles with lame painting of two great mice from my childhood: Mrs Brisby (from "The Secret of Nimh") and Fievel Mousekewitz (from "An American Tail").
Recently I've watched the films and it felt so good to revive old fandoms. And of course, has was to expect, it got me hooked to draw the main characters.

Mrs Brisby (The Secret of Nimh) and Fievel Mousekewitz (An American Tail) © Don Bluth
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Man I remember watching two animated films and they were great.
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Mrs Brisby and Fievel mousekewitz are the greatest animated mice in history.
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Good old Don Bluth. Large chunk of my childhood right there.
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Nice pictures. I prefer fievel over mickey to be honest.
Yeah, modern Mickey is kind of a Gary Stu (look it up) nowadays. But in the old Disney cartoons and comics, he was kind of mischievous.
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Heart it how you draw the characters =) plus they are one of my favorite movies :D (Big Grin) 
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I watch maybe 30 min of that movie and then it ended and i'll say it's pretty good :D
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T_T  man i miss that movie!!!!
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Somewhere out there...

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MRS. BRISBY (originally called Mrs. Frisby in England, but her name had to be changed due to copyrights. Something about the Wham-O toy business... ;) )


And Fievel's movies made me cry so many times...

If I could add this to my faves a million times, it still wouldn't be enough.
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MRS BRISBY!!! 8'DD :iconomgsocuteplz:
I just had a nostalgia attack! This is beautiful!
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OH MY GOD MRS BRISBY!! :love: That really brings back memories. Have you known that there is a second part?
HazuraSinner's avatar
Yes I've heard of the second movie but didn't want to watch it, from what I heard it isn't remotely good as the first. =/
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Understatement of the century. Mrs. Brisby wasn't even made the protagonist! Or Bosco for that matter.
Aiseiri's avatar
I don't know I've never seen it but I think it's hard to have the same quality as the first one since the first one was just sooooo epic!!
catluvr2's avatar
What's even worse is that the preview for it shows the ending of it.

V-Oblivion's avatar
I miss movies like those... welp, we still have pixar.
WillieManga's avatar
Wreck it Ralph is one of my favorites, and it's not Pixar, though it looks like it is. Yet it still can't compare to Don Bluth.
V-Oblivion's avatar
If you examinate it coldly, the story is not that great, is just covered by the great animation and the nostalgia charged game environment.
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Still not Bluth, though. :B
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So much love for this. This is one of my favorite deviantart posts of all time.
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I love these two ^^
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oh my god, nostalgia trip. Love these guys, XD
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