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Joana Rosa
Artist | Professional
Hello, I'm Joana Rosa and I'm a Freelance Illustrator, Comic artist.

This account of mine was made with the purpose of showing my works, both professional and made during my free time.
Thank you for passing by and hope you enjoy. =)

And please DO NOT use my artwork in any way!!

:bulletred:I DO NOT take requests:bulletred:
:bulletred:I DO NOT do art trades
:bulletblue:I do commissions:bulletblue:

:star:My Tumblr page:
:star:My Facebook Art page:…
:star:My Instagram:…
:star:My Twitter:
  • Listening to: Kingdom Hearts III OST
  • Reading: My Hero Academia
  • Watching: Game Grumps
  • Playing: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Slot 1: :iconcraneswoop: Done!

Slot 2: :iconshewolf2013: Done!

Slot 3: :iconkaewolfe: Done!

Slot 4: :icondemosthenes-101: Done!

Slot 5: :iconramenninja101: Done!

Slot 6: :iconramenninja101: Done!


Paypal only.

Through "goods and services", but please don't include shipping address when sending because these are digital goods that won't need shipping.


Prices are per each character.

Digital Category (with color + shades)

:bulletblue: Digital Detailed Full Body (exclusively for armors, very detailed outfits, many adornments) = $80

   FullBody Com 21 by HazuraSinner    Detailed Full Body 01 by HazuraSinner  examples of detailed full body

:bulletblue:Digital Full Body = $66

  FullBody Commission 30 by HazuraSinner FullBody Commission 33 by HazuraSinner  examples of full body

:bulletblue:Digital Detailed Half Body (exclusively for armors, very detailed outfits, many adornments) = $58

  Detailed Half Body 03 by HazuraSinner Detailed Half Body 01 by HazuraSinner examples of detailed half body

:bulletblue:Digital Half Body = $45

HalfBody Com 01 by HazuraSinner 

Mature Content

Halfbody commission 08 by HazuraSinner
examples of colored half body

:bulletblue:Digital Chibi/Ponies (keep in mind that it can't be very detailed) (Ponies are included in this category) = $36

Chibi Com 86 by HazuraSinner   Chibi Commission 104 by HazuraSinner  examples of colored chibis

Chibi Com 83 by HazuraSinner    Chibi Commission 112 by HazuraSinner   examples of colored ponies

Digital Category (Black/White and Gray tones)

:bulletblue:Digital Black&White = $44 (half body is $38)  FullBody Commission 41 by HazuraSinner   examples of B/W characters

:bulletblue:Digital Chibi/ponies Black&White (includes Ponies) = $24

  Chibi Commission 123 by HazuraSinner   Chibi (Pony) Commission 119 by HazuraSinner   examples of B/W chibis/ponies

:bulletblue: Extra stuff to put in the drawing, such as props and items (weapons will depend on the amount of detail) = $10 per each

:bulletblue: Black&White and Colored Comics = $100 (minimum page price)

Comic Commission 1 by HazuraSinner  Unknown Disease by HazuraSinner Comic Commission 8 by HazuraSinner examples of Comics

• First things first; keep in mind that comics take quite some time to be done. They go through a process of storyboard to organize the panels, then the sketch; after that the outline and then painting, and finally the speech bubbles and text. So yeah, don't forget about this if you want to ask for a comic, ok? =)

• A comic is not an illustration so if you're planning to request a comic don't be afraid to talk details with me. I want to do an excellent work for my costumers, so communication is the best option for that end.

Prices will vary depending on the amount of characters, scenarios, panels, type of coloring, and also type of page (like 4Komas (4panels), common comic book page, etc).


Terms and Conditions:

:bulletred:DISCLAIMER: I don't take any responsibility for the use/misuse of the artwork that I have and will commission. :bulletred:

Please read the following if you are planning to commission me.

The work I will illustrate is not for profit use, it's for personal use only!

• I will only start your order after receiving full payment.

• Animals, Humans, Anthro and Fan Art are acceptable. No Mecha please, I suck at it!

• If you don't have a reference for me to base on then please give me a clear description of your request. It makes my work much simpler.

• Suggestive or romantic situations are fine but no porn! I can draw Girl/Girl, Boy/Boy and Boy/Girl couples. Remember, keep it pg-13.

• No backgrounds.

• I will refuse commission requests if I am unable or uncomfortable with it.

• How long I take to finish the commission will vary depending on the time I have. I'll do my best to get them done as soon as possible. Please be patient!

• If your finished commission is not to your liking I will adjust it with a valid reason. I will always put my best into every commission so I will not refund the work I have already done.

Contact Me

Leave a comment here when commissions are opened if you're interested and are ready to make the payment only. After that I'll ask for you to note me your order through notes.

If you can't claim a slot, then please be patient until I finish the current ones. I'll open new slots soon as I can.

If you have any other questions, feel free to comment below. =)


My best friend and partner in chaos: :iconchaoticyume:

My Tumblr page:


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hansungkee Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Digital Artist
TigerSwirl Featured By Owner May 14, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey got awesome news! Huge news! XD Got a Quadruple update for Warrior Spirit! 4 chapters at once! I am a dummy! 

The update starts on Chapter 33 and ends on Chapter 36.

Take your time when getting to them. I think you'll really enjoy one of them. ;)
HazuraSinner Featured By Owner May 16, 2019  Professional
Oh my gosh that's a whole bunch of them! 83
Hopefully I'll be able to get back into the reading, but for the last weeks my life has taken a lot of changes, for better, but it has cut off my free time to do art I enjoy for fun and time to read these stories. ;w;
TigerSwirl Featured By Owner May 16, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
That's fine, you take your time getting to them, no worries. ;)

Also happy to hear that things are going great for you! :D
Applejack14 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2019
um...hi *smiles shyly* i like your mlp ocs and i was wondering if u do requests or roleplays ?
HazuraSinner Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2019  Professional
I only take commissions, and I don't role play with anyone except my friends at D&D.
Applejack14 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2019
do u take points for commissions? and what does d&d mean ? im sorry for asking :(
HazuraSinner Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2019  Professional
Points are useless to me in real life, I only work for money.  It's short for Dungeons & Dragons.
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TigerSwirl Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey! Got an update chapter for Warrior Spirit. ;) Chapter 32 is up!

Give it a look in your free time. Take you time, no rushing.
HazuraSinner Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2019  Professional
Ohh awesome! Thanks for the heads up! :D I'll get back to reading a few more chapters as soon as I'm free from work. ;w;
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