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Super Story Mode - Chapter 1 (Part 5)
(Chapter 1: Islands of Green Days_
BGM: “Underground Zone – Genesis Mix”
There would be a long shot of a mountain region and a volcanic area surrounding it. The Marble Zone would be far on the horizon, looking similar to how it does seen from a distance in Sonic Drift. The Adventures Sonic and Tails would be the foot of a hill that had a railing traveling downward from it. The Classic Sonic would also be alongside them.
T. Sonic: “So~ let’s recap. While the green-eyed me is speed sweeping back through Green Hill along with that pink girl crushing on us.”
T. Tails: “Mostly him, but seems to like all things Sonic.”
Classic Sonic grimaces while Adventures Sonic quickly gestures a finger out before rapidly waving his hands gesturing as he explains, speeding back and forth. Classic Sonic would follow his movements with a wide-eyed expression while Tails flies up to have a seat in a mine cart close by.
T. Sonic “Riiiight.~ But on top of t
:iconomegamorph:OmegaMorph 6 9
Super Story Mode - Chapter 1 (Part 4)
(Chapter 1: Islands of Green Days)
From near a sewage pipe, Fleetway Sonic would jump down.
F. Sonic: “Pretty sure Porker and the others made it out okay.”
He then closer his eyes, shaking his head
F. Sonic: “I’m definitely not ready to see Johnny again…especially in my condition.”
He then looked to the side and saw a flash in the air, he squinted, shielding his eyes. A moment later, a familiar figure would appear in the form of Zonic, though he appeared right-side up for the moment.
BGM: “Original Event – Distant Highways of the Multiverse”
F. Sonic: “Fancy suit. Who’re you supposed to be?”
Zonic would then grab at his helmet and remove it, obscured by the camera. Fleetway Sonic would react to this with a vague hint of surprise before the camera focuses on Zonic.
Zonic: “I’m you, basically. Though where I’m from, I answer to Zonic.”
Fleetway Sonic nods before dismissively shrugging a hand a
:iconomegamorph:OmegaMorph 5 6
Sonic and Korra - Page 64 by zavraan Sonic and Korra - Page 64 :iconzavraan:zavraan 50 20 Sonic and Korra - Page 63 by zavraan Sonic and Korra - Page 63 :iconzavraan:zavraan 54 20 Sonic and Korra - Page 62 by zavraan Sonic and Korra - Page 62 :iconzavraan:zavraan 67 41 Sonic and Korra - Page 61 by zavraan Sonic and Korra - Page 61 :iconzavraan:zavraan 57 40 Sonic and Korra - Page 60 by zavraan Sonic and Korra - Page 60 :iconzavraan:zavraan 58 24 Sonic and Korra - Page 59 by zavraan Sonic and Korra - Page 59 :iconzavraan:zavraan 65 34 Sonic and Korra - Page 58 by zavraan Sonic and Korra - Page 58 :iconzavraan:zavraan 66 39 Sonic and Korra - Page 57 by zavraan Sonic and Korra - Page 57 :iconzavraan:zavraan 56 31 Sonic and Korra - Page 56 by zavraan Sonic and Korra - Page 56 :iconzavraan:zavraan 56 19
Reunion: Chapter 10: Facades
Chapter 10: Facades
Shamar, Midesta Region, Mobius
    An Imperial convoy was making its way across the sandy roads, an AT-AT was leading a long line of AT-ACTs with several AT-STs and AT-AAs following alongside. Atop a nearby mesa overlooking the road, a green female Fennec fox was watching the convoy through her macrobinoculars, she looked anxious, but then, she looked to her left, and there was another convoy coming in the opposite direction preparing to pass the other.
    “Oh, this isn’t good…”
    The girl put away her macrobinoculars and ran towards the edge of the mesa, carefully climbing down to the ground before running towards the city. When she entered the city, the streets were eerily quiet, as she saw many people were hiding in their homes and other hiding places. She soon came to one building where a male Mobian Porcupine and a male Mobian Mole were waiting around. The porcupine approached
:iconjerichoraccoon941:JerichoRaccoon941 4 6
Sonic and Korra - Page 55 by zavraan Sonic and Korra - Page 55 :iconzavraan:zavraan 69 62
USF: Super Story Mode - Chapter 1 (Part 3)
(Chapter 1: Islands of Green Days)
BGM: “Star Light Zone – Acoustic Mix”
We intro with several sweeping shots of the city-scape of Star Light and various structures before focusing on an elevated road off near an elevated ridge from a cavern opening. Bunnie and Antoine exit from it and jump across. Antoine stumbles back for a moment clumsily, but is caught by Bunnie’s extended arm. Antoine bends over, breathing out a sigh before looking up. He sees a wall blocking their way, not unlike near the beginning of the original Star Light.
Antoine: “Oh…zut. We are finally un-mazing ze maze, only to get ze roadblock.”
Bunnie looks just above it and then to a weak area of a wall, the camera getting a POV shot to match her line of sight before returning with Bunnie. She then nods with a smile before winding up a fist.
Bunnie: “Ain’t no trouble. Up or down, we can make our ways through.”
Antoine nods before seeing a massive robot teeter b
:iconomegamorph:OmegaMorph 6 3
Sonic and Korra - Page 54 by zavraan Sonic and Korra - Page 54 :iconzavraan:zavraan 62 9 Sonic and Korra - Page 53 by zavraan Sonic and Korra - Page 53 :iconzavraan:zavraan 59 15
Stuff thats awesome from other people =D


Sep 3, 2018
:iconhazlove:Hazlove has changed their username (formerly Hazlov2003)
1. You must post these rules

2. Each person has to share 10 ten facts about themselfs

3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag

4. Choose 10 people and put there icons in your journal

5. Go to there page and inform them that they have been tagged by you

6. Not something like "you are tagged if you read that"

7. You have to legitmately tag 10 people


9. you cant say you dont do tags

10. You MUST make a journal entry

10 facts about me

1. i like anime

2. i have friends

3. i live in the south

4. i like youtubers like pewdiepie and ihascupquake

5. ;~; i wanna go meet my friends

6. ..... :~; ive never been to disney world

7. i like creepypasta! ^_^

8. i like music like heavy metal rock anime and video game music

9. O3O i like CHOCOLATE!!!!!

10. Pizza is a good food

1. whos the best doctor in all of who?

O3O david tennants doctor

2. whos best pony?


3 you just got stabbed in the leg by your delirious best friend in the apocalypse

Id help calm them down and id bandage my leg

5. You're kissing your GF/BF, and your phone goes off. It's their dad. You tell them their dad called.. and they reveal their dad died three years ago. Who was phone?

o.o ................................................

6. its the end of the world what do?

Form a post apocalyptic society! O3O

8. What would happen if England and Slenderman did the fusion dance?

O.O ............................... uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no comment?

9. Be mai friend? *hides knife behind my back*

YESHY! ^_^

10. IT'S DANGEROUS TO GO ALONE. *holds out a large shotgun*  TAKE THIS.















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United States
Hello everyone i am hazara but please call me haz im the happy go lucky kind of person im kind friendly and careing

plz`s and other stuff i like (stamps will go here in time)
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