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The morning sun shined down one the face of an 18 year old blonde, her blue purple eyes shined in the light as she and a few friends went out on their morning run, it was an assignment by their high school health teacher and they were ready to get it over with. As they continued on their run Lacey broke off from the others to stop and admire the sunrise, they laughed at her saying she always lived in the moment and took to much time to admire something they would see the next day.

But they were always wrong.

Lacey heard their screams as she came around the bend, the group of four not including her were on their knees except for the one boy who was laying on the ground, the floor around his face dark with blood. His brown hair ruffled around his face

Lacey stayed hidden long enough to watch what the men with guns and chains were doing.

Joshua the boy was lifted up, he struggled in the grasp of the large man. They laughed as they removed his clothes and chained his arms and ankles together throwing him in a cart she had not noticed. Horse drawn?

Tears steamed down the three girls faces as Joshua screamed, the four men circled around them stripping them of their clothes and touching them. Maria and Carey the twins were both gingers with brown eyes and Lora a brunette with soft grey eyes screamed.  Lacey wanted to move, wanted to find help but she was frozen. She watched as the girls were also chained up. Ball gags forcefully shoved in their mouths.

The tallest man of the four grunted looking to the shortest with a glare. “I thought you said you saw five.” He was looking over the ones in the cart not satisfied with their catch, five would payoff more then four.

“There were, I know it because she’s the one I saw first, she has to be hiding somewhere.” The other replied, they scouted for her.

Lacey stayed still her breathing becoming sparatic. Oh no no no.  She thought to herself as she stepped back, crack, a twig under her foot broke in the moment of silence.

She turned to run when she heard the sound of boots crashing on the hard floor, twigs and leaves breaking under their feet. They had spotted her, she continued to run, her shoulder length hair having been put up in a braid was grabbed by forceful hands. She let out a cry falling into the arms of the man who had caught her.

“Little bitch thought she could get away didn’t she?” Asked the man holding her, she struggled in his grasp as they dragged her by her hair to the cart with the others, the four men stripped her of her clothes and bound her arms behind her back and her feet together. A ball gag placed in her own mouth, tears streamed down her cheeks as the cart began to move.

One man had sat with them, one by one the ball gag was removed to ask questions. A gun pointed at their head or one of the others heads to get a straight answer. He was willing to kill one to get a pay off later.

For the first four the answer always got a grunt in return.

“You a virgin?”


The boys reply was no but also yes, he had never been used in the back but he had had sex.

Lacey’s gag was removed. She felt herself sob. The man looked unamused.

“Virgin?” He asked waving the gun in her face.

She only nodded then seeing him play with the trigger she answered. “Y..yes.”

A smile spread across his face, he got what he was looking for. “Ah..we got a winner. All three holes shiny and new?”

“Yes.” She cried as the gun grew closer.

“I knew that you looked promising.” The man said gaging her once again. For a while the man played with Maria’s breasts and inserted fingers in her wet folds knowing she wasn’t going to diminish in price being played with now. If she wasn’t a virgin it didn’t matter. After what seemed like an eternity the cart finally came to a stop. The man jumped out and was greeted by others she hadn’t seen on the run.

“Any winners?” Asked one in a suit.

“The petit blonde with the braid.” He replied pointing Lacey out.

“Ah, I also see you have a boy in there. Lucky you, we have a few women coming as well as male masters looking for something different.”

Lacey watched as money was exchanged and the five were taken out of the cart and dragged along to a stage in the center of a normal looking town.

Others like them naked and chained sat on the stage, some looked more comfortable then others, she was separated from them by type.

Non virgin.
Breeding slaves. The twins had been placed here.
Half virgins only one or two holes used.

The handcuffs around her wrists behind her back was removed and placed above her head. He back legs chained to crate so her front half was further foreword then her back leaving her exposed and her breasts to fall forward. All the virgins were in this position male or female.

Another hour passed of people being carted in. The town square filled with people willing to pay big bucks for some one to own. Others came to watch the bidding their own slaves in chains or collars. The town was anything but ordinary, it was blocked off from society meant for those who wanted to own slaves and not keep them hidden.

Lacey cried as the auction began and came close to an end. Her friends all being sold. The twins had been sold together as breeding slaves, they were being used in the square by horny men with money to pay their new masters for a few minutes of bliss. Lora had been sold to a women who had wanted to buy a few slaves to make a shop in town called and hour in heaven.  Lacey watched Joshua’s new master clip a collar and leash around his neck and pull him to the side playing with his cock while they watched the rest of the auction. Joshua was terrified, the boys green eyes wide in fear, his male master was big in stature and had a hard set face.

Virgins sold last being the most valuable. Lacey was one of two female virgins being sold.

“Alright folks, every virgin but ones been sold, I see you many men looking ready out there to buy such a soft and frail specimen.” Began the announcer. Lacey was struggling to keep her composure. Her legs had gone dead and her body was covered in sweat from the sun. “Any bids?”

“Three hundred seventy five thousand.” Yelled a voice. Highest bid of the night. But it grew higher. For two hours men yelled back and fourth their bid on the young girl who shivered in her place. The final bid came to nine hundred and sixty nine thousand dollars and twenty five scents.

The buyer a young man by the name of Steven Stoodman. He was in his early twenties and a new slave owner who had grown up in the town. He had sandy blonde hair and green eyes. His father smiled seeing how persistent his son had been to get what he wanted. Lacey couldn’t believe she was worth that much to anyone.

She was removed from the stage and given to her new master who gagged her, handcuffed her and placed a pink collar around her neck that was adorned with the word kitten in sparkled letters. A pink leash to match the collar was lashed to it, she pulled in the leash trying to make an escape which didn’t go unnoticed, a hard slap across her rear was a silent response by her new master as the exchange was made and the sun went down.

She let out a muffled cry feeling the pain of the slap. She felt more tears run down her beautiful face. He grabbed her braid pulled her face close to his.

“Welcome to slave life Lacey. You’re going to enjoy this, well I am going to enjoy this. If you don’t complain it may go well for you too.” His teeth sparkled in the dimming light as he pulled her towards a large house. She saw others in her place being played with and taken to their own new place of residents.

That was the last sunrise she would see in a while.

chapter two 

Mature Content

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this is a very nice story
hazelwolfmallark Featured By Owner May 23, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you
your welcome
MasterB2018 Featured By Owner May 20, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very interesting story :thumbsup:
hazelwolfmallark Featured By Owner May 20, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you
Any suggestions are great and I’m new then willing to continue to feature your art
MasterB2018 Featured By Owner May 20, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Would you like to have an image specifically screated for your story?
hazelwolfmallark Featured By Owner May 20, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
If you could I’d love that
Lacey does have smaller breasts then what you post of course but that wouldn’t be a problem
You’re the sweetest

I also have open mature rps if you’re interested
MasterB2018 Featured By Owner May 20, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, honestly I've never roleplayed before :P It sounds like fun, but I don't know where to start.
About the pic, if you want send me a note with the description of the scene I should realize :thumbsup:
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