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Meet Hazel! by hazeltopaz Meet Hazel! :iconhazeltopaz:hazeltopaz 6 2 House 1 of town build by hazeltopaz House 1 of town build :iconhazeltopaz:hazeltopaz 1 0 Town landmark one by hazeltopaz Town landmark one :iconhazeltopaz:hazeltopaz 1 1 MINECRAFT!! by hazeltopaz MINECRAFT!! :iconhazeltopaz:hazeltopaz 0 2 pen challenge by hazeltopaz pen challenge :iconhazeltopaz:hazeltopaz 0 3 Watching a stream by hazeltopaz Watching a stream :iconhazeltopaz:hazeltopaz 0 5 Huggles! (Art Trade) by hazeltopaz Huggles! (Art Trade) :iconhazeltopaz:hazeltopaz 3 3
Colors in the Water Chap. 1
   "You call yourself a member of the force?! Please!! If you were one, you would've beaten me on the spot! But look at you instead! You defend on your brother to protect you!" Those voices...they keep haunting my memories...Am I really cut out for this? I can feel my clothes being tugged at as I looked at my rival face to face. Her goggles hid her true face, but I can tell she was going to do something to me. "You're nothing more than a small fry just waiting to be eaten! I can't wait to tell boss about our latest catch!!"
    "SOPHIE!!" Mr. Quale calls out to a young girl seated in the third row. "How many times do I have to call your name each week...? I know you have anxiety and all those things, but don't let it get  to your studies, okay? I don't want you to fail Ocean Biology, and I know this is your favorite subject..." The girl gently rubs her orange eyes and nods. "Good. One more time I see you dazing out again,
:iconhazeltopaz:hazeltopaz 1 20
Flecthy's glasses by hazeltopaz Flecthy's glasses :iconhazeltopaz:hazeltopaz 0 1 Den tour one by hazeltopaz Den tour one :iconhazeltopaz:hazeltopaz 1 1 Class of Many by hazeltopaz Class of Many :iconhazeltopaz:hazeltopaz 1 0 Explorin by hazeltopaz Explorin :iconhazeltopaz:hazeltopaz 1 7 Meet Sage! by hazeltopaz Meet Sage! :iconhazeltopaz:hazeltopaz 0 0 Meet my Precious!! by hazeltopaz Meet my Precious!! :iconhazeltopaz:hazeltopaz 0 2 Lamia by hazeltopaz Lamia :iconhazeltopaz:hazeltopaz 1 2
The Lamia Pranks Chap. 1 Breakdown
It's another day for Lamia, but one quite different. In one hand was a toolbox; the other was a ninja outfit. Her mind was onto a very good scheme, and one that'll irritate most people. Her main target was Scooter, who was recently approved to work in a donut shop so that she can get free roller coaster passes. And for that reason, Scooter wanted to ride on the Sky Ninja, which is one awesome ride. I mean, three loops, a corkscrew, massive turns, and a quick drop...who wouldn't want to ride it? The eldery will be scared out of their mind, yes, but for the young and fierce, many would board on.
The day before the opening of the Sky Ninja, Lamia puts on her ninja outfit and wandered around the park, looking for her prize. One of the staff members at the Powder Point amusement park calls her out, telling her to "go back on shift", which meant making sure that the ride was in tip-top condition. However, that was not her goal; she plans on making the ride malfunction at the end of the count
:iconhazeltopaz:hazeltopaz 1 0
I like to post more photography of whatever I got, so I might post some every now and then. Don't forget to leave a comment! My comments have been dry lately.


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United States
Tumblr Roleplay Blog (here daily):…
Deviantart (personal blog/will try to be active again): YOU'RE HERE!!


I'M BACK, EVERYONE! Since my unannounced hiatus, I have been on Tumblr with a roleplay blog called "Hazel's Research Center", which involves my unique OC, Hazel Coral, in various fandoms and and universes! While she's still a developing character, she is very recognized by several blogs.

Away from the computer, I'm a 20 year old that loves to play games, work at a kids arcade, and take naps. Despite not having a computer, I use my phone or the library computer to check out the online world! I'm not the biggest artist, and I'm not the best artist, but I do support my own friends. ;)
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*Checks the last journal entry date: Dec. 3, 2015* *Realizes it's been half a year since inactivity*

HELLO AGAIN!! I'm back! Well, on and off, but will be coming back again! For about 6 months, I was on Tumblr, working on a roleplay blog named as "Hazel's Research Center". I bet ya'll wondering...why that name of all things?

Hazel's development

For the longest time, the name "Hazeltopaz" has stuck around for the longest time I could remember. I used the name first on a website called Tinierme, when it was still active. That was about 4 years ago. About several months or so later, I came to dA using the same name. I always wanted to take that name and make it into a character. However, I didn't know where to start. Was it going to be a boy or a girl? What will they look like? What is their personality? For the longest time, I couldn't come up with anything. Shortly after leaving dA, I had no motivation for writing, let alone drawing. It's ironic that I can't draw. :p During that time, I went to Tumblr and had two blogs, one as a personal blog, the other as a roleplay blog, to see if I had any potential as a roleplayer. Using the name as "AlexatheAssistant", I played as Alexa Lexington from the "MySims" series to roleplay as. The blog didn't do too well, and I end up leaving the blog alone. However, because I picked a smart character with little background, Alexa technically became the inspiration for Hazel.

Hazel is a stand-alone scientist in the game universe of "Splatoon", where she studies a number of things, from the inkling's transformations to the weather climates. As time went on, I slowly changed her to a scientist who can time travel though different fandoms. She has been in Pokemon, Minecraft, MySims, and a few more. She even had a few run-ins with a wild bunch of characters and has her own assistant/boyfriend! To say the least, I'm pretty happy to say that Hazel's a success!!

Future plans

I was thinking of starting fresh by deleting all of my own deviations. Yes, each and every one. Think of it as having a clean slate, but it's the still the same slate. The size, years of use, ect. exist. Just not the content of the slate. This blog will become a series of stories surrounding Hazel's story and developement! Along with that will be designs for her too! 

Let me know what you think of this idea! I hope you guys stick around and join me on Hazel's journey!


It's like Springtime has taken effect on this small cottage, and that because no one leaves there, it's able to give blossom to a multi...

Well done in such simple ways! :) The lighting is on point, and I really like the background you have set up here. Also, the plants make...

I do critiques if the art only interests me. If you know a good one that needs a critique, put a link of in my messages!


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So for the rp. I have a character I don't use I want to give to you.
her name is Hannah Norman. She's a 5"4' girl with pale white skin and two toned hair (half black half white) she's loving yet sassy when she wants to be and if she wants can be a flirt. She's everything in the world to Martin and his life coach when it comes to high school XD
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