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I'm confusing even myself with all these riddles... But you've gotten this far! Thats dedication... Fine, here, I guess you deserve it or something! Piece 10 by Hazelstar67

And, the riddle, as always!

The winky face of evil, the winky face of death,

You can smell the tears of children hanging on his breath.

He quite enjoys finding children whose souls he later robs,

Who is he? Well, this monster’s name is ____ 

(This one is a bit of an inside joke... You can find the answer by guessing the name and finding the deviation by that name in my gallery, or by looking and finding if any of my deviations match what is described (ie a winky face) )
Huh. I guess I'm in the mood for some simple, run-of-the-mill emoticons. Even ones that taunt me. I. Want. To. Open. A. Present. Soon. I've wrapped and wrapped and wrapped, but there is some kind of magic in actually opening a present meant for you.

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For this Creature will wait quite near,
For when the child is alone with it's fear.