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Hi! Do you want me to draw you something? Kotori Smile Icon ♥
Just read this journal from the start till the finish to find out how to get a free art from me c: 

How to :

Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] Comment on this journal , with your character or characters reference here. The reference must be clear , colored and fullbody (chibi is okay, as long as its fullbody)

Things you need to know :

:pearl bullet: I prefer to draw cute and girly characters. Shotas are okay though. 

:pearl bullet: I have the right to pick or not your request

.:pearl bullet: I will draw your request based on my mood, it can be a chibi, fullbody, icon, or anything.

:pearl bullet: Do not complain if I don't pick your request, because I've told you from the start that I'm not promise I will draw your request. 

Finished requests :
(from the oldest to the newest)

Request : Miikomi by Hazelnutchan  Puruu by Hazelnutchan Haru by HazelnutchanR: Yukina-chi by Hazelnutchan[R] inkyrii by Hazelnutchan[R] qwerhellur by Hazelnutchan[R] Yumiiya by Hazelnutchan[R] Yuki-chaa by Hazelnutchan[R] L-o-l-l-i-p-o-p-z by Hazelnutchan

[R] strawberrylychee by Hazelnutchan[R] PennyGEM by Hazelnutchan

More coming ♥

Skin by UszatyArbuz
© 2014 - 2021 Hazelnutchan
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Hello ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Thank you for your opportunity o(^▽^)o

Maybe if you like, would you like to draw my OC Ieliana? (>人<)

(You can change her clothes or hairstyle if you like(^ν^)

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Will you draw either one of these guys? You can choose who you want to draw.

Georgie( redraw)
Damien/ref sheet.
Yugi and Yumi
Leah (redraw)
Bezo(new look, last time i redesign him i swear.
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I'll be dropping my babs you can choose who would suit your interest well!!!
You're free to experiment with them however you want!! <3 

- Character(s) Reference :
1. Megumi/ArchMage:
2. Shiina:
3. Yuuna:
4. Haliantha:

Thankyou so much for the opportunity!!! 
P.S Your art so adorable~!!! <3 
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still open for request?
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Maybe my OC Dominica?

Dominica Reference by Kemithikur

Her eyes and forhead markings are identical to this:…
Her Mandela/Rune Shields are used like this:…
Her Dark dimensional/Space shards look like this:…
As stated above... She can form the shards of glassy materials into various weapons eg Scythes, daggers etc.

She has many outfits to choose from also ^^…

Thanks for the chance!!

Hello. i saw your nice art works! That's Charmful and cool :)

If you have a time, i hope request to you that my characters.

Would you please draw the fanart?

Here's the link in the characters sheet.

The pink little devil is Ming. She is a young girl, so she likes mischief and is full of curiosity. It's a simple child who likes money and food.

Smaller children are called Yong. Originally, it is a huge dragon, but it has been transformed into a child to harmonize with Ming. Her favorite thing is to take care of Ming.

Yong take care of Ming's mischief, new play, and what they want to do. Sometimes it's difficult. I enjoy her time in a relationship like a friend, not a mother.

Both Girls are over 100 years old, but Ming is still a mentally mature young child.

It's not tall. There was a time difference between the time when the Ming original painting was made and the time difference between Yong.

Both of them are LOLI characters. You may be drawn with the same height. However, it is very minute. I wish the Ming was a little bigger.

You can also reply me in E-mail.

Have a good time!

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maybe this guy will catch your interest?

Luti Ref heres the link will all his info!

thanks for the opportunity!

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hewooo-Is it okay if you draw me? uwu Me-Pixel art by NatalieDaPotatoYT  
(my hair reaches to my u H shoulders now-)
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Hello! I would like a request for my sweet little girl! Asha! She is dark skinned but not two much. Maybe a Carmel lol. Anyway, love your art! Please think about it! 
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Hello! :D
I was wondering if you could make my request!
It's simple, I just want my character to be drawn. You have all the rest left to your choices!
Here's the reference.…
Thank you by advance! :D
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Can I ask for a Request?
Gertie01's avatar…
I have a request for you. Can you draw her wearing that leotard while dancing to Do the Dog by Carlo, a Song from Get Up and Dance by acting like a dog?
P.S. Make her do that on her hands and knees.
P.S.S. By Hands, draw her palms and fingers on the floor
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Eheheh... I love your art so much right away from the examples XD Here's a reference of my Soshio: (includes better references)
Untitled by CollieL  
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Here are two of my characters in their new and old outfits! There's a full description of their personality, likes, dislikes, etc, on the post!

I'm actually holding an art contest featuring the two of them - details below - for the anniversary of when they were released! So any art of them is super super super appreciated!

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the OCs are in this order. look in the Description
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
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Journal:  Requests open from other Artists: SeptLynxx-Art: 

My request is my Digimon Frontier OC, Meredith. Think you can do the Digimon Frontier character style? She cute enough for you?
Meredith Suzuki by Waterdragon1654   Digimon Frontier: Gotta catch the train! by Waterdragon1654

If you’d like to do a scene from my story, I can send you a note if you want.
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Celine by lumaxstars
My sweet demon Celine! 
loves roses and is a guardian of a rose field. She has a motherly personality <3
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Even though you prefer doing chibi art and me dropping in an absolute abomination would be an insult to you as an artist...
I'll take the plunge and do it, and expect nothing out of it. Pessimism is fantastic.
Regardless, would you please do my abomination, Immaculate? He's a mixture of multiple species and weighs around 3-4 _metric_ tons.
Unknown by rhobiusvoid  
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