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A moment of Light

By Hazelgee
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In the backstreets, near Murder Row in Silvermoon, a blind forsaken beggar senses something pure as it passes on by.

Just for a moment, as she scrambles for her old stick to protect herself, a faint warm memory of Light stirs.

I found black and white really tough to work in, inspired by the Black and white issue of ImagineFX (issue126) but it was a learning curve! ;)
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This picture actually made me cry , just a bit..I am tough ..I am tough! No! *cries in a corner* I love this picture soooo much
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I've always loved the story of the Forsaken being abandoned by the light, and that it became their own version of burning poison. After watching so many black n white films today, in my mind i can hear her cries and see her cowering into a corner as her cat tries to chase the evil Light bug away. I immediately feel sorry for her and hope that her life gets better after this point. :)
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She is so beautiful. omg i love her. You did just brilliant work here. her expression is priceless.
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Amazing...the technique and skill in this is amazing on it's own, but the powerful emotion here is -incredible-.  I'm very moved by it.
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Really kind and encouraging comments, thank you! 
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Simply beautiful and raw with emotion!
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Simple but yet so beautiful and full of emotion, love it.
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amazing forsaken
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Powerful is the one word that best describes it, a lot of emotion in it, from something so simple, love it.
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That's... I... Pandachi25 said it already. 
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Sparta Emoji-02 (Cries) Traitors human bastards! left to dié in the hands of the bastard prince. Now we suffer and we are rejected by our own race. Forsaken forever!- FIRERAGE - 
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This is amazing! 
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Very powerful drawing, wonderfully done!
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