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Dresden Dolls Tattoo

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I recieved this picture by Amanda Palmer from the Dresden Dolls. I've got no idea who's leg this is, but it is a very strange feeling, knowing that someone will run around with one of your paintings on his leg, for the rest of his life! :faint:
It is modified from the original, but I guess you can still see that it is based on my picture --> [link]
Somehow cool...
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Very, very interesting!!
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Wow! But it is true your art is worthy of a Tat.
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:wow: I saw this on their website, I think...
That's so awesome, it's cool that your art is so loved that somebody has a tattoo of it!! =D Although, I suppose it would have been nice to contact you for permission, I would prefer that they did that if it were me, personally.

Dresden Doll fans unite! =)
Hazel-Weatherfield's avatar
I hope that there aren't any more tattoos outside without permission. :ninja:
And I still don't know who's leg this is!
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wow. i think it's an amazing sign which shows that people love your art a lot. o.o
i'd never get a tattoo like that but...maybe you should think aboout a print account?
pocket-money you know? ;D
i'd buy something.:heart:
Hazel-Weatherfield's avatar
Pocket money? Well.... :plotting:

You don't have to buy something, you'll get it for free! Or even better: You get it Gratis! :D
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Oh WOW! Gratis too!? i feel honored!:excited:
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oh wow...
that is awesome...
* hits self for using to many elipsees *
erm yes.
I'd really like to know whos leg it is

Echoes-of-the-Dead's avatar
kinda sucks they didnt ask permission though?
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In the world of Tattoos you don't need permission, as long as they change enough. I take this one on my humorous side. :-)
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really? i'd be bloody pissed off if someone tattooed my picture on there without ASKING, i mean, i would never say no, but i'd like to know who is walking round with my picture painted on them
Hazel-Weatherfield's avatar
I like to know it too, I asked who has done it, but I got no answer yet. But you're right, asking should be self-evident.
Echoes-of-the-Dead's avatar
yeah, you should take them to court on copyright now. lol.
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well... he/she should asked, but as long it's not for business purposes... I would be glad someone loved it so much! hope it's permanent...
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