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Vroomius Maximus Episode 4Vroomius Maximus: Episode 4: "ビッチのいないモンスター!/"The Threat of Alien Incel!"Elsewhere....Akiko and Yui both walk over to the Tokatsu Aquatic Center together, both dressed in swimsuits and headed for the pool. (Akiko) <(Oh what a perfect day to go swimming in.)(Yui) <(I'll say.) adjusts glasses <(Nice to get some sun and relaxation. Try not to get any chlorine in your mouth though.)(Akiko) <(I hope we meet some hot guys in here.~ I'd love to get some action today.)(Yui) <(Your always up to banging some hot guys. Anyways, let's just shut up and swim already.)Akiko and Yui then head inside to the pool. Little do they know, evil is afoot! Bong Mask and Mimi both appear out of the bushes, having spied on Akiko and Yui. (Bong Mask) <(Did you see that Mimi? Both Akiko and Yui are heading for the pool and looking for hot guys! Hehehehe, I know just what exactly to send in against them now!)(Mimi) <(Your gonna send in an evil hot guy to fight them?)(Bong Mask) <(Oh no, I got something else in mind. We shall call upon our alien allies to help us! And I know just the one!) Bong Mask then contacts an alien. <(Calling in Alien Incel of the Planet Incel, come forth to us now!)This time instead of summoning one of their kaiju from the "Pit of Monsters", they contact an alien to assist them. It doesn't take long before then a saucer then appears from the skies and beams down an alien. SUBTITLE: NeckbeardAlien (首ひげ宙人 Kubi hi-ge Uchujin)NAME: Alien Incel (インセル星人 Seijin Inseru),(Alien Incel) tips "fedora" <(I come for the young women.)(Mimi) backs away, goes behind Bong Mask <(I don't like this one.)(Bong Mask) <(Ah well. Anyways, Alien Incel! I need you go into that pool and harass both Akiko and Yui of Affected Taints!)(Alien Incel) Doesn't get who he is talking about <(.....Who now?)(Bong Mask) <(The two gynoid girls! One's pink and the others' green.)(Alien Incel) <(Oh. Are they hot?)(Bong Mask) <(Oh yes they are! Perfect ladies for a man like you! In fact, I'm pretty sure they were destined for you!)Alien Incel grins, tipping his "fedora". (Alien Incel) <(Sounds like we were meant to be.~ I'll show them how much of a "nice guy" I am.~ Alright then, I'm going in.) Alien Incel then dashes inside.(Mimi) <(Your really going to let that creepo alien bother them?)(Bong Mask) <(Yes.)(Mimi) <(I mean, I get we're evil and stuff, but I have my concerns about this one. Just he really creeps me out.)(Bong Mask) <(Oh, he creeps me out too. Did you see the outfit he was wearing? But I can count on him to get the job done at least.)(Mimi) <(True that.)(Bong Mask) <(Now come Mimi! Let's watch!)(Mimi) <(Ai!)As Akiko and Yui swim and have fun in the pool, they head out of the pool to go have some snacks at the snack bar. Akiko gets some nachos and Yui gets a pizza. Just then Alien Incel walks up to them.(Alien Incel) tips his "fedora" <(Hello m'ladys.)Both Akiko and Yui take one look at him and both are confused.(Akiko) <( need something?)(Alien Incel) <(I think you two are hot.)(Yui) <(Why thank you?)(Alien Incel) <(I think you two belong to me.)Akiko and Yui are instantly creeped out.(Akiko) <(Uh, no thank you.)(Alien Incel) <(You sure? I like your music. You two should hear my music. It's really great, you two ought to listen to it.)(Yui) <(We'll consider it...)(Alien Incel) <(You can listen to it right now.)Alien Incel then blares his music that he made from his phone...which sounds like a guy getting thrown the stairs and a raccoon getting bashed across five metallic trash cans. Needless to say, it sounds really unpleasant. Both Akiko and Yui look at each other.(Yui) <(This guy is an incel, isn't he?)(Akiko) <(Looks the part and sure acts like it. Let's move.)Akiko and Yui try to avoid Alien Incel, but then he keeps following them, continuing to harass them.(Alien Incel) <(Hey now don't leave. I'm not some kind of creep, a stalker or some kind of murderer. I'm just a nice guy who wants to say to you "hey beautiful baby, whats up?" By the way, can I lick you?~)(Akiko) <(ENOUGH! I don't care, your seriously creeping us out. Get going.)(Yui) <(Yeah and your ugly as fuck too.)(Alien Incel) <(Hey! Maybe I'm more attractive if you lower your standards! Sure I may not be the best looking guy, but it's about personality that matters! Stop going out with good looking guys and go with a nice guy like me. Besides, don't you like my cool fedora?)(Yui) <(Actually that's not a fedora. That's a trilby.)Alien Incel then just sighs, having enough. (Alien Incel) <(Alright that's it! I've tried being nice to you gals, but it seems you don't want a guy like me in your lives, even though I'd make your lives better and would treat you better than any of those "hot guys" you go after! I'm gonna slice you up!)(Akiko) gets out Vroomius Maximus call immediately <(VROOMIUS MAXIMUS!)Vroomius Maximus then arrives immediately, crashing through the fence in his car mode before then changing his normal mode. (Vroomius Maximus) <(What appears to be the problem here Akiko and Yui?)(Yui) <(This ugly neckbeard won't leave us alone!)Vroomius Maximus takes one look at Alien Incel.(Vroomius Maximus) <(Say no more.) Vroomius then faces Alien Incel <(INCEL! I shall punish you and beat you back to the Sinternet forums from once you came!)(Alien Incel) <(It's on, you stupid filthy chad!) Alien Incel then grows to giant size, holding his katana. Vroomius Maximus then takes out a can of Size Change Beer X, of which he then drank it, then size changing and growing to giant size. Thanks to the SIZE CHANGE BEER X, Vroomius Maximus can turn into a 56 meter giant to combat giant monsters and aliens. Vroomius Maximus then made his move at Alien Incel, taking out his two Windshield Wiper Swords.(Vroomius Maximus) <(YEAAAAGH!) Vroomius then lunges, swinging his sword from his right hand towards Alien Incel, only for Alien Incel to teleport aways. <(Huh?)Vroomius looked around for Alien Incel some more. Both Akiko and Yui were baffled as well. Then Alien Incel reappeared, slashing at Vroomius Maximus's back with his katana.(Alien Incel) <(At least I don't fight to defend a bunch of filthy fucking women!)Vroomius Maximus falls back, taking in some damage. Vroomius Maximus then gets back up and charges back at Alien Incel. However then Alien Incel then teleports again. And then appears back and slashes at him again with his katana. Vroomius intends to attack but Alien Incel then teleports aways again. And this cycle just repeats a few more times, with Akiko and Yui just watching on. They then both cheer him on.(Akiko) <(Come on Vroomius!)(Yui) <(You can do it!)With that, Vroomius Maximus then suddenly feels a boost of confidence. As Alien Incel reappears to try to slash Vroomius Maximus with his katana for the 15th time, Vroomius Maximus then swiftly turns and slashes at Alien Incel's katana with one of his Windshield Wiper Swords, destroying the katana.(Alien Incel) <(MY KATANA!) Alien Incel in a last ditch effort then threw his trilby at Vroomius Maximus, causing it to explode on him. It however doesn't do much to Vroomius Maximus. Alien Incel then tries to flee, only for Vroomius to throw one of his Windshield Wiper Swords into Alien Incel, impaling him.(Alien Incel) <(AGH! All I ever wanted was to get laid....)Alien Incel then falls over down to the ground, dead. Vroomius Maximus however then gets out his Exhaust Cannon and shoots repeatedly at Alien Incel's corpse over and over until the corpse explodes.(Akiko) and (Yui) <(HURRAY!)Vroomius Maximus then nods, before then looking up into the air and then flying off. Vroomius Maximus then regroups with Akiko and Yui, reverting back to normal size and then transforming into a car for the two to get into and then drives off. Bong Mask was not pleased.(Bong Mask) <(DAMMIT! DAMMIT! DAMMIT! Fuck you, Vroomius Maximus! Alien Incel may have sucked, but I'll get you next time Vroomius!)(Mimi) <(Indeed!)(Bong Mask) <(Now then....come Mimi! Let's get out of here.)(Mimi) <(Sure thing, boss!)Bong Mask and Mimi then huddle close to each other, before then Bong Mask opens up his cape and wraps it around himself and Mimi, then appearing in a giant bong (which has visible strings attached to it) and flying off, retreating. And thus ends another exciting episode of Vroomius Maximus! Though I feel we forgot something....(Hiro the Hero) <(Yeah, I haven't gotten a chance to appear in this episode yet! Now let me do som----)終わり(Owari)
Vroomius Maximus Episode 3Vroomius Maximus: Episode 3: "海へ!酔った船員!/Shoreline Brawl! the Drunken Sailor!"Elsewhere....Out by the Sanzu River, some boats are seen floating by before then mist arises from the waters. The water then glows radiantly blue, before then a blast of energy shoots out from the water. What then appears out from the water is....a boat? Ah, but it was no ordinary boat, but a boat with eyes. And it was swimming at a rather fast pace. But as it swam closer and closer to shore, it was revealed that this wasn't even the full thing; as it turns out, it was a giant reptilian monster with a body that resembles Godzilla and has a boat-like head. It then lets out a roar.(Boathead) roars loudly, shaking the area around him as he slowly walks onto landSUBTITLE: Drunkard Monster (酔っぱらい怪獣 Yoppari Kaiju)NAME: BOATHEAD (ボートヘッド Bōtoheddo),As soon as Boathead made it onto land, he began to speak...(Boathead) <(Oh finaaaaally. Now to find free beer on here.) Boathead then stumbled around on land in a very drunken manner. It appeared to be a very drunk monster. How nice.(Boathead) stumbling around as he enters the city of Tokatsu, rummaging around and look for any beer. Boathead picks up some buildings in a drunken manner and digs his claws within them in hopes of finding any beer. A bunch of Oni citizens run and scream for their lives, trying to get away from Boathead. Some stand there just looking at Boathead, really confused about the whole ordeal. As Boathead digs his claws in one of the buildings, a lone nekomata begs and hides in hopes that Boathead doesn't get her. But then his claws reaches out to her....only to go past her and instead grab a small bottle of beer perched inside. Boathead then takes the beer for himself.(Boathead) <(Oh thank fucking goodness, I found a beer.) Boathead then drinks the tiny bottle of beer....and it's already out. Boathead is not pleased. (Boathead) roars in anger <(BOATHEAD SHALL HAVE HIS BEER!!!!) Boathead then goes on a drunken rampage, but in such a nonchalant manner, avoiding and missing several buildings, not making a scratch on them. He doesn't even step on any cars during his rampage. He just continues searching for more beer. Onis still run away from him in fear, however (he still is a kaiju after all). Hiro the Hero then shows up again.(Hiro the Hero) <(That monster appears to be really drunk.)(Boathead) stops, turns and overhears Hiro &lt;(NO FUCKING SHIT.)(Hiro the Hero) <(Wow, you got quite the mouth. Maybe you should stop being drunk.)(Boathead) <(I don't tell you how to live!) Boathead then lets out a loud drunken belch. <(Oh fuck me....) Boathead then reels over....and barfs all over on Hiro the Hero, covering him in kaiju vomit.(Hiro the Hero) <(....ewwwwwww....)Boathead continues moving forwards, before then spotting some beer trucks.(Boathead) <(FINALLY! BEER!) Boathead then rushes over to the beer trucks and grabs one. He then pops open the rear of one as if it were a regular beer can being opened and then chugs it down.(Boathead) <(Mhmmm....most important meal of the day....aaaaagh....)As Boathead drinks, Akiko and Yui step out out a strip club, having just gotten off performing from in there.(Akiko) <(Look at all of the yen we just made!)(Yui) <(Oh yeah! I'm going to buy us some new equipment!)The two gynoid Onis then spot Boathead chugging down several beer trucks at once. At first their confused, but then they figure it'd be best to call Vroomius Maximus, so they do so. Vroomius Maximus arrived with a can of Size Change Beer X, of which he then drank it, then size changing and growing to giant size. Thanks to the SIZE CHANGE BEER X, Vroomius Maximus can turn into a 56 meter giant to combat giant monsters. Vroomius Maximus then leaped up to combat Boathead.Just as Boathead finishes drinking up from all of the beer trucks, Boathead then marches over to a brewing company and begins to drink from there. Vroomius Maximus then sneaks up behind Boathead and chops at his back.(Vroomius Maximus) <(VROOMIUS CHOP!) Boathead is chopped at hard, causing Boathead to feel great pain.(Boathead) <(OWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwww! WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO!?)(Vroomius Maximus) <(You! The one with a boat for a head! Get your drunk ass out of here now, before I beat the shit out of you!)(Boathead) <(Oh yeah?) Boathead drunkenly burps <(MAKE ME!)Vroomius Maximus and Boathead then stand there for a few seconds, glaring at each other in silence....before then Vroomius Maximus then kicks Boathead square in the crotch.(Boathead) <(OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!) Boathead ducks down, covering his crotch area. <(Low brow move....)Vroomius Maximus then begins punching and wailing down on Boathead, beating the shit out of him. Boathead is simply too drunk to fight back properly and just flails around as Vroomius Maximus pummels him. plays around as Vroomius Maximus continues to beat down on Boathead, pulling him by the tail.(Boathead) <(Hey no tail pulling!)Vroomius Maximus then lifts Boathead by the tail and tosses against the ground, causing Boathead to land down against the ground hard. (Boathead) <(I'm too drunk to fight for this shit, sorry....) Boathead staggers around in a drunken stupor, holding a hand to his head....before then snarling at Vroomius Maximus. Boathead then unleashes his "Drunkard Ray", an atomic breath-esque beam from his mouth at Vroomius Maximus's area, sweeping it towards him.(Vroomius Maximus) sees the beam coming his way. <(Oh shit.) Vroomius then runs away from the beam.Boathead keeps sweeping his beam towards Vroomius Maximus though he misses and aims haphazardly, blasting apart several billboards, including one advertising Valentino's Porn Studios and Verosika Mayday's upcoming tour at Jigoku. Finally Boathead ceases his beam.(Boathead) pants <(Fuck, that took up a lot of my energy...)Vroomius Maximus then charges back at Boathead, flying up and performing a standard flying kick at Boathead. Boathead then falls over and crashes onto the ground. Boathead drunkenly flails around the ground some more, before then pissing. Vroomius Maximus staggers back to avoid Boathead's piss.(Boathead) <(Oh fuck I just pissed myself.) Boathead then gets back up and grabs Vroomius by the head, headbutting against him. Vroomius Maximus is sent crashing into some smaller buildings while Boathead grabs his head in pain and stumbles around some more in his drunken stupor. <(Aaaaargh...nobody wins with a headbutt.)Vroomius Maximus then gets back and has had enough of this. (Vroomius Maximus) <(Headlight Lasers!) Vroomius Maximus chest headlights then glow and open fire a barrage of lasers at Boathead. Boathead is struck by the lasers, sparks and flares coming off of him and doing damage to him. Boathead then staggers backwards. Vroomius Maximus then lunges towards Boathead and begins to severely beat down on Boathead with his fists and feet. Boathead wails and cries in pain.(Boathead) <(I JUST WANTED TO GET SOME BEER!)Vroomius Maximus punches Boathead in the snout once more. Boathead manages to get up and decides to make a run for it, deciding to forfeit and make a run for it. However Vroomius Maximus isn't done yet and then summons both of his Windshield Wiper Swords, throwing them at Boathead's back and impaling him.(Boathead) Has two swords stab through him, killing him. <(Ah, fuck me.) Then falls over.Vroomius Maximus then looks up into the sky and poses victoriously before then flying off and regroup with Akiko and Yui, reverting back to normal size.(Vroomius Maximus) <(And that's why gals, you should never drink while boating! Same rules apply to a boat as a car. DON'T DRINK.)(Akiko) and (Yui) <(Okay.)As the episode wraps up, the Oni Executives then talk to each other about the episode on their table and how it panned out.(Oni Executive 1) <(Say, was that drunken monster scripted or no?)(Oni Executive 2) <(No, not at all. He just wandered straight onto set all drunk and started messing with the set, confusing and scaring the other actors up until Vroomius came and dealt with him.)(Oni Executive 1) <(So then....why did we film it to air as an episode?)(Oni Executive 3) <(Because we thought it was hilarious.)(Oni Executive 4) <(Eh, like Jigoku's Navy cares enough about some rando sailor getting beaten to death.)(Oni Executive 1) <(Alright, fair enough for me. Let's air this one then.)終わり(Owari)
Vroomius Maximus Episode 2Vroomius Maximus: Episode 2:"草むしりモンスター!"/"Fight Against The Weed Monster!"Meanwhile.....At the Darkness Cave, Bong Mask and Mimi were once again plotting their next move to conquer Jigoku and fight Vroomius Maximus....right after they were done smoking one of their bongs. (Bong Mask) smoking from his bong <(Ahhhh yeah, the most important meal of the day.) laughs, getting really high off of it(Mimi) <(Yeah, huhuh. Can you hand me some now?)Bong Mask then gives Mimi the bong, to which she then lights it up with her fire breath. Bong Mask then got up and stretched. (Bong Mask) <(Alright Mimi, it's time to try to takeover Jigoku once more!)(Mimi) smokes bong <(Oh, alright.)(Bong Mask) <(Today we shall send in another monster from the Pit of Monsters!)(Mimi) <(Ah good. Which kaiju will it be this time, I wonder?)(Bong Mask) <(Well after smoking some bong with you just now, this gave me the idea to deploy the weed monster Okalar!)(Mimi) <(Oh, neat!)(Bong Mask) <(OKALAR! ARISE!)SUBTITLE: Weed Monster (雑草怪獣)NAME: Okalar (オカラ Okara),Okalar then appears to the two, flailing his plant tendrils around and baring his fangs. His eyes glowed bright orange red and he appeared to be an odd looking weed monster, having one arm bigger than the other and having several tendrils as legs. (Mimi) <(He's cute!) Mimi waddles over to him, tending to his tendrils. Okalar just looks at her, glaring.(Bong Mask) <(Eh, I guess. Anyways, let's deploy this bad weed boy onto the city of Tokatsu!)Bong Mask then teleports himself, Mimi and Okalar out to Tokatsu to wreak havoc, coating themselves with bong smoke as they leave. Meanwhile our hero Vroomius Maximus and his two newfound friends are out and on the case.We cut to Tokatsu, where Vroomius, Akiko and Yui are nowhere to be found.I SAID, our hero Vroomius Maximus and his two newfound friends are out and on the case!(Vroomius Maximus) appears on camera <(Here I am! Sorry about that.) grins <(I was just too busy enjoying some good old pizza from Pizza Cock with my friends!)We then are shown the front of Pizza Cock, with Akiko and Yui eating and enjoying some pizza from Pizza Cock.(Vroomius Maximus) <(Boy do I love Pizza Cock! Especially with this brand new pizza that only costs 19.95 Souls!)(Akiko) <(Really! Wow, what a great price!)(Vroomius Maximus) <(YOU BETCHA! Now if you want some goodass pizza, come down to Pizza Cock! Every other pizza place in Jigoku be TOOOOOO cheesy! No one makes pizza quite like Pizza Cock!)We then are shown Vroomius Maximus, Akiko and Yui standing before then bowing next to the Pizza Cock logo and slogan; "Scrumptious & Nutritious". After that bit of blatant product placement, Okalar then appears in the middle of the city of Tokatsu, going on a rampage.(Okalar) roars, then slapping his giant right arm claw down against several buildings, crumbling them down. Okalar then fires out eye beams, creating several explosions. People and run for their lives, but one particular anime-looking Oni guy stands out.(Hiro the Hero) <(Oh no, it appears the monster is attacking the city and slapping buildings. I better stop him! I must succeed!)Hiro then insta-rushes at Okalar and bashes his fists at one of the tendrils of Okalar, only for Okalar to smack Hiro aside onto the ground. Okalar then uses his giant right arm claw to smack him down to the ground, flattening him. Akiko and Yui see Okalar rampaging and then decide to call Vroomius...even though he's right there.(Yui) <(Oh my gosh! Vroomius Maximus, we need your help!)(Vroomius Maximus) <(I'm right here girls! And don't worry, I'll take care of this monster!) Then pulls out a can of Size Change Beer X, of which he then drank it, then size changing and growing to giant size. Thanks to the SIZE CHANGE BEER X, Vroomius Maximus can turn into a 56 meter giant to combat giant monsters. Vroomius Maximus then leaped up to combat Okalar.(Vroomius Maximus) <(Alright, show me what you got!)(Okalar) bitch slaps Vroomius with his giant right hand claw(Vroomius Maximus) <(OUCH!) falls over, before then getting back up <(Okay you got me there! What else do you got, you overgrown weed?)Okalar then sprayed out a mist breath attack at Vroomius Maximus; that of Acid. It is very effective!(Vroomius Maximus) <(Whoaaaaaa....) Vroomius Maximus then staggers backwards, his vision made all blurry and trippy. <(I'm seeing pretty colors!) Indeed, Vroomius Maximus was now tripping balls, seeing many trippy hallucinations thanks to Okalar's acid attack. "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" begins to play as Vroomius Maximus trips balls (please don't sue us, we just love the song). (Bong Mask) <(Hahahahahaaha! He's gotten high now! OKALAR! Choke this car bitch!)Okalar then wrapped one of his tendrils around Vroomius Maximus's neck and two more tendrils on his arms to hold him down. Vroomius Maximus was now in quite the pinch here! Could this be the end of our hero!?(Vroomius Maximus) <(NO!) Then breaks himself free from Okalar's grasp. Okalar slithers back, his red eyes glaring at Vroomius Maximus. Okalar then fires several eye lasers at Vroomius Maximus, creating big explosions in front of Vroomius Maximus. Vroomius Maximus then tries to charge and punch Okalar with his Vroomius Punch....only to still be under Okalar's acid attack, messing up with his skills and causing him to crash into a random building. Okalar easily avoids this attack. Vroomius Maximus then tries to charge and kick at Okalar, only to trip and fall. Vroomius Maximus in anger then shoots his Radio Guns at Okalar, only for Okalar to quickly avoid the rays, causing the rays to miss and blow up many buildings. At this point Vroomius Maximus just causes more damage to the city than Okalar has. Vroomius Maximus then lunges at Okalar...only to fall flat on his face, hard. Okalar just stands there watching Vroomius Maximus try and fail.Bong Mask and Mimi oversee and laugh their asses off.(Bong Mask) <(Oh get a load of this Mimi! Okalar's Acid attack is so strong he can't even fight straight!)(Mimi) <(Kohohohoho, this is hilarious.)Akiko and Yui cheer him on regardless. (Akiko) <(Come on Vroomius! Beat this drug-induced weed monster!)(Yui) <(Yeah! Show him that your a lawnmower and he's just a weed!)Vroomius Maximus tries to regain function so that he can fight Okalar. "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" plays while Vroomius Maximus further hallucinates. As Vroomius trips out, Okalar then continues to slap and smack Vroomius around with his tendrils. Then however, Vroomius Maximus finally snaps out of his hallucinations and gets an idea how to deal with Okalar.(Vroomius Maximus) <(Fire Heater Beam!) Vroomius Maximus then blasts out flames from his hands against Okalar, setting him on fire.(Okalar) <(SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAWWWW!!!!) Okalar is then lit on fire and then falls over, causing Okalar to combust and die. (Akiko) and (Yui) <(HURRAY!)(Bong Mask) <(DAMMIT! DAMMIT! DAMMIT! Fuck you, Vroomius Maximus! Come Mimi, let's get out of here!)(Mimi) <(Right!)Both Bong Mask and Mimi do both stop at first to smell the smoke coming off of Okalar's dead corpse....he was a weed kaiju, so naturally their getting high off of him. (Bong Mask) <(I can say, his corpse smells great though.) Bong Mask and Mimi then huddle close to each other, before then Bong Mask opens up his cape and wraps it around himself and Mimi, then appearing in a giant bong and flying off, retreating.Vroomius Maximus then looks up into the sky and then flies off, before then reverting back to normal size and regrouping with Akiko and Yui.(Vroomius Maximus) <(And that's how you take care of a weed!)(Akiko) <(I'll say.~) She then snorts off of the corpse off of Okalar.(Vroomius Maximus) <(Hehe! Please don't smoke off of the dead kaiju!)(Akiko) <(Ugh....fine.)Vroomius Maximus, Akiko and Yui then all walk off, with the city still in shambles. Day saved? Eh, close enough. 終わり(Owari)
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I see there are a lot of crossover pieces, but I haven't seen anything that attempts to turn a character into a sinner. You know, like take a character who might be considered evil and show what they might look like after death.
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I imagine that Lilith would congratulate Stolas on his divorce. She was the first to divorce, after all.
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How can I join?
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