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ClosureClosureA Helluva Hazbin ShortIn the densely populated streets of the city, in a dark back alley far from prying eyes a circular portal of fire opened on the ground. From such egress emerged a tall horned being of crimson and ivory skin. Long black ebony horns curved up and around behind his head. His eyes were sulfur yellow and his black suit was oddly dapper for one of his stature. Shortly behind him a second similar being appeared, also crimson in skin but with thick short white hair around his horns’ base. On his back he carried a long crossbow.Behind him followed a third traveler. One with long spider-like limbs clad in white and pink stripes and long black boots. This third being stretched out his long limbs and ran a hand through his long snowy hair. “Well that was a rush. Any wilder and I would have lost my garter belt at that last turn.”“Can you please show some measure of professionalism! We have a job to do.” Exclaimed the second, and the shortest demon of the three.“Now now Moxxie let our new temp enjoy this trip. It’s not every day a demon of this caliber gets to return to the living world, even if it’s for only a day.” The first demon said while he straightened out his attire from the journey. “By the way thanks for filling in today. With Millie down with the flu I didn’t know who to get last minute. I appreciate this Angel.”“Anytime Blitzo. Anything beats being stuck in that hotel all day long.” Angel said as he gave himself a quick look over.“You sure this doesn’t contradict with your ‘redemption’ program there?” Moxxie asked while he polished his rifle. “Hey what’s so wrong about helping a friend with a work issue. If anything I’m sure she’s thrilled I’m doing this for free…” Angel’s voice trailed off as his mind wondered back just a day ago when Blitzo first approached him with the job offer…---------“No way Angel! No how! NOT EVER! This is the exact opposite of that you’re here for!” Vaggie yelled at the top of her lings.“She does have a point Angel.” Charlie followed in a much softer tone, “We know what this company does, and I don’t think it’s in your best interest to go with them. Even if it’s for a day.”Angel folded his four arms across himself in disappointment, “Well I’m shocked you would say such a thing. You’re the ones nagging on about doing good deeds and helping others and when I do them voluntarily you say it’s a ‘no no’.”“Participating in a turf war and helping mercenaries don’t exactly count as good deeds Angel.” Charlie frowned sadly, “I’m glad you want to help, really, but maybe perhaps they could put you in an office position or something? Instead of being on the field?”The spider demon shrugged, “I’ll talk to him about it.” “Thanks Angel.” She smiled while Vaggie watched him suspiciously. ---------Angel shook his head to clear it of the invading memory, “So what town are we in anyway? It’s been a few decades since I was last on real concrete.” Blitzo glanced around and out from the ally, “By the look and smell of it I say we’re downtown Jersey.” “Jersey huh?” Angel said, “My old hometown… I wonder how much has changed…”The three of them kept the shadows and back allys to keep out of sight of the local humans. However, at every chance to see the humans Angel took it. Although much had changed over the years a few things remained the same.He paused momentarily to watch a couple walk along the street while holding hands. “Wow, back in my time those dudes would have been shot.” He looked over to Blitzo who was searching through his coat apprehensively..Moxxie was rubbing his eyes in frustration, “Please tell me you didn’t loose the target info AGAIN!”“Of course I haven’t lost it Moxxie. I know I have it here somewhere.” Blitzo cursed as he searched and re-searched his pockets for the notes.Angel would soon feel a vibrating sensation in his coat and fished out his hell phone. Despite not recognizing the number he answered anyway, “Ello?” After a moment of two he waved over to the taller imp, “It’s for you.” Blitzo raised a brow and took the phone, “Hello?”“It’s about time one of you freaks answered the phone. Both of you jerks left the target info behind. AGAIN!” a growling voice said from the other end of the line. “Oh hey Luna.” The demon forced on a smile, “I guess we were in such a rush we forgot to grab those things.”“Not too surprised by you but this is a first for Moxxie.” “Yeah yeah I’ll talk to him about this later. Can you relay about the target? Since it’s obviously with you.”“I knew you’d loose them ‘Boss’!” Moxie snapped.“I didn’t loose the notes! I didn’t bring them!”“Will you both shut up!” Loona growled, “Anyway the order was in the back files for a long time, back to the old company I would suspect, so some details like addresses might have changed. But the target is still alive.” “How long ago was this order on hold?”“Roughly 70 years, give or take.”“70 years!? The target is probably dead already! How did a case get delayed so long?”“Beats me.” Loona replied.While the two of them continued to argue Angel continued to walk along the shadow filled alleys until a path opened up to show him an arrangement of new and old buildings, yet no matter the years he knew one of the structures anywhere. “Home…”“Ah! So I see you’ve found our target’s residence.” He turned to see Blitzo and Moxxie approach him from behind.“Former residence.” Loona’s voice said through the speakerphone. “Just found out that the state made him move to an assisted living facility 10 years ago. As of last month he’s been moved to the hospice wing.”“Hospice?” Angel asked, “What the hell is that?”“It means the target is dying.” Blitzo cursed, “And if he dies naturally we don’t get paid!”“I suggest you boys get moving then. Henrion isn’t going to take himself out.” Loona stated.“Henrion?” Angel felt his heart freeze for a moment.“Yeah Henrion.” Blitzo repeated, “Apparently a lot of demons want this guy dead, requests going back several decades.”“And he’s in a nursing home.” Moxxie added.“Should be an easy mark. Let’s go!” the taller imp grinned and began his stroll further into town. Angel and Moxxie trailed behind.After some time of walking Moxxie noticed that Angel was holding all four arms around himself and his once bouncy mane hung low to conceal his gaze. “Dude are you ok?”Angel glanced to him briefly, “Of course I’m fine, why wouldn’t I be?”Moxxie shrugged, “I don’t know. You went all silent and that’s not like you.”“I’m fine. Why would I not be! Just because we’re going after the one person who made my life a living hell before I died and it’s a wonder he lived this long without being shot of course I’d love to whack that SOB why wouldn’t I be?!”Moxxie bit his lip as he watched the spider demon vent, “If you’re uncomfortable about this the boss and I can handle this hit. You can provide a distraction.”Angel glared at him, “No way! I’ve wanted to see that miserable old fart and give him a piece of my mind! With bullets!”“Ok! Ok! Whatever works for you.” Moxxie stepped away and kept walking through the alleyways.After another hour or so of walking the three of them would come across the senior housing center and clinic. It was a plane looking set of buildings with a sizable grassy area where several old men were playing golf while ladies in wheelchairs chat away under umbrellas. “This looks like the right place.” Blitzo peered through his binoculars, “Now how to get inside to find the target…” “Knowing him he’s probably sitting in some dark corner away from the windows, smoking away at some stogies he stole from some poor shmuck and looking at mementoes of his glory days…” Angel muttered with venom in his voice.Both imps starred at him awkwardly.Blitzo shook himself from his stupor, “Well we need a way inside…and I think I see our answer.” He pointed a claw over to a flower cart parked in front of the library down the street, “We walk in with those and the staff will think we’re visitors.” Snatching the cart was an easy enough task for the three demons. When time came to arrange their bouquets however..“White lilies? Never! Not for this creep! Those yellow ones will be better, and pass over those begonias.” Moxxie watched the other demon as they perused over the flowers, “For a porn star you sure know you flowers.”Angel’s nimble fingers paused in mid arrangement of the blossoms. He stared deeply at the colorful petals that surrounded the pollen-filled centers. “When Pops started his gang he wanted a way for members to communicate without alerting the caps. One of his pals ran a flower shop and taught him the language of flowers. Different blossoms had different meanings so if one member had important info to pass along he would have a special bouquet arranged either of the message itself or to arrange a personal meeting. These lilies I got here, stand for extreme hatred…”“That’s oddly clever.” Moxxie stated as he looked over his own arrangement or daisies. “Yeah, Pops had his….shall we say ‘romantic side’ if you can even call it that.” Blitzo stood in his flower delivery uniform, “It won’t matter for much longer. Once we’re in we find his room and blast away!”“Aaand you jinxed us.” Moxxie rubbed the bridge of his nose in annoyance.The three of them reassembled the flower cart and headed toward the retirement home. Once inside an attendant in sharp green scrubs soon approached them.“Do you have a permit to be here sir?” She said in a stern no nonsense tone. Blitzo puffed out his chest to her, “Listen Lady my boss told me to come here sell these flowers. By the state of this place you desperately need them. This looks more like a morgue than a home.”As Blitzo and the attendant argued Angel took the chance to slip away and down one of the long windowless hallways. The smell of latex and sanitizer made his nose twinge painfully. There was also a chill in the floors that crept up through his boots, making him shiver slightly. He wrapped all four of his arms around himself to stave off the cold.This was partially why he hated hospitals. They always felt so cold and sterile. No warmth, no comfort to be found in such a place even for those in need of care. His eyes wondered anxiously along the many plaques, tags and signs on the walls. From a distant doorway he heard voices and the said door was opening. His pulse jumped a bit. It would be harder to pass for a human standing alone in the hall with only a bundle of flowers as a shield. Whoever was entering the hall would surely question him and find that he was a demon.To his right he spotted a door with the word ‘Maintenance’ above. Quickly he opened the door and cramped himself among the brooms, mop buckets, and other supplies. He softly closed the door, leaving only a crack open.“Has he had any visitors at all?” one nurse asked.“Not one.” The other nurse replied, “Ever since he came here no one came to visit him. We tried contacting next of kin only to find that all other relatives have passed away years ago.”“That’s so sad.” “It’s one of life’s cruelties. You live a long time but most family and friends are gone before you.”Angel bit his lip sharply as he heard the ladies pass by. In a sense he wasn’t surprised that the old man didn’t have any visitors. He had already seen most of his human family making a living in Hell. At the same time he was surprised that none of his rivals hadn’t tried to rub out the old man before now.Once he felt the coast was clear Angel crept out from the closet and continued down the hallway. He eyed all the doors along the hall until one of them caught his eye. His family name.His hand shook as he reached for the doorknob. His blood ran cold. Why was he suddenly so afraid? His father would not be sitting behind his desk gun ready to fire. He would be a very old man not expecting anything let alone a deceased son from the 40s. He would be powerless to hurt him. Strengthening his resolve and taking a deep breath, Angel forced the door open.The room was dark, bare, and quite small compared to what he was used to seeing. Only thin beams of light from between the blinds illuminated the room. A small nightstand accompanied the tiny bed that held its occupant. A few thin cords connected the patient to a strange machine that chimed silently the heartrate and pulse of the man before the demon.Angel did not recognize the man. The towering muscular monster from his childhood had grown small, frail in frame and weakened by age. His once thick black hair were now thin threads that barely held onto his head. What was once a strong Italian face with piercing eyes was now hallow, gaunt, and sunken within in his own skull.Angel felt his steps grow closer to the bed as he looked him over. This had to be a mistake. This could not be the same man who raised him? The monster who despised him. The heartless fiend who drove Angel to suicide by overdose and did not shed a tear at his funeral.Angel stared at the slumbering shell before him. He thought of all the nightmares he had that involved his father both in life and death. All the bruises and occasional broken bones he endured growing up. All the insults and jabs about the slightest thing that annoyed the old man, to the larger more serious choices that set Angel at the end of his father’s gun only to have his siblings intervene. Such a monster deserved to die horribly, painfully…Angel raised a gloved hand. It would be so easy. Just hold the man’s mouth and nose shut and wait. It wouldn’t take long, without much effort either…Yet he felt himself recoil at the thought and pulled away the solitary bed.“Whoa! Talk about cutting it close! This guy is practically a corpse already!” Blitzo elated as he had suddenly appeared behind Angel, “But still better late than never!” He grinned excitedly, “Easy money!”Angel stood back as he the older imp select a suitable weapon to finish the job. He also saw that Moxxie was standing close to the door. Apparently he had his own reservations as well. He looked to the frail old man who began to stir from his sleep. Pale sightless eyes scanned the room in a vain.The spider demon felt his heart catch in his throat as the old man seemed to stare at him, and from his toothless mouth uttered the word…“Anthony?”Angel jumped as Blitzo was about to plunge a knife down upon the bed, “Wait!”Blitzo froze and turned to him, “What got your panties in a twist!?”“Can you guys….give us a few minutes? He and I go way back...”The imp paused a moment and smirked, “I see, give him the whole ‘ghosts of the past’ treatment. Alright sure, just remember he isn’t goanna last forever. We gotta kill him if we wanna be paid. Come on Moxxie, let’s check out the cafeteria.” “Uh, um, sure boss.”The two imps headed back through the door.Alone once more Angel stared at the feeble human. He gripped his fists and looked away, “I can’t believe you have the nerve to go on and get old. With mom gone, all three of your kids dead, most of your old pals ordering for your hit in Hell…what gave you the gall to live on? What drove you to live on day by day, year by year? I’m sure all the dough you got from your mob days kept you quite comfortable. Bet you never gave your family a second thought did you? We were just tools to you. Tossed away and forgotten once we were of no use…. ““Anthony...”He turned back to the old man, “I hope you enjoy Hell. It’s like Valentine’s Day in Chicago every fucking day! You either screw or be screwed in every way imaginable and then some.” In a fit of rage Angel Dust stormed toward the hospital bed. He raised his fist up high but once more his froze.The old man laid there, unharmed.Angel’s hand lowered slowly, “After all these years of hating you, taking your abuse all my life… you making me feel worthless in life…the once chance I get for payback…and I can’t do it.. not like this..” His hand reached out to his father again, this time it clasped around the elderly man’s thin frail one.“Anthony…” the old man rasped.“I’m here…” Angel said, “And I will be there at the Styx when you arrive in Hell.” Beside the bed the monitor chimed an ever slowing tone.---------------------Charlie walked quietly along the path that led to the harbor of the River Styx, one of usual passageways to Hell. When she reached the docks the princess spotted a tall pale figure leaning against the railing, “Angel?”The spider demon turned to her and crushed his cigarette against the railing, “What are you doing here?”“I always come here. Every day new souls arrive in the boats and I try to talk them into coming to the hotel.”“Good luck.” He looked back to the endless stream that stretched far beyond his sight.“Are you…expecting someone?” Charlie asked as she walked up to him.He shrugged, “Kinda.”She leaned against the railing with him, “That was a very noble thing you did up there. Not killing your father.”Angel stared wide eyed at her, “You knew?”“Yeah, Loona told me after you got back from your ‘temp’ job.”He sighed, “That clown still POed at me isn’t he?”“Yeah but I think it’s better this way.” “Why? I cost them a very pricey hit.”The princess smiled, “Because you finally got to confront your father and proved yourself to be a better man than him. By not kicking him when he is down. You showed mercy even though he caused you so much pain. I’m so proud of you.”Angel Dust felt a smile creep up on his face, “You’re just saying that.”“No I really do.” The two of them stared out to the water just as the bell began to toll for the next boat full of new arrivals. They waited as the ship was tied to the harbor before the new souls disembarked to their new home in Hell.Angel’s eyes locked onto a single passenger as he made his way off the gangplank. Although appearances had been altered upon entry to Hell he knew his father’s presence anywhere. “I don’t know if you remember anything that happened back there Pops, but I saw you at your weakest, and I am ready for whatever shit you try to send my way.”
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Mature Content

Reparations - Bad Rough DraftStolas: *Enters the jail cell* He’s secured? Imp guard: Yes, your majesty. Stolas: Then leave us. If I’m not out in ten minutes, get back in here. *With great reverb* AND TEAR THIS METAL INGRATE TO SCRAP!Imp guard: Uh. Y-yes sir! *The two guards leave the cell* Stolas: *Kneels down eye to eye with the Fizzarolli robot* I demand an audience with Mammon. Robofizz: What do you want me to do about it? Go talk to him yourself!Stolas: I am. Override function. Robofizz: Wait! No! You don’t have to-Stolas: New function. Owner contact. Authorization code, 7R7D dash 72G. Keyword, Principality. Robofizz: *Struggling* No! I won’t do it! You can’t ma- ma- ma- *static and electric shrieking* Don’t make me d- *static* You don’t have to get him invo- *static* Function authorized. Contacting registered owner of product. Stolas: Mammon. Robofizz: *Silence* Stolas: I know you’re there! Answer me! Mammon: *From Robofizz’s unmoving body* Weeeell! If it isn’t one of the Goetic caste. And Solas! What a delight! Stolas: It’s Stolas. Not Solas. Mammon: Same thing! State your business quickly or I’m calling you Stoppas! Stolas: *Groans* My business is that this robot attempted to kill a guest of my household! Mammon: Anyone I know? Stolas: Probably not. Mammon: Then big deal! You wouldn’t believe how many lower-class scumbags that robot’s put down! It’s not a big deal! Easily brushed under the rug. Stolas: This wasn’t some beggar or drug addict, Mammon! This was a guest of my household! Mammon: I see. And your point is? Stolas: *Clenching fists* Your robot attacked him INSIDE my household! Mammon: Oh! Oh. Oh that’s not so good, is it? Did he damage much? Stolas: He did damage my property, yes. Mammon: *Sigh* Fine! I’ll pay for the damages. I hope for pity’s sake he didn’t break anything too expensive. Stolas: This is about more than stained glass windows and fine china! Because of the actions of your robot, my guest was not only injured, but also came upon forbidden knowledge! Which in itself led to serious harm being rendered upon me! Mammon: Now you’re pushing it, Stolas. There’s no way you can convince me my Fizzarolli robot somehow managed to, what, shove your friend into a super secret vault or something!? Stolas: I don’t need to convince you! I just need to convince the king. Mammon: What!? Lucifer!? You wouldn’t dare! You know how our brother hates when demons waste his time! Even demons like us! His overlords, the ring princes, the Goetias, no one goes to Lucifer for petty infighting like this! Stolas: This isn’t petty infighting! This is just infighting! You’ve thrown the first punch, and I’ve yet to act! So consider this! Your robot, under your authority, trespassed into my home, attacked a guest of my household, and whether you believe it or not, through its actions, the box was opened! Mammon: *Chuckles* The box? What the devil do you mean by that? Do you realize how many dusty, old boxes you have in that palace of yours? Stolas: I would’ve thought you’d remembered this specific box. No matter. I’ll have Asmodeus tell you all about it!Mammon: What does Asmoday have to do with any… No. You mean… The box with Sammy’s old toy? Stolas: It’s no toy. Mammon: Right... Right. Stolas: You realize what I had to do to get that thing in the box, right? What enchantments and curses I had to chisel the sigils, speak the incantations, and spill blood for? Do you know what happens to a lesser demon when his eyes gaze upon the opened box? Madness. Pure madness. And so happened with my guest. I still bear the scar he left. And the endless gray plane of Limbo is still fresh in my memory. Mammon: Is… is that so? Well, come now. You can’t expect me to pay for all those damages, right? The- the enchanting of the box was your doing! Not mine! Stolas: I did as was asked of me by our brother, Asmodeus, Prince of Lust. He wanted that vile cross out of his ring. I did what I had to do to see that it was removed. Do I need to get him involved? Mammon: There’s no need for that! This family reunion is far too stressful as is! But if you think that’s a viable threat, you’re sadly mistaken. Asmodeus has far too many debts to pay back to me to back you up! Stolas: And that’s why I find it appropriate to involve Lucifer. You have acted in aggression against a member of the Goetia. This is a clear violation of the Inter-Hierarchical Non-Aggression Pact. You know how Lucifer feels about his vassals acting disorderly. Mammon: That- that’s not fair! I didn’t tell that hunk of scrap to attack your pal! I didn’t tell him to mess with your magic box! I didn’t tell him to kill you! Stolas: And yet, under your watch, he did so anyway. Mammon: What’s this about!? Is this because of the incident at my theme park!? I thought that was water under the bridge! If you’re doing this to get a fat sack of cash from me for that fiasco, no deal! Stolas: This is about more than Loo Loo Land! And for the record, you never answered my requests for an audience with you about that! Mammon: Well you sent letters! Handwritten letters! No one sends letters anymore! I’m sorry if your letters got backed up or thrown out, but that’s not my fault! You’re just so old fashioned! You need to- Stolas: *With immense energy and reverb* ENOUGH! I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR STALLING AND BLAME-SHIFTING! YOU’RE GOING TO LISTEN TO ME AND LISTEN WELL OR SO HELP ME I WILL TEAR YOU ASUNDER SO MANY TIMES AND SO PAINFULLY YOU’LL WISH LUCIFER WAS YOUR TORMENTOR AND CRAVE HIS BOILING OIL LIKE IT'S A RELAXING SOAK IN A HOT SPRING! Mammon: *Audibly starved for breath* I… *Clears throat* Alright. Sure. We can settle this between ourselves. Brother to brother. What is it you want? What kind of deal can we strike?...
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Fan Characters - Profile and References
Hazbin Hotel Theories and IdeasPossible New Hotel Patrons:Cain – Son of Adam and Eve, brother and murderer of Abel. From a prosperous farmer to an originator of sin and evil. A cursed outcast even in the depths of Hell. Charlie offers him a place at the hotel in hopes of redeeming him so that he can go to Heaven to reconcile with his brother and the Lord. Cherri Bomb – An anarchist with a passion for explosions and Angel Dust’s best friend. After Angel’s possible redemption, a new sense of hope would spark in her heart and she would decide to give the hotel a chance. Sir Pentious – An arrogant inventor who seeks to crush his enemies and take over Hell with his machines and Egg Bois, but with little success. One of his plans might include kidnapping Charlie and hold her hostage to force her father to hand the throne over to him. However, during her time as his captive, Charlie manages to befriend his minions. Eventually, her kind nature would melt the serpent-like inventor’s heart and the two would start to form a friendship which grows stronger and stronger over time. Arackniss – Older brother of Angel Dust and Molly. He doesn’t get along very well with his brother and the two often get into fights whenever they meet. Arackniss is the right hand of his father, mob boss Henroin, who is an abusive homophobe. Despite being fearful of his cruel father, Arackniss doesn’t realize that his father is nothing without him by his side. Once he realizes this, he cuts all ties with him and joins his brother at the hotel. Katie Killjoy – 666 News’ rude and pompous head anchor. Karma would eventually catchup to her and she would find herself jobless and destitute. Desperate, she reluctantly checks into the hotel she cruelly mocked. At first, she is one of the rudest and most unpleasant patrons at the hotel, her bitchiness would start to fade over time. Once Angel Dust’s possible redemption happens, her character completely changes and she becomes a devote supporter of Charlie and her hotel. The Nephilim – The last surviving members of a race of giants who were descendants of fallen angels and were thought to have been wiped out by the Flood. At first, they are monstrous beasts but soon become tame after being shown kindness and compassion by Charlie whom they swear their loyalty to. Adam & Eve – The first man and second woman who were cursed and cast out of Eden by God for disobeying him. Charlie offers them a place at the hotel and the hope and chance of finding paradise again. They, particularly Adam, don’t have a good relationship with Lilith, Charlie’s mother. Valentino’s Comeuppance: After some much needed character development, Angel Dust finally realizes that he doesn’t need to endure Valentino’s abuse any longer and decides to break up with him, quit his job, and flip him off as he leaves. Val doesn’t take this very well at all. Blaming the hotel for the loss of his biggest star, he gathers his minions and allies (Vox, Velvet, and other overlords who want the hotel gone) to destroy the hotel. This would lead to a battle at the end of the first season between those who support the hotel and those who oppose it. One of the results would be someone handing Valentino his satisfying comeuppance. Here are my takes on it:By Angel Dust: The porn star has finally had enough of his boss’s crap, and with some help from his closest friends, gives him the beating of a lifetime. As Angel prepares to deliver the final blow, Valentino desperately tries to cut a deal while pathetically begging for his life. After a moment of reflecting on how much he’s grown, Angel decides Val is not worth it and chooses to let him live with the trauma and humiliation of getting his ass kicked by a former employee he abused for God knows how long. By Charlie: Wanting to put an end to the violence, Charlie reluctantly decides to face a few of the most fearsome overlords, including Valentino, by herself. With no other choice, the princess realizes the best way to stop this threat to her hotel is to show everyone why she is the heir to the throne. Using only a small quarter of her true demonic power, she easily defeats her opponents. She allows them to leave in peace as long as they never threaten her friends and hotel patrons again. Valentino is among those left shamed and humiliated by the cheerful princess they underestimated and looked down upon. By Vox: When he finds himself losing the battle, Valentino insultingly demands help from his fellow overlord, Vox, whom he also abused in a relationship. The TV Demon, having finally had enough of Val pushing him around, decides to beat him to a bloody pulp instead. With Val out of commission, Vox steps up as the final opponent for the main characters to face in the fight. By his own harem: After Angel Dust beats him to a bloody pulp, Val turns to his own succubi employees and demand their assistance. Considering how he treats Angel, it’s very likely he treats his other employees similarly. Inspired by Angel’s brave defiance and sick of their boss’s cruel treatment of them, the succubi take this opportunity to exact their own revenge on the vile pimp overlord. If/When Charlie turns out to be right: As many of us Hazbin fans know, the series’ plot focuses on whether or not it is possible for a demon in Hell to redeem themselves and go to Heaven. Let’s believe that it is possible, what would the effects on the story and its characters be if it were proven true? Angel Dust, the famous adult film star, is the first candidate who comes to mind because he is the hotel’s first patron. At first, he was doubtful of the hotel’s mission like everyone else. But during his time as a patron, he had slowly become a different and better person. When he makes the ultimate selfless sacrifice for his new friend, Charlie, he undergoes an unexpected transformation. He becomes a purer being cleansed of sin and free to enter the gates of Heaven. With this change, he becomes humbler, friendlier, and grateful person who openly thanks the princess for never giving up on him and accepting her as a friend. For Charlie, this would be a dream come true. Her hotel’s goal is proven possible, more people are lining up to check in, and the denizens are beginning to show her more respect and admiration. For Vaggie, this would be a big surprise and a huge relief. She always did her best to support her best friend and lover despite her own doubts which had been growing stronger and stronger the more they failed in their mission. Angel Dust’s possible redemption leaves her shocked and surprised just like everyone else, but she soon feels happy that something good finally worked out for Charlie and even her relationship with the former porn star improves. For Alastor, the once talkative and narcissistic Radio Demon who thought redemption for demons was a hopeless cause, would for the first time in many years be rendered completely speechless. He would take a moment to do a huge amount of thinking to himself trying to comprehend how something he believed to be impossible was suddenly made possible. Eventually he would come to the only conclusion he could think of: maybe Hell isn’t the end of the road, maybe it’s just a little detour. This epiphany would spark a change within the Radio Demon’s dark heart. For Niffty and Husk, this would be a miraculous eye-opener for them, especially the latter. Husk would start to feel emotions in his that he thought he had lost the ability to feel long ago: hope, happiness, and love. This life-changing moment would cause him to become a happier and more pleasant person. As for the other denizens of Hell, many of them would have reactions similar to Alastor’s. There would be those (Valentino, Vox, Katie Killjoy, etc.) who still refuse to believe something like this could happen, but there would also be those for whom this would be a gigantic eye-opener. For the first time in thousands of years, the denizens of Hell would start to feel something they’d never felt in a very long time: hope. More people (Cherri Bomb, Sir Pentious, Tom Trench, etc.) would be inspired to check into the hotel and give redemption a chance. For Lucifer, Charlie’s father and the ruler of Hell, this would be a shocking surprise to see something he thought was a waste of time to be made possible. But while most people are celebrating the hotel’s first success, he is very concerned. He knows that word of this will reach the ears of his former brethren in Heaven and he’s afraid of how they will react to it. For most of the denizens of Heaven, this would be the ultimate transgression. Not wanting to allow lowly sinners to enter Heaven or seeing this as an opportunity for the rulers of Hell to start taking over of their domain, the heavenly authorities make plans to put an end to the Hazbin Hotel. Too Good for This Sinful World: Ultimate tragedy happens. The long awaited dream come true turns into a heartbreaking nightmare. With the purpose of Charlie’s hotel revealed to be possible, higher powers in Heaven see it as an affront to their perfect designs and send angelic warriors to destroy the hotel and kill its founder. Many of Charlie’s friends, hotel patrons, and former enemies fight desperately to protect her. Lucifer and Lilith, sensing the danger, rush to the hotel to protect their daughter. Unfortunately, despite everyone’s best attempts, Charlie is killed by the angels. Lucifer and Lilith arrive too late and find the lifeless crucified body of their only child. The ruler of Hell lets out a cry of ultimate suffering that echoes throughout the nine circles. After giving Charlie a proper burial, Lucifer conspires with Alastor to get revenge on Heaven while also continuing the hotel and its mission so Charlie’s death and sacrifices won’t be in vain. However, unbeknownst to everyone, a miracle in Hell happens. Charlie is later resurrected to fulfill her ultimate destiny. Her death and resurrection would set into motion a great change that will shake the very foundations of the universe. Final Antagonist: God, the Demiurge, Yaldabaoth the Child of Chaos, Saklas the Fool, Samael the Blind God, is the creator of the physical universe, ruler of the False Heaven, and the catalyst of many events in the Hazbin Hotel series. As the creator of the universe he rules, he is prideful above all else and believes that he is the one true being that should be worshipped by all. By extension, he’s selfish and thinks incredibly little of mortals. In fact, he tends to view mortals, demons, and angels alike as nothing more than pawns. If they don’t serve any purpose to him, then they are disposable. He also compares humans to insects stating that they and their needs are so beneath him that it’s impossible to care about them one way or the other. Basically, he believes he’s so far above other lifeforms that he views them as a waste of his thoughts and energy, even if some of them are instrumental to his goals. However, his biggest weakness is that he’s too self-centered and overconfident that he views demons, humans, and angels in an oversimplified way. Even when his existence and his plans are compromised, he’s so confident that he allows the characters to roam around freely and make plans to fight him even though he could’ve had them dealt with. Basically, he views them as so fundamentally flawed and weaker than himself that there’s no way they could come up with a plan to thwart him. He also believes that the idea that there may be another more powerful creator deity in another universe is unfounded. Even when there is proof that this is not true, he is determined to get rid of all traces of that evidence. Charlie’s redemption plan reveals his greatest secret: not only does her hotel plan give sinners the chance to better themselves and enter Heaven, it gives them the ability to access the True Heaven where the True Creator resides. Because of this, he becomes determined to put an end to Charlie and her hotel at any cost. With that, he sets into motion a plan that would bring about the destruction of the entire universe which he views as an acceptable loss as he can rebuild it even better than before. As fitting with his god complex, the Demiurge believes that any who dare to challenge his natural order (Lucifer and his followers rebelling against Heaven or Charlie trying to redeem sinners), a fitting punishment is dished out to put them in their place. Cruel, arrogant, selfish, manipulative, megalomaniacal and willing to cause death and destruction on a universal scale just to satisfy his ego, the Demiurge is a wicked excuse of a god and would be the ultimate antagonist in Hazbin Hotel series....
Helluva Boss
Melina by schumacher7












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