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My 10 Steps to 3D Character Creation

A few people have suggested I make this up, so I thought I would oblige.

It's really only a visual interpretation of the steps I go through to make the artwork I make. For a more in depth breakdown see my tutorial PDF here: [link]

I hope its useful :)
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Oh my this is so well made and beautiful!
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The retopoly is made in a different object? 
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made me think of....RadSf by LilMissLillie
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Your hair looks like it's glowing. Did you add something to it or is that really how the texture looks?
HazardousArts's avatar
Thats how the texture is painted :)
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Very impressive, thanks!
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I never can get the hang of the base sculpt part at all.  I keep ending up making a complete low poly character before that happens
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She's a cutie ^^
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Now how did you add the long and flowing hair in the back? How do you make the geometry to do that?
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did you use this character for dominos mobile app?…
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Haha no Hatsune MIku is probably the most famous 3d character in world. She has been used for many advertising campaigns, this is just another one :D
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OH, this is lovely. . __. I want to try to make something like this.
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She looks like Taylor Swift in the pose image. XD Good job~!
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You are welcome ^.^
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Alas, modeling is not that simple. I'm making a parody of this soon ;)
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No, of course not, but it is a simplified 10 step overview of my process.
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But, the art is still amazing!
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Step1: create model
Step2: arrange polygons in right place and make sure it doesn't look too ugly and blah blah blah...
Step3: give up
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just amazing i... i... i don't, i can't explain how amazing is, what program you just use, you are incredible... omg i need air
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